Nasadiya Sukta how universe galaxy planets manifested नासदीय सूक्त

Nasadiya Sukta is in The Rig Veda/Mandala 10/Hymn 129. It gives information on the creation of the Universe. The verses are thought provoking and suggest that endless times Universes were created and destroyed – not the non-existent existed, nor did the existent exist then – putting antiquity of Universe creation beyond birth of demigods. It also relies on several verses in Vedas, Shiv Puran and Srimad Bhagwatam that before creation no one was there and the Sakaar Roop of Bhagwan become Nirakaar Roop (non-existent). One who is unborn; death and birth is beyond him. It is a cyclic process. From non-existent to extistent and then non-existent. There was no beginning and no end, because it is cyclic. From zero to imagination to senses to creation of Universe. The senses include shabd creations.

Nasadiya Sukta

Mankind Referred Vedas to Reveal Secrets of Cosmos and Planets

We Are Only Humans After All, We Can Only Reach This Far

The complex theory of creation is simplified in Vedas. Bhagwan guide us how the creation happens and it’s destruct for recreation. The concept of infinity explains the cyclic process of creation to destruction and again creation. Also, Bhagwan clearly states that the knowledge bestowed on humans is within their limitations. A materialistic human mind cannot comprehend beyond it’s limitations. We came to birth as humans so that we elevate our souls to higher planets spiritually otherwise it is impossible for us to reach there physically because we are framed to roam, research and extend within constraints. Theoretically, even if we reach and do research our entire Galaxy still we will be touching a grain of sand – while in reality reaching and researching Galaxy would take several Billions of human years; not possible in our framed present lives. Though we can have unity among dharmis (Humans) and take it as endless relay of doing research and passing the information to next generations so that by the time we reach Satyug we are able to decipher the truth beyond our reach. Because inter-celestial travel is easier in Satyug. But again, the knowledge passed to next Yug is under complete control of Bhagwan, he will only pass the knowledge that needs to be adequate for that Yug. So creation research remain endless curiosity for the mankind. That is why simple cyclic process is the best explanation we have based on Vedas. We cannot attain knowledge that Omnipresent Bhagwan has – we cannot become the attained one because we are just negligible fraction of what whole Bhagwan is. We will always remain unintelligent and wisdomless in front of him. After all we are part of him [Our Soul is as ancient to the Super Soul (Bhagwan). We (Souls) can merge and de-merge from Super Soul but cannot become one]. We with limited resources cannot fully scope in mind which is infinite.

Nasadiya Sukta: Vedic Hindu Design Yantra Controlling Positive Energies Gifted by The Creator During Creation

Nasadiya Sukta: Time Period Differs from Galaxy to Galaxy and Planet to Planet

Time changes from Galaxy to Galaxy within Universe. In our Solar System, as per Vedas, time is measured with the help of of 4 Mandala’s:  Chandra, Pruthvi, Surya, and Parmeshthi. Each Mandala denotes the time required for a revolution around its parent. The creation represented by Mandala can be seen across the globe which in modern world are Crop Circles or ancient Divine Lines created by intelligent Rishis of ancient world.

Our Earth orbits the Sun in our Solar System. Our Sun is one star among the billions in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy is one among the billions of galaxies in our Universe.

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Nasadiya Sukta: The Earth is at the center of the observable universe residing in milky way galaxy- Akash Ganga

•Chandra Mandala: is revolution of the Moon around the Earth. Time it measures is a Month.
•Pruthvi Mandala: is revolution of the Earth around the Sun. Time it measures is a Year.
•Surya Mandala: is revolution of the Sun around the Centre of the Milky Way. Time it measures is a Manvantar, 300 million years (as science
puts it again based on Mandala Theory around 250 million years)
•Parmeshthi Mandala: is revolution of the Milky Way around the Universe, Brahmand. Time it measures is a Kalpa 8.7 billion years.

Nasadiya Sukta: Vedic Sacred Symbol of Creation Relative to Other Planets from Earth

One kalpa consists of 4,320,000,000 years. Two kalpas consists of a day and a night of Brahma so day + night of Brahma is 8,640,00,000 years. 360 such days make one year of Brahma. 100 such years are Brahma’s lifetime of 311,040, 000,000,000 years.

The symmetricity also complements the modern time calculation may be because our modern time calculation is based on Hindu time guide of Mandala.

One day consists of 43,200 seconds. One night in a day consists of 43,200 seconds. This makes a day and night for humans of 86,400 seconds in 24 hours. 360 such make one human year there which consist of 311,04,000 seconds.

Being normal humans we are in a Galaxy/Planet that has time period of small times. But merely changing Galaxy/Planet would not change our timelines, we need to have a physical body that suits that Galaxy/Planet. However fast we travel within our Galaxy/Planet, we cannot surpass or reach the speed of Galaxy/Planet where Brahma resides. While beings from higher level Galaxies/Planets can come to our lower level Galaxies/Planets but it cannot happen vice-versa. The detailed knowledge shared with us in Hindu Text, Vedas, are pertaining to our Galaxy and different worlds (planets) within our Galaxy.

Nasadiya Sukta: Different Worlds above earth in Hindu Text Vedas

Nasadiya Sukta: Vedic Cosmos and Science - Different Loka, Worlds in our Galaxy

We will now see how and why the creations of Galaxies happened in 7 simple hymns of Nasadiya Sukta

The research on ancient Hindu texts got prominence in the 18th century. The clear details of creation given in Rigved is the most ancient ever known to mankind. That is also one of the reasons, that space agencies like ISRO, NASA and ESA revere the text and are working on a pragmatic formula to justify the verses.

Nasadiya Sukta: Vedic Design on Creation and Connection points of Shukra (Venus) to Earth (Bhuloka)

नासदीय सूक्त, ऋग्वेद (Nasadiya Sukta, Rigved) and Creation of Universe

Nasadiya Sukta is in The Rig Veda/Mandala 10/Hymn 129. It deals with cosmic science and the hymns are considered fairly accurate which makes it an accepted theory.

Let us see what these divine hymns talk about Creation of Brahmand (Universe).

नासदीय सूक्त: ऋषि प्रजापति परमेष्ठी (Rishi Prajapati Parmeshthi, Parmeshthi means 5 supreme beings)

देवता: भाववृत्त (God: Bhavvritt)

Nasadiya Sukta in Sanskrit/Hindi/English

सृष्टि-उत्पत्ति सूक्त (नासदीय सूक्त, ऋग्वेद): ऋषि प्रजापति परमेष्ठी (Rishi Prajapati Parmeshthi)

नासदासीन्नो सदासात्तदानीं नासीद्रजो नोव्योमा परोयत्।
किमावरीवः कुहकस्य शर्मन्नंभः किमासीद् गहनंगभीरम् ॥१॥
अन्वय- तदानीम् असत् न आसीत् सत् नो आसीत्; रजः न आसीत्; व्योम नोयत् परः अवरीवः, कुह कस्य शर्मन् गहनं गभीरम्।

अर्थ- उस समय अर्थात् सृष्टि की उत्पत्ति से पहले प्रलय दशा में असत् अर्थात् अभावात्मक तत्त्व नहीं था। सत्= भाव तत्त्व भी नहीं था, रजः=स्वर्गलोक मृत्युलोक और पाताल लोक नहीं थे, अन्तरिक्ष नहीं था और उससे परे जो कुछ है वह भी नहीं था, वह आवरण करने वाला तत्त्व कहाँ था और किसके संरक्षण में था। उस समय गहन= कठिनाई से प्रवेश करने योग्य गहरा क्या था, अर्थात् वे सब नहीं थे।

Then even nothingness was not, nor existence,
There was no air then, nor the earth, heavens beyond it.
There was no space, then who was protecting the space,
What covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping
Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed?
Means there was nothing.

न मृत्युरासीदमृतं न तर्हि न रात्र्या अह्न आसीत्प्रकेतः।
अनीद वातं स्वधया तदेकं तस्मादधान्यन्न पर किं च नास ॥२॥
अन्वय-तर्हि मृत्युः नासीत् न अमृतम्, रात्र्याः अह्नः प्रकेतः नासीत् तत् अनीत अवातम, स्वधया एकम् ह तस्मात् अन्यत् किञ्चन न आस न परः।

अर्थ – उस प्रलय कालिक समय में मृत्यु नहीं थी और अमृत = मृत्यु का अभाव भी नहीं था। रात्री और दिन का ज्ञान भी नहीं था उस समय वह ब्रह्म तत्व ही केवल प्राण युक्त, क्रिया से शून्य और माया के साथ जुड़ा हुआ एक रूप में विद्यमान था, उस माया सहित ब्रह्म से कुछ भी नहीं था और उस से परे भी कुछ नहीं था।

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Then in boisterous, there was neither death nor immortality
nor was there then the appearance of night and day.
The One (Brahma) breathed actionlessly in illusion (maya) and self-sustaining.
There was that One (Brahma) with maya then, and there was nothing beyond them.

तम आसीत्तमसा गूढमग्रेऽप्रकेतं सलिलं सर्वमा इदं।
तुच्छ्येनाभ्वपिहितं यदासीत्तपसस्तन्महिना जायतैकं॥३॥
अन्वय -अग्रे तमसा गूढम् तमः आसीत्, अप्रकेतम् इदम् सर्वम् सलिलम्, आःयत्आभु तुच्छेन अपिहितम आसीत् तत् एकम् तपस महिना अजायत।

अर्थ – सृष्टिके उत्पन्न होने से पहले अर्थात् प्रलय अवस्था में यह जगत् अन्धकार से आच्छादित था और यह जगत् तमस रूप मूल कारण में विद्यमान था, आज्ञायमान यह सम्पूर्ण जगत् सलिल=जल रूप में था।
अर्थात् उस समय कार्य और कारण दोंनों मिले हुए थे यह जगत् है वह व्यापक एवं निम्न स्तरीय अभाव रूप अज्ञान से आच्छादित था इसीलिए कारण के साथ कार्य एकरूप होकर यह जगत् ईश्वर के संकल्प और तप की महिमा से उत्पन्न हुआ।

In Catastrophe, at first there was only darkness wrapped in darkness,
All this was only unillumined water.
Action and Cause were merged filled with ignorance,
That One (Brahma) took action complementing with cause,
resolving to penance created the Universe.

Vedic Symbols and Shapes of Existent Energies with Protectors of Those Energies

Vedic Symbols and Shapes of Energies and Protectors of those Energiesकामस्तदग्रे समवर्तताधि मनसो रेतः प्रथमं यदासीत्।
सतो बन्धुमसति निरविन्दन्हृदि प्रतीष्या कवयो मनीषा ॥४॥
अन्वय-अग्रे तत् कामः समवर्तत;यत्मनसःअधिप्रथमं रेतःआसीत्, सतः बन्धुं कवयःमनीषाहृदि प्रतीष्या असति निरविन्दन

अर्थ – सृष्टि की उत्पत्ति होने के समय सब से पहले काम=अर्थात् सृष्टि रचना करने की इच्छा शक्ति उत्पन्न हुयी, जो परमेश्वर के मन मे सबसे पहला बीज रूप कारण हुआ; भौतिक रूप से विद्यमान जगत् के बन्धन-कामरूप कारण को क्रान्तदर्शी ऋषियो ने अपने ज्ञान द्वारा भाव से विलक्षण अभाव मे खोज डाला।

In the beginning will-power descended on Brahma –
that was the primal seed, born of the mind.
The sages of this material world, searched their hearts with wisdom,
to know that which is kin to that which is not.

तिरश्चीनो विततो रश्मिरेषामधः स्विदासी३दुपरि स्विदासी३त्।
रेतोधा आसन्महिमान आसन्त्स्वधा अवस्तात्प्रयतिः परस्तात् ॥५॥
अन्वय-एषाम् रश्मिःविततः तिरश्चीन अधःस्वित् आसीत्, उपरिस्वित् आसीत्रेतोधाः आसन् महिमानःआसन् स्वधाअवस्तात प्रयति पुरस्तात्।

अर्थ – पूर्वोक्त मन्त्रों में नासदासीत् कामस्तदग्रे मनसारेतः में अविद्या, काम-सङ्कल्प और सृष्टि बीज-कारण को सूर्य-किरणों के समान बहुत व्यापकता उनमें विद्यमान थी। यह सबसे पहले तिरछा था या मध्य में या अन्त में? क्या वह तत्त्व नीचे विद्यमान था या ऊपर विद्यमान था? वह सर्वत्र समान भाव से भाव उत्पन्न था इस प्रकार इस उत्पन्न जगत् में कुछ पदार्थ बीज रूप कर्म को धारण करने वाले जीव रूप में थे और कुछ तत्त्व आकाशादि महान रूप में प्रकृति रूप थे; स्वधा=भोग्य पदार्थ निम्नस्तर के होते हैं और भोक्ता पदार्थ उत्कृष्टता से परिपूर्ण होते हैं।

Like rays of Sun, strong resolution to and for creation imbibed. And they have stretched their cord across the void,
Was the existent skewed or in the middle, was above or below.
It was spread akin. On birth of the world, powers with seed, form and action made fertile mighty forces.
Others were great existing above in the sky. Spirituality excels materialism.

को आद्धा वेद क इह प्र वोचत्कुत आजाता कुत इयं विसृष्टिः।
अर्वाग्देवा अस्य विसर्जनेनाथा को वेद यत आबभूव ॥६॥
अन्वय-कः अद्धा वेद कः इह प्रवोचत् इयं विसृष्टिः कुतः कुतः आजाता, देवा अस्य विसर्जन अर्वाक् अथ कः वेद यतः आ बभूव।

अर्थ – कौन इस बात को वास्तविक रूप से जानता है और कौन इस लोक में सृष्टि के उत्पन्न होने के विवरण को बता सकता है कि यह विविध प्रकार की सृष्टि किस उपादान कारण से और किस निमित्त कारण से सब ओर से उत्पन्न हुयी। देवता भी इस विविध प्रकार की सृष्टि उत्पन्न होने से बाद के हैं अतः ये देवगण भी अपने से पहले की बात के विषय में नहीं बता सकते इसलिए कौन मनुष्य जानता है जिस कारण
यह सारा संसार उत्पन्न हुआ।

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But, after all, who knows, and who can say in detail,
Who else can let us know, how and why the creation happened,
Whence it all came, and how creation happened?
the gods themselves are later than creation,
so who knows truly whence it has arisen?

[Rishi Prajapati Parmeshthi ask questions and intelligently convey us that we are in constraint condition, even demigods cannot reveal us the cause behind creation since they took birth after the creation, then we being humans due to our limitations have to believe in Bhagwan’s words as he revealed the truth to us. Srimad Bhagwatam gave us insight that Bhagwan Vishnu (Shree Krishna) gave gyan to Brahma to perform tap for the creation of Brahmand (Universe)]

इयं विसृष्टिर्यत आबभूव यदि वा दधे यदि वा न।
यो अस्याध्यक्षः परमे व्योमन्त्सो अङ्ग वेद यदि वा न वेद ॥७॥
अन्वय- इयं विसृष्टिः यतः आबभूव यदि वा दधे यदि वा न। अस्य यः अध्यक्ष परमे व्यामन् अंग सा वेद यदि न वेद।

अर्थ – यह विविध प्रकार की सृष्टि जिस प्रकार के उपादान और निमित्त कारण से उत्पन्न हुयी इस का मुख्य कारण है ईश्वर के द्वारा इसे धारण करना। इसके अतिरिक्त अन्य कोई धारण नहीं कर सकता। इस सृष्टि का जो स्वामी ईश्वर है, अपने प्रकाश या आनंद स्वरुप में प्रतिष्ठित है। हे प्रिय श्रोताओं ! वह आनंद स्वरुप परमात्मा ही इस विषय को जानता है उस के अतिरिक्त (इस सृष्टि उत्पत्ति तत्व को) कोई नहीं जानता है।

Bhagwan Created Various Creations, He Possessed them,
None other can possess them, The master of the Universe is Bhagwan who is in the form of light,
The Supreme Bhagwan Know the Creation – its unbeginning and endlessness,
No one else Knows it.

Manifestation and Creation of Universes, Galaxies and Planets

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