Bhagavad Gita in English Chapter 10 The Opulence of the Absolute

The Opulence of the Absolute

Text 1: The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: O mighty-armed Arjuna, listen once again. You are My close friend, therefore I will talk to you further for your advantage, imparting information that is superior to that which I have already explained.

Text 2: I am the source of the demigods and sages in every way, therefore neither the armies of demigods nor the great sages are aware of My origin or My opulences.

Text 3: The only one who is completely clear of delusion and who knows Me to be the unborn, the eternal, and the Supreme Bhagwan of all the worlds is absolved of all sins.

Texts 4-5: I alone am the creator of all the various qualities of living beings, including intelligence, knowledge, freedom from doubt and delusion, forgiveness, truthfulness, control of the senses, control of the mind, happiness and distress, birth, death, fear, fearlessness, nonviolence, equanimity, satisfaction, austerity, charity, fame and infamy.

Text 6: All living things on the many planets are descended from the seven great sages, as well as the four great sages who came before them and the Manus (the ancestors of mankind). They are all products of My intellect.

Text 7: There is no question that one who is factually persuaded of the splendour and mystic power of Mine acts in unwavering devotional worship.

Text 8: I am the origin of all physical and spiritual realms. Everything is a reflection of Me. The wise, who fully comprehend this, devote their lives to Me and adore Me wholeheartedly.

Text 9: My pure devotees’ minds are centred in Me; they live entirely in service of Me, and they find tremendous joy and delight in constantly educating one another and chatting about Me.

Text 10: I provide the knowledge by which they may approach Me to those who are continually dedicated to serving Me in love.

Text 11: To extend them a unique act of kindness, I, who reside in their souls, extinguish the ignorance-born darkness with the torch of knowledge.

Texts 12–13: Arjuna said, “You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the furthest refuge, the purest truth, and the Absolute Truth.” You are the most important person in the universe, the unborn, the transcendental, the original. This truth about You is supported by all the great sages, including Narada, Asita, Devala, and Vyasa, and now You are stating it to me.

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Text 14: O Krishn, I firmly believe what You have told me to be true. O Bhagwan, neither the gods nor the demons can comprehend Your personality.

Text 15: O Supreme Person, the source of all, Bhagwan of all beings, God of gods, and Bhagwan of the cosmos, You alone know Yourself by Your own interior potency!

Text 16: Please elaborate on the heavenly splendours that You use to permeate every globe.

Text 17: How can I know You and how will I continuously think of You, O Krishn, O great mystic? What other guises are You to be recalled in, O Supreme Person of Godhead?

Text 18: O Janrdana, once again ask you to elaborate on the magical strength of Your opulences. Hearing about You never makes me feel satisfied because the more I hear, the more I want to taste the honey of Your words.

Text 19: “Yes, I shall inform you of My glorious manifestations, O Arjuna, but just of those which are notable, for My grandeur is unlimited,” the Supreme Personality of Godhead replied.

Text 20: I am the Supersoul, O Arjuna, enthroned in the hearts of all living things. I am every being’s beginning, middle, and end.

Text 21: I am Vishnu among the Adityas, the dazzling sun among the lights, Marichi among the Maruts, and the moon among the stars.

Text 22: I am the Sama Veda of the Vedas, Indra, the monarch of the gods, the intellect, the senses, and the life force (awareness) in all living things.

Text 23: I am the Bhagwan of riches [Kuvera] among the Yaksas and Raksasas, the Bhagwan of fire [Agni] among the Vasus, and the Bhagwan of mountains [Meru] among the Rudras.

Text 24: O Arjuna, recognise that I am the foremost of priests, Bhaspati. Karttikeya is a general, and the ocean is a body of water.

Text 25: I am Bhrigu, one of the great sages, and I am the transcendental o, the o of vibrations. The recitation of the holy names [japa] is my sacrifice, and the Himalayas are my immovable object.

Text 26: I am the banyan tree among trees, and I am Narada among the demigods who are wise. I am the sage Kapila among faultless creatures, and I am Citraratha among the Gandharvas.

Text 27: Horses recognise Me as Uchchaihsravas, which is a product of the ocean’s churning for nectar. I am Airavata, the elephant of Divenely, and the king of men.

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Text 28: I am the lightning of weapons and the surabhi of cows. I am the deity of love Kandarpa, the cause of conception, and I am Vasuki, the snake.

Text 29: I am Ananta, one of the many-hooded Nagas, and Varuna, the deity of the seas. I am Yama, the Bhagwan of death, and among the lawgivers I am Aryama, a deceased ancestor.

Text 30: I am the dedicated Prahlada among the Daitya demons, Time among the conquerors, The Lion among the beasts, and Garuda among the birds.

Text 31: I am the wind of cleansers, Rama of weapon-wielders, the shark of fishes, and Ganges of flowing rivers.

Text 32: O Arjuna, I am the beginning, the end, and the midst of all creatures. I am the spiritual science of the self and the absolute truth according to logicians.

Text 33: I am the first letter in a word and the dual compound in a compound word. In addition, I am endless time, and I am the creator Brahma.

Text 34: I am the creative essence of all that is yet to come, and I am the all-devouring death. I have reputation, money, a lovely voice, a good memory, intellect, steadfastness, and patience among ladies.

Text 35: I am the Gayatri of poetry and the Brihat-sama of the Sama Vedic hymns. I am Margashirsha in terms of the months (November–December), and spring in terms of the seasons.

Text 36: I am the gaming of con artists, and I am the magnificence of the great. I represent success, adventure, and the power of the strong.

Text 37: I am Vasudeva, a Vrisni descendent, and I am Arjuna, a Pava. I am Usana among brilliant minds and Vyasa among the sages.

Text 38: I am retribution among all measures of restraining lawlessness, and I am morals among those who seek triumph. I am quiet in matters of secrecy, and I am knowledge in matters of the wise.

Text 39: In addition, O Arjuna, I am the source of all existences. No living thing, whether it moves or not, can survive without Me.

Text 40: O great conqueror of foes, My heavenly manifestations are limitless. What I have said to you is but a hint of My boundless riches.

Text 41: Recognize that only a spark of My radiance is the source of all lavish, exquisite, and marvellous creations.

Text 42: But why do you need all of this specific information, Arjuna? I permeate and sustain this entire world with a single piece of Myself.

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