Bhagavad Gita in English Chapter 11 The Universal Form

The Universal Form

Text 1: Arjuna stated, “My delusion has now been shattered by my hearing the teachings You have graciously given me regarding these most private spiritual issues.

Text 2: O lotus-eyed one, I have heard from You in full on the emergence and extinction of every living thing and have come to understand Your boundless splendours.

Text 3: Though I see You here before me in Your true position, as You have described Yourself, I desire to understand how You have arrived into this cosmic manifestation. O greatest of all personalities, O supreme shape. I want to see how you look in that shape.

Text 4: O my Bhagwan, O Bhagwan of all mystic power, if You believe that I am able to see Your cosmic form, kindly reveal to me Your limitless global Self.

Text 5: “My dear Arjuna, O son of Pritha,” the Supreme Personality of Godhead exclaimed, “see now My opulences, hundreds of thousands of diverse heavenly and colourful forms.”

Text 6: The many incarnations of Adityas, Vasus, Rudras, Asvini-kumaras, and all the other demigods are seen here, O greatest of the Bharatas. Take a look at all the amazing stuff that no one has ever seen or heard of before.

Text 7: Arjuna, see immediately in this body of Mine whatsoever you choose to see! This all-encompassing form may display everything you wish to view right now or in the future. Everything, both moving and still, is present in its whole here.

Text 8: However, your current eyes do not allow you to see Me. I now give you magnificent eyes as a result. See My mystical splendour!

Text 9: After Sanjay pronounced these words, the Personality of Godhead, the Supreme Bhagwan of all mystic power, revealed to Arjuna His global form.

Texts 10–11: Arjuna observed an infinite number of mouths, eyes, and magnificent vistas in that cosmic form. The shape carried several heavenly weapons that were uplifted and was adorned with numerous celestial jewels. He was covered in several wonderful smells, and He donned celestial garlands and clothing. Everything was amazing, brilliant, limitless, and ever-expanding.

Text 12: The effulgence of the Supreme Person in that global form may be compared to the splendour of thousands of suns rising at once into the sky.

Text 13: At that point, Arjuna could see the infinite expansions of the cosmos contained in a single location despite being divided into countless thousands in the universal form of the Bhagwan.

Text 14: At that point, Arjuna bent his head in respect, his hair standing on end in shock, and he started to pray to the Supreme Bhagwan with his hands folded.

Text 15: Arjuna addressed Bhagwan Krishn, saying, “My beloved Bhagwan Krishn, I see congregated in Your body all the demigods and numerous other living things.” I saw Bhagwan iva, Brahma, all the sages, and the holy serpents seated on the lotus flower.

Text 16: O Bhagwan of the universe, O cosmic form, I see many arms, bellies, mouths, and eyes in Your body, all enlarged to the furthest extent and without bounds. I don’t see an end, a middle, or a beginning in you.

Text 17: The brilliant effulgence of your figure, which is spreading outward on all sides like a blazing fire or the sun’s unfathomable light, makes it impossible to perceive. But I keep spotting this brilliant shape, decked with a variety of crowns, clubs, and discs.

Text 18: You are the ultimate primordial goal. The last resting place of the cosmos is you. You are the oldest and never run out of resources. You are the Personality of Godhead, the keeper of the eternal faith. This is what I think.

Text 19: You have no beginning, middle, or end. Your magnificence has no bounds. The sun and moon are Your eyes, and you have an infinite number of arms. I envision You with a mouth full of flaming fire, scorching the entire cosmos with Your own glory.

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Text 20: Though You are One, You fill the sky, the planets, and every nook and cranny in between. O mighty one, all the planetary systems are disturbed by this marvellous and terrifying shape.

Text 21: All the demigod hosts are submitting to You and coming into You. Some of them are praying with their hands folded because they are so terrified. Many great sages and attained creatures are praying to You while chanting the Vedic hymns and exclaiming, “All peace!”

Text 22: The Dityas, the Vasus, the Sdhyas, the Vivedevas, the two Avatars, the Maruts, the ancestors, the Gandharvas, the Yaksas, the Asuras, and the perfected demigods are all gazing in awe at You.

Text 23: O mighty-armed one, all the planets and their demigods are troubled by Your huge body, with its many faces, eyes, arms, thighs, legs, and bellies, as well as Your many horrible fangs; and I am troubled, too.

Text 24: O all-encompassing Viu, seeing You with Your various bright hues touching the sky, Your gaping mouths, and Your enormous shining eyes, my mind is troubled by anxiety. My mental stability and steadiness have completely disappeared.

Text 25: Please be kind to me, O Bhagwan of Bhagwans, O shelter of the worlds. Because of Your burning, deathlike visage and abhorrent fangs, I am unable to maintain my footing. I can’t make sense of anything around me.

Texts 26–27: All the sons of Dhritarashtra are pouring into Your frightened jaws, together with their allying monarchs, Bhma, Droa, Kara, and our top troops as well. Some of them I see have their heads wedged in between Your teeth.

Text 28: All these tremendous soldiers come flaming into Your mouths, just as the various waves of the rivers rush into the ocean.

Text 29: I watch everyone running straight into Your lips, destroying themselves like moths in a raging inferno.

Text 30: O Vishnu, I see You eating all humanity with Your blazing lips from all directions. You are manifest with awful, burning rays, illuminating the entire cosmos with Your effulgence.

Text 31 asks the fierce-looking Bhagwan of Bhagwans to identify himself or herself. I bow down before You; I beg You to be kind to me. The original Bhagwan is you. I’m curious about You since I’m not sure what Your purpose is.

Text 32: The Supreme Personality of Godhead declared: I, Time, the great destroyer of planets, have arrived here to wipe off everyone. All of the troops there, on both sides, will be killed, with the exception of you [the Pandavas].

Text 33: As a result, stand up. Get ready to battle and triumph. Gain victory over your adversaries to enjoy a prosperous empire. I already put them to death via My plan, and you, O Savyasachi, can only be a tool in the battle.

Text 34: I have already defeated Drona, Bhisma, Jayadratha, Karna, and the other strong warriors. Kill them as a result, and don’t cause any trouble. You only need to fight to defeat your opponents in conflict.

Text 35: Sanjay addressed Dhritarashtra, saying, “O King, upon hearing these words from the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the frightened Arjuna repeatedly folded his hands in humility.” He spoke the following to Bhagwan Krishn in a terrified voice.

Text 36: Arjuna uttered: “O master of the senses, when the universe hears Your name, it rejoices, and everyone gets loyal to You.” The perfected creatures bow respectfully to You, while the devils run away in all directions out of fear. Everything is done correctly.

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Text 37: You are the first creation, O tremendous one, better even than Brahma. Why then should they not submit to You in a courteous manner? O infinite one, mighty God, shelter of the cosmos! You are the unstoppable source, the root of all causes, and you exist outside of this worldly manifestation.

Text 38: You are the first and oldest manifestation of Godhead, the supreme haven of this created universe. You are all that can be known and you are the one who knows everything. Above all material modes, you are the ultimate sanctuary. O infinite form! You permeate this entire cosmic manifestation!

Text 39: You are the supreme controller and you are air! You are the moon, you are the fire, and you are the water. You are the great-grandfather and Brahma, the first living thing. Therefore, I humbly submit to You a thousand times again and again and again!

Text 40: Obeisances to You from the front, the back, and all sides! You are the ruler of infinite force, unbounded might! You are everything because you are all-pervasive!

Texts 41–42: Unaware of Your glories, I hastily hailed You as “O Krishn,” “O Ydava,” and “O my buddy,” supposing You to be my friend. Please pardon everything I may have done out of love or insanity. I have repeatedly insulted You when we rested, shared a bed, sat, or ate together, sometimes in private and other times in front of plenty of friends. Please pardon me for all those offences, O perfect one.

Text 43: You are the creator of the entire cosmos, including both the moving and immobile things. You are its revered leader and highest spiritual teacher. Nobody can rival You in power or join You in unity. O Bhagwan of infinite power, how then could there be anybody bigger than You within the three worlds?

Text 44: You are the Supreme Bhagwan, deserving of the adoration of all creatures. I bowed respectfully before You and begged for Your pardon as a result. Please accept whatever wrongs I may have done You, just as a father accepts his son’s impertinence, a friend accepts a friend’s impertinence, or a husband accepts his wife’s familiarity.

Text 45: I am delighted to have seen this cosmic shape, which I had never seen before, but at the same time, terror has clouded my thoughts. So, O Bhagwan of Bhagwans, O dwelling of the world, please pour Your kindness upon me and once more display Your form as the Personality of Godhead.

Text 46: I would like to see You in Your four-armed form, with a helmet on Your head and a club, wheel, conch, and lotus flower in each of Your hands. I so desire to see You in that shape.

Text 47: The Highest Personality of Godhead declared “My dear Arjuna, gladly I have revealed you, through My interior potency, this supreme universal form inside the material universe.” Nobody has ever seen this infinite, blazingly brilliant, primordial form before you.

Text 48: No one has ever seen this global form of Mine before, O greatest of the Kuru soldiers, for it is not possible to view Me in this form in the physical world by studying the Vedas, offering sacrifices, giving to charity, engaging in virtuous actions, or practising severe penances.

Text 49: This awful trait of Mine has disturbed and perplexed you. Let it now be completed. Be once more free from all commotion, my devotion. You may now see the form you choose if your mind is at ease.

Text 50: Sanjay told Dhritarashtra that after speaking to Arjuna in this way, Krishn revealed His true four-armed form before finally revealing His two-armed form, reassuring the terrified Arjuna.

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Text 51: Arjuna replied, “O Janardana, seeing this humanlike shape, so extremely lovely, I am now comprised of thought, and I am restored to my natural nature.” This was the first time Arjuna had seen Krishn in His original form.

Text 52: “My beloved Arjuna, this form of Mine you are currently witnessing is exceedingly difficult to see,” the Supreme Personality of Godhead stated. Even the gods are constantly looking for chances to behold this priceless figure.

Text 53: You cannot comprehend the form you are seeing with your transcendental eyes by merely studying the Vedas, performing laborious penances, giving to charity, or engaging in worship. These methods do not allow one to view Me exactly as I am.

Text 54: My dear Arjuna, I can only be understood as I am, standing in front of you, and be seen directly through unbroken devotional service. You can only access the mysteries of My comprehension in this manner.

Text 55: My dear Arjuna, he who works for Me, who makes Me the ultimate goal of his life, who is friendly to every living being, and who is free from the contaminations of fruitive activities and mental speculation — he certainly comes to Me.

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