Hammir Dev Chauhan history story

Historical accounts should never be disregarded and lessons should be acknowledged. Civilization that mocks its history perishes with time.

Brave Hindu King Hamir Dev Chauhan Taught us “Only Support a Deserving Person, Not Invading Muslim and Never Open Secrets to All”

The Rajput kings of India were known for their bravery, wisdom and character. They were liked by the natives of the kingdom for their morality, modesty and administration. Likewise when they enter the battle ground, they would fight tooth and nail till the last drop of their blood fell on the ground. They always would follow certain Vedic norms pertaining to war – not attacking at night, mercy on wounded soldier, children, peasants, workers and women. After sunset they utilized their energy in medication of soldiers and upkeep of cavalry animals. They would not stab a warrior on the back and claim easy victory. The STRONG principle was that only cowards would do such lowly job. To the Rajputs, killing a man from his back was an ignominious act. Similarly, to them, words or promises are important and ought to be kept at any cost, even sacrificing life for it. Going back on one’s words means it is a degrading, despicable act. No way the Rajput warriors will compromise on their character and valor under any circumstances. In those days, the honorable Rajput women, upon hearing the death of their husbands in the battle, would rather die by getting into their husband’s pyre than be disgraced by Muslim rulers who would expect them to be their s*xual concubines and subject them to physical torture.

Hammir Dev Chauhan : pride of a Hindu king
Young Hammir Dev Chauhan

Pride of Hindu King is Always Supreme

Hammir Dev Chauhan: Hindu King’s Bravery and Morality

Agnivanshi Rajput, Hamir, King of Ranthambore

The story of Hamir Dev Chauhan brings out the legacy of Rajputs – daring warriors to whom patriotism is more important than their own lives. Hamir Dev Chauhan, who belonged to the Chauhan dynasty, was a descendant of Prithviraj Chauhan and hold respectable place in the Indian history. Being an Agnivanshi Rajput, Hamir ruled over Ranthambore from 1282 to 1301. During his 12 years’ reign, Hamir Dev fought 17 battles and won 13 of them. He regained Malwa, Abu and Mandalgarh and thus extended his kingdom to a large extend. Delhi invader, Jalal-ud-din-Firuz Khilji, was unhappy about the growing stature of the Rajput king. Jalaluddin attacked Ranathambhor and had it under siege for several years. However, he had to return to Delhi unsuccessful and disappointed.

Hammir Dev Chauhan : Terrorist killer Rajput king Hamir Dev

Hammiradeva (Hamir Dev Chauhan) Won Battles Against Alauddin Commanders

Hammir Dev Chauhan’s Anger ENtrapped Him

Hammiradeva was hot headed Hindu warrior. He made quick decisions out of his anger, many times, overlooking loss in distant future.

Hamir Dev Chauhan lost his general Bhimasamha to an invasion led by the Delhi general Ulugh Khan. It was collective failure but Hammira (Hamir Dev Chauhan) held his minister Dharmasimha responsible for this debacle, and had him castrated and blinded. Dharmasimha turned into a sly, cunning and wicked man.

Dharmasimha had good connections in his administration. He soon gained back the king’s favour, by raising money for his fight against the Delhi forces. The war money was collected through heavy taxes on the general public, which made Hammira very unpopular among the masses. Hamir Dev did not heed to his advisors, trusting blindly on Dharmasimha.

Dharmasimha was blind but very shrewd, took his revenge, he deceitfully made brothers Bhoja and Pithasimha defect to Alauddin against Hamir Dev.

Hammir Dev Chauhan defeated due to Dharmasimha's Revenge

At Bhoja’s instigation, Alauddin sent a stronger army to Ranthambore. However, this army was defeated by Hamir Dev’s generals, which included the rebel Mongol leaders. Alauddin next dispatched Nusrat Khan, the governor of Awadh, to reinforce Ulugh Khan’s forces. The combined Delhi forces advanced up to Ranthambore, and besieged the fort. Some days later, Nusrat Khan was hit by a manjaniq stone and killed. Taking advantage of the situation, Hammira came out of the fort with a large army, and forced Ulugh Khan to retreat.

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After Nusrat Khan’s death, Alauddin decided to personally lead the siege of Ranthambore. He ordered his officers from his various provinces to assemble their contingents at Tilpat, and then led a joint force to Ranthambore. After a prolonged siege followed, during which Hammira’s officers Ratipala and Ranamalla defected to Alauddin’s side.

Hamir Dev Chauhan fought against Alauddin Khalji (Khilji) commanders, won twice – once against Ulugh Khan and next against Nusrat Khan. He forced Alauddin to come out of rat hole and fight him personally. Hamir Dev’s victory was not a small achievement, his army size was 1/8th to the size of Khilji’s invader army.

hammir dev chauhan king won battles with mughal

Hammir Dev Chauhan Protected 800 years Old Ranthambore Fort

Seventeen kilometers from Sawaimadhopur stands a majestic fort, with stately walls, reverberating the glorious, and eventful history of the Rajput warriors and their bravery and guts. Ranathambhor’s historical structure of sublime beauty brings into focus and enthrals us with stories of great legends such as Hamir Dev, the brave king, known for his valor, wisdom and character.

In those days among the Muslim invaders, patriarchal killings through terrorism (Jihad)** and backstabbing were common to capture throne. The trait of betrayal got developed among invaders due to inclination towards evil verses of koran. Following the tradition of islam, one day Jalaluddin was assassinated by his own nephew Alauddin Khilji, dictating from 1296 to 1316 he declared himself as the new Sultan of Delhi. In this well-planned coup one Muhammad Shah was very helpful to Khilji and obviously he developed close rapport with the invader. He was even allowed to enter the exclusive quarters of the ‘Harem’ at his beck and call. Being a man of charming personality, he developed intimate relationship with the inmates to enjoy s*xual pleasure. (**Jihad – cowardly terrorizing or killing a non-muslim person when he or she is harmless and unarmed).

Lecherous Wife of Khilji Almost Got Him Trapped

Chimna, a vivacious woman of beauty was one of Alauddin’s begums, but Alauddin did not care about her physically, not even spared fraction of time and attention like he did with other begums of the harem. After spending few nights, Alauddin ignored her, over a period of time, missing physical pleasure of life she developed animosity towards him. Being a passionate woman, Chinma got closer to Muhammad Shah, she not only saw a valiant soldier but also a man who could match her temperament and desire.

Attracted by the trappings of a rich royal living, the vindictive Begam, in cahoots with Muhammad Shah, conspired to kill terrorist Alauddin so that Shah would become a ruler and she, the queen. Being conspirator and killer of his own uncle, Alauddin always had fear of losing throne, he had team of spies among his trusted men so he knew about the conspiracy before execution. To escape the rage of Alauddin, Muhammad Shah had to flee from Delhi along with his brother. No one in the neighboring kingdoms gave him asylum to risk the wrath of Alauddin Khilji, who wielded enormous power. He knocked doors of all muslim kings for protection.

Hammir Dev Chauhan Ranthambore Fort Qila

Hindu King Hammir Dev Chauhan Gave Shelter to Undeserving Muslim Adulterer

Having no other recourse, Muhammad Shah approached king Hamir Dev for protection and safety. The valiant Rajput was very much moved by his humble pleading and helplessness, feeling pity agreed to shelter him. Upon hearing this, Alauddin was furious and he immediately attacked the fort of Ranthambore. The armies of Alauddin and Hamir Dev clashed in a battle on the banks of river Banas. The brave Rajputs fought ferociously and had initial victory. However, because of the personal feud between the Prime Minister and the Senapati (General-in-charge of the army), Hamir Dev’s army was in disarray and lost the coordination. The army was dissected in different directions by the traitors of king Hamir Dev. Alauddin got opportunity to reorganize his forces and made another attack on the fort. Again same dishonest, unscrupulous officers of Hamir Dev, with Bhoj Dev committed treason and supplied secret information about latest developments in the fort. The war continued without any results. Having found the fort walls too strong to blow it with gunpowder, Alauddin sent a message to Hamir Dev that if he was ready to hand over Muhammad Shah to him, he would go back to Delhi. Hamir Dev being noble and self-respecting, disagreed to make such an ignominious compromise. He replied: ”When the Rajputs promise to protect someone, they even give their lives for his safety”.

Hammir Dev Chauhan’s Loss

Strong Retaliation and Jauhar

As Alauddin’s army was powerful and large, Muhammad Shah understood the predicament of Hamir Dev and suggested to hand him over to Alauddin rather than fight one sided war and suffer such an enormous loss of lives and resources.

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Alauddin put a complete siege on the Ranthambhor fort (a long siege in 1301); Bhoj Dev and his informers kept on supplying him information on the food and water situation inside the fort. At last, Alauddin came out victorious. The female members of the Rajput kingdom committed Jauhar (Sati) and gave up lives on the live pyre to save themselves from the koranic evility of becoming s*x slaves in harem. Hamir Dev, along with his Rajput soldiers decided to perform Shaka that is the fight unto death.

After the victory, Alauddin entered the fort. Wounded Muhammad Shah was brought to him. “What is your last desire?” asked Alauddin. “To kill you and place Hamir’s son on the throne of Ranthambhor”, replied Muhammad Shah. Then he took out his dagger and committed suicide.

jauhar kunds of padmini and hamir dev queens haunted place

Alauddin, now, turned to Bhoj Dev and his other informers (squealers). Their faces were bright with joy to receive the long awaited reward from the Sultan. On the contrary, Alauddin yelled, “Shave the heads of these traitors. They have not been loyal to their own king”.

After removing hairs from the head and humiliating them. Before winking one’s eye, the heads of all his accomplices rolled on the ground. Alauddin’s laughter reverberated and ricocheted within the walls of the fort.

After Khilji, as fate had it, the fort once again came under the rule of the great Rajput rulers to whom ”fairness in fighting a battle and keeping a promise to a person at any coat are just like two eyes”.

As for whistle blowers, their final resting place is the Hades or the Greeks’ concept of Tartarus, a deep, gloomy part of Hades used as a dungeon of torment and suffering.

However after this heroic incident of king Hamir Dev two lessons were learnt by Rajput kings, which is also taught in Chanakya Neeti (1) Never help undeserving person, to secure life of a single person entire state cannot be held random (2) Never completely share secrets with all, facts should be told in fragmented manner to different people having designated skill-sets.

There is no doubt that king Hamir Dev was a brave and an aggressive Hindu who never gave up to the enemy but he was too modest and bestowed mercy to an undeserving foreign invader. The same mistake which were committed by great Hindu king Prithviraj Chauhan.

CAUSE and EFFECT of Karma Which No Muslim Believes But It happens with Everyone and Death of Pedophile (Bacchabaaz) Alauddin

Hammir Dev Chauhan’s Fall but Women from His Kingdom Cursed Alauddin Khalji

The ruthless Alauddin Khalji (Khilji) was a bis*xual and a paedophile. Likewise to terrorist Akbar, who founded Din-i Ilahi religion declaring himself The Prophet. During his reign, Alauddin also proclaimed himself to be The Prophet, prescribing his own set of principles. He even went to the extent of forced Qazis, into manipulating religious approvals suiting his whims and fetishes. Several structures were constructed to offer obeisance to him for his concocted teachings of slavery, sexual misconducts and terrorism.

Alauddin bought a kid from the slave market (Bacchabaazi market of prepubescent kids) who was forcefully r*ped by him and later groomed as Malik Kafur, his s*xual protégé, gay partner and chief advisor. Alauddin’s strategy to attack Chittor was only with one agenda to capture all the 7000 women inside including chief queen Ranga Devi who was equally brave like Rani Padmini (Padmavati).

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Like other terrorist mughals, Alauddin was a s*x maniac, immersed only in lustful activities. Alauddin’s desire for his s*xual passions, had reached such a level that it is said his harem had more than 70,000 males, females and children. Of which, 30,000 women, were the widows of men that he ordered to kill in one day.

Hammir Dev Chauhan : malik kafur alauddin khilji gay lover

Brave Rani Ranga Devi and all the women, decided to commit Jauhar, rather than becoming s*x slaves or inmates of Alauddin’s harem. It is said that the heart-wrenching wails coming out from the Jauhar Kund of Hindu queens continued to haunt Khalji for years. The haunting reached to an extreme level and he started behaving like a mentally retarded person. His lover Malik Kafur tried to take over his place to order policies and rulings, on Khilji’s behalf; until latter’s official advisors interfered and reminded him that rightfully Khilji’s sons must take the throne. So after few days of proxy ruling, he handed over throne to his 3 years old son while controlling the administration as the guardian. However he never missed the opportunity to kill Alauddin, he conspired to kill terrorist Alauddin by injecting harmful liquid into his veins, leaving him to die of Oedema. Akbar was also assassinated in a similar manner by treatment of herbal poison to die from painful diarrhea of few weeks.

Hammir Dev Chauhan : malik kafur killed sons of alauddin

Malik Kafur then blinded his sons, Khizr Khan and Shadi Khan, by gauging out their eyes from the sockets, killing them in the process. He then ordered to blind Prince Mubarak, who somehow escaped this assassination attempt and informed Khiliji’s loyal army of Malik’s treachery. He was later beheaded. This is how the dynasty of Khilji, which started due to treachery of Alauddin murdering his own uncle following Quranic teachings to steal throne, later met a distressful demise.

Hamir Dev Chauhan’s Demise and Conclusion for Hindus

Hamir Dev died in 10th July 1301. His death has few lessons for Hindus.

1. Never take decision in anger, keep confidantes close
2. Do not trust enemy
3. Do not give refuge to invader, bestowing mercy to a muslim lead to his demise
4. Die fighting hard against enemy

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