Bhagavad Gita in English Chapter 7 Understanding of the Absolute

Understanding of the Absolute

Text 1: “Now hear, O son of Pritha, how by engaging in yoga in complete awareness of Me, with mind linked to Me, you might know Me in full, free from doubt.”

Text 2: I will now fully reveal this astounding and mystical information to you. Nothing else will need to be revealed to you now that this is known.

Text 3: Among the many thousands of mankind, one may strive for perfection, but of those who have done so, very few truly know Me.

Text 4: My divided material energies are made up of eight elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence, and false ego.

Text 5: In addition to these, O mighty-armed Arjuna, there is another, greater energy of Mine that consists of the living things that are making use of this world’s inferior, material resources.

Text 6: These two natures serve as the foundation for all created entities. Know that I am the beginning and the dissolution of all that is material and all that is spiritual in this world.

Text 7: O those who have conquered money, there is no truth greater than I. Everything is suspended from Me like pearls on a string.

Text 8 states, “O son of Kunt, I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and moon, the vowel “o” in Vedic mantras, the sound in ether, and the capacity in man.”

Text 9: I am the heat in fire and the natural scent of the ground. I am the source of all life, and I am the object of all ascetics’ penances.

Text 10: O son of Pritha, be aware that I am the source of all existences, the wisdom of the wise, and the might of all strong men.

Text 11: Without emotion or desire, I am the power of the strong. O Bhagwan of the Bharatas [Arjuna], I am living a sexual lifestyle that is not incompatible with religious beliefs.

Text 12: Recognize that My energy causes all manifestations, whether they be of kindness, passion, or ignorance. In a way, I am everything, yet I am also autonomous. I am not governed by the laws of material nature; rather, I am governed by them.

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Text 13: The entire world is unaware of Me, who am above the modes and unbounded, since it has been deceived by the three modes—goodness, desire, and ignorance.

Text 14: It is impossible to conquer this heavenly force of Mine, which consists of the three states of material nature. However, those who have submitted to Me can simply pass through it.

Text 15: Those miscreants who partake in the atheistic nature of demons, who are the lowest of men, whose knowledge is taken by illusion, and who are terribly ignorant do not yield unto Me.

Text 16: O greatest of the Bharatas, four categories of devout persons start to offer devotional service to Me: the needy, the materialist, the enquirer, and the seeker of the Absolute.

Text 17: The finest of these is the one who has complete understanding and is always performing acts of genuine devotional service. He is extremely precious to me, and I am very dear to him.

Text 18: All of these followers are surely generous souls, but I regard the one who is placed in My understanding to be identical to My own self. He will undoubtedly reach Me, the best and ultimate objective, because he is actively participating in My transcendental service.

Text 19: He who is genuinely in knowledge surrenders to Me after experiencing several births and deaths, knowing that I am the origin of all origins and the source of all that is. Such a great soul is quite uncommon.

Text 20 states that people whose intelligence has been taken over by material wants must submit to demigods and adhere to the specific customs and practises of worship in accordance with their individual natures.

Text 21: As the Supersoul, I am in everyone’s heart. When someone expresses a desire to worship a certain deity, I help him maintain his faith so that he can commit himself to that deity.

Text 22: Because of his strong faith, he makes an effort to worship a certain deity and succeeds in fulfilling his goals. However, I alone am responsible for bestowing these advantages.

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Text 23: Demigods are worshipped by men of little intelligence, and their benefits are finite and transient. While those who worship the gods visit their worlds, those who follow Me eventually make it to My supreme planet.

Text 24: Intelligent men who are unaware of Me fully believe that I, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Ka, was impersonal in the past and that I have now taken on this personality. They are unaware of My greater nature, which is ultimate and imperishable, because of their limited understanding.

Text 25: I never make myself known to the stupid and uneducated. They are unaware of my unbirth and infallibility because they believe I am protected by My innate power.

Text 26: O Arjuna, I am the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and I am aware of everything that has occurred, is occurring, and will occur in the future. I am also aware of every living thing, yet nobody is aware of me.

Text 27: O scion of Bharata, O victor of the enemy, all living things are born in delusion and are perplexed by dualities that are produced by desire and hatred.

Text 28: People who have lived righteously in this life and in former lifetimes, and whose bad deeds have been totally erased, are freed from the dualities of illusion, and they firmly commit themselves to My service.

Text 29: Wise people seek shelter in Me in devotional service as they work to overcome ageing and death. Because they are completely knowledgeable about transcendental practises, they are essentially Brahman.

Text 30: Those who fully comprehend Me, who recognise Me as the Supreme Bhagwan as the controlling force behind material creation, demigods, and all forms of sacrifice, are able to comprehend and know Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, even after they have passed away.

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