Bhagavad Gita in English Chapter 9 The Most Secretive Information

The Most Secretive Information

Text 1: The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: My dear Arjuna, because you never envy Me, I shall reveal to you this most secret knowledge and realisation, knowing which you shall be freed from the sufferings of material life.

Text 2: The monarch of education, this understanding is the greatest of all mysteries. Because it allows for direct awareness of the self through enlightenment, it is the purest knowledge and the pinnacle of religion. It is conducted with enthusiasm and is eternal.

Text 3: You cannot reach Me, O Conqueror of Enemies, if you are not steadfast in this devotional service. As a result, they continue on this world’s journey of birth and death.

Text 4: This entire cosmos is encompassed by Me, in My unmanifested form. Though I am not in them, all beings are in Me. Yet nothing created rests in Me.

Text 5: See My mystical splendour! Since My Self is the fundamental source of creation, even though I am the caretaker of all living things and am present everywhere, I am not a part of this cosmic manifestation.

Text 6: Understand that all created entities rest in Me, just as the powerful wind, which blows everywhere, does.

Text 7: O son of Kunti, all material manifestations enter into My nature at the conclusion of a millennium, and at the start of a new millennium, I create them once more with My power.

Text 8: I am in charge of the entire cosmos. It automatically manifests at My command time and time again, and at My command it is ultimately destroyed.

Text 9: I am not bound by any of this labour, O Dhanajaya. I always sit as though I’m impartial, apart from all these material pursuits.

Text 10: O son of Kunti, all moving and nonmoving entities are created by this material nature, which is one of My energies. This manifestation is continually formed and destroyed under its control.

Text 11: When I appear as a person, fools mock Me. They are unaware of My transcendental essence as the All-Pervading Supreme Bhagwan.

Text 12: Atheistic and demonic beliefs are attractive to those who are thus confused. Their delusional state renders useless their productive endeavours, culture of knowledge, and expectations for emancipation.

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Text 13: O son of Pritha, the divine nature guards the noble souls, those who are not deceived. They totally commit themselves to devotional service because they recognise Me as the Supreme Personality of Godhead who is both unique and limitless.

Text 14: These magnificent spirits continually adore Me with devotion, shouting My praises, striving hard, kneeling down before Me.

Text 15: Other people who sacrifice through the pursuit of knowledge adore the Supreme Bhagwan as the unique, multifaceted, and all-encompassing form.

Text 16: However, I am the ritual, the sacrifice, the ancestor’s offering, the healing herb, and the transcendental chant. I serve as the offering, the fire, and the butter.

Text 17: I am the grandfather, the mother, the father, and the sustenance of this cosmos. I am the purifier, the object of knowledge, and the letter “o.” I am the G, the S, and the Yajur Vedas as well.

Text 18: I am the objective, the supporter, the master, the witness, the habitation, the shelter, and the closest friend. I am the source of all things, their foundation, their last resting place, and their immortal seed.

Text 19: Bhagwan Krishn states, “O Arjuna, I give heat, I withhold, and I bring forth the rain.” I am both immortality and the embodiment of death. I am composed of both spirit and substance.

Text 20: Those who read the Vedas and sip soma juice in search of the celestial planets indirectly worship Me. They are born on the godly, pious planet of Indra, where they delight in godly pleasures, having been cleansed of immoral emotions.

Text 21: After having experienced this great celestial sensual pleasure and having used up all the fruits of their good deeds, they return to this mortal earth once more. Thus, individuals who pursue sensual pleasure by abiding by the teachings of the three Vedas only experience recurrent birth and death.

Text 22: However, those who consistently offer Me their sole devotion while contemplating My transcendental form—to them, I carry what they lack and I safeguard what they already have.

Text 23: O son of Kunti, those who believe in and worship other gods with faith truly worship only Me, although they do it incorrectly.

Text 24: I alone am the ruler of all sacrifices and the one who enjoys them. Consequently, individuals who fail to understand My actual transcendental essence decline.

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Text 25: Those who worship the gods will be born among them, those who worship the ancestors will go to them, those who worship ghosts and spirits will be born among them, and those who worship Me will dwell with Me.

Text 26: I will take a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water if it is offered to Me with love and devotion.

Text 27: Do everything as a sacrifice to Me, O son of Kunti, including all you do, consume, offer or give away, and practise austerities.

Text 28: In this manner, you will be released from the bonds of labour and its favourable and unfavourable outcomes. You will be set free and drawn to Me if you keep your thoughts concentrated on Me in accordance with the renouncing principle.

Text 29: I do not have any favouritism or jealousy towards anyone. To everybody, I am equal. However, whomever serves Me with devotion is a friend, is in Me, and I am a friend to him as well.

Text 30: Even if someone does the most heinous thing, if they are serving others in a devotional way, they should be regarded as saints because they are in the right mindset.

Text 31: He rapidly atones for his sins and finds enduring peace. Say with confidence that My devotee never dies, O son of Kunti.

Text 32: O son of Pritha, people of inferior birth who seek refuge in Me, such as women, vaiyas [merchants] and dras [workers], can reach the ultimate goal.

Text 33: How much more the saintly monarchs, pious followers, and upright brahmanas are like this. So, now that you’re in this fleeting, wretched world, devote yourself to loving service for Me.

Text 34: Keep thinking about Me constantly, turn into My disciple, bow down to Me, and worship Me. You will undoubtedly approach Me when you become wholly engaged in Me.

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