अश्वत्थामा जीवित हैं ज़िंदा हैं

Ashwathama was the son of guru Dronacharya. Dronacharya did many years dhyan and penance of Bhagwan Shiv Shankar in order to obtain a son who possesses the same valiance in human form as of Lord Shiva. Aswatthama is the avatar of one of the eight Rudras and he is one of the seven Chiranjivi’s or the immortal ones. Aswathama is the lone survivor still living, who actually fought in the kurukshetra war.

Ashwatthama was born with a gem in his forehead which gave him power over all living beings lower than manav yoni. This gem protected him from any attacks of ghosts,demons ,poisonous insects, snakes, animals etc. The gem was later removed from his forehead.

Ashwathama Alive – Ashwatthama Seen By People, Personal Encounters Shared

Due to ambiguity of english language, Ashwathama is spelled differently. Aswathama was cursed to roam in Kaliyuga  due to his sinful deed of killing innocent 5 sons of Draupadi, wife of Pandavas.

Ashwathama Most Common FAQs

Yes, an elephant named Ashwathama died.

Drona, father of Ashwathama was deeply in love with his son. After Bhism Pitamah was injured with dozens of raining arrow piercings all over his body, Dronacharya was appointed as the supreme commander of the Kaurav army.

Being teacher, Dronacharya was very shrewd and knew all tricks of the war, his presence meant tough days ahead for the Pandav army.

Rumours were spread across that Ashwathama died, Dronacharya wanted to confirm this news from honest Yudhisthira.

When Yudhisthira said "Yes Ashwathama died but...." Krishna blew Conch shell to end the war (as dusk began) later speech of Yudhisthira "but... it was elephant" got silenced in Conch shell sound, made sad Dronacharya drop his weapon.

Later Dronacharya was killed. Dates of Mahabharat lists significant historical events/deaths of important personalities of that era.

Ashwathama was born to Kripi and Dronacharya who himself was created artificially by the Sage.

Parents did severe penances of several years to have baby Ashwathama.

With blessings of Bhagwan Shiv, he was born Chiranjivi, it is impossible for any human to harm or kill or defeat him. He was born with a gem (mani) on his forehead which made him powerful among residents of planet earth.

His immortality became curse when gem was removed from his forehead to serve the punishment for killing children of Draupadi and an attempt to murder unborn child of Uttara.

Krishna cursed Ashwathama that he would roam in the forests in pain with blood and puss oozing out of his incurable forehead injury, he will cry for peace, happiness and tranquillity till the end of Kaliyug.

The injury happened when an amar mani was removed from his forehead. Mani that gave him boon of immortality, prosperity and invincible strength.

Ashwathama mistook sleeping children of Draupadi as 5 Pandavs and killed them.

To avenge death of his father and injured Duryodhan he almost killed unborn child of Uttara.

As a punishment, Ashvatthama was asked by Rishi Vyas to surrender the gem on his forehead to Pandavs and seek forgiveness.

Duryodhan was also unhappy and angry on Ashwathama for his gruesome act, as he killed scions of Hastinapur. Ashwathama remorsed and took gem off his forehead with immense pain.

Krishna said to Ashwathama that his immortality would turn into a curse and he would roam forests and secluded places in immense pain and anger chasing tranquillity.

Meeting Ashwathama is difficult but not impossible.

You should be a true devotee of Bhagwan Shiv. However meeting Ashwathama is totally at the mercy of Ashwathama not you, you can only interact with him if he wants to meet you.

The main reason is, Ashwathama like all historical warriors of Mahabharat was part of creator to perform leela of Mahabharat to bestow teachings for Kaliyug people.

When they are part of the leela they could never know that they are enacting a pre-defined role assigned by Bhagwan himself. They only realize after they come out of that dimension.

Right now, Ashwathama is fulfilling curse so his basic behavior is same as it was in Dwapar Yug. To win his confidence in you, you have to become staunch Shiv Bhakt and never praise Bhagwan Krishna in front of him.

Ashwathama is immortal superhuman no one can meet him unless he wants the meeting to happen. He knows everything that is discussed or read about him.

Yes, you will never see original or real photo of Ashwathama as he flies off in thin air whenever he comes to pray in the temples of Ashirgarh or any other forts.

It was tried several times to click his pics but somehow no one is able to know when he comes or disappears. All the petals, bel patra, akshat and ritual items are seen on and around Shivling that prove that he did come daily to perform Shiv Aradhana.

An unweatherly breeze is felt early morning at 3 am to 4am, around the area, when he comes to visit such Shiv temples. The breeze and unnatural windy air makes it almost impossible to see Ashwathama. When he comes, there is sudden unrest and gusty in the environment around Ashirgarh fort Shiv mandir. When he leaves, the dust settles and he does puja in few seconds (as per our timescale).

All are depictions of details told by rarest of fortunate people who actually met him but NO ORIGINAL IMAGE of Ashwathama exists. Whenever media channel crew tried, they were unable to film him, the equipments were not workable.

Ashwathama is not married.

He was raised as a warrior with superhuman features. His birth had a purpose to fulfill certain duties in Mahabharat era.

Marriage was never in the scheme of things designed for him in Mahabharat.

His Prarabdha Karma destined him to be alone and roam painfully in Kaliyug.

Ashwathama and his connection to Islam is falsely propagated by jihadists to show antiquity of newest cult islam. But Kaurav clan do have some connections to pre-historic emergence of several cults which later also founded islam.

After end of Mahabharat war, clans and kings of Kaurav dynasty were ridiculed by the locals for their adharmic karma leading to death of millions of people. They moved towards South (Kerala) from there, they proceeded to Arabian Sea and Middle east, forming small tribes and regimes.

To gain respect of Kerala locals, Kaurav clans gifted wealth and acres of land to the people. That was the reason (Suyodhan) Duryodhan is worshipped in Malanada, (Susashan) Dusasanan in Ennasseri, Shakuni in Kollam and sister (Susala) Dussala at Kunniradath Malanada. There are 101 temple for Kauravas in the surrounding places of Malanada (Kerala).

Immediate scions of Kauravs from middle east (now UAE, Iran etc) were staunch ShivBhakts. One of their offsprings was Mohammed who formed cult islam. There were several tribes and cult created by Kaurav dynasty in the middle east. The same Kaurav clan later asked Kerala kings to create world's first mosque, The Cheramaan Juma Masjid in Methala, Kodungallur Taluk, Thrissur District in the Indian state of Kerala. The concept of Mosque NEVER exist in quran but Kaurav clan wanted to promote Islam (anti-Vedic cult) to diminish Vaishnavite and HariBhakts. Masjid was created in the lines of Hindu temple to promote islam.

Hindus have several pious pilgrimages of worship. Christians and Jews have their own. When cult islam was formed by Mohammed he badly needed a place to claim prominence of his cult. That is when Kaaba Shiv temple was ransacked by muslims under guidance of their terrorist leader Mohammed at that time to claim pious place as Mecca.

Broken statues and Shiv ling were re-assembled to be called Sanghey Aswad.

so Ashwathama and Islam has no connection but Kaurav dynasty do due to their inclination towards Shukracharya and his devils.

Ashwatthama invoked powerful celestial missile, the Narayanastra, against the Pandavas.

Krishna and Arjun cover Bhim with the Varuna shield weapon, and the Narayanastra is rendered ineffective. But Narayanastra missile did kill one *Akshauhini sena of Pandavs completely.

*Akshauhini contains 21,870 elephants, 21,870 chariots, 65,610 Horses, and 109,350 foot soldiers.

Post death of Dushasan, Ashvatthama tried hard to convince Duryodhan that he make peace with the Pandavas, for the sake of Hastinapur dynasty but he refused.

After Duryodhan is seriously injured to almost death by Bhim, Ashwathama swears to take revenge for death of all and Duryodhan appoints him as the commander-in-chief. The last resort to call off war was closed by Duryodhan himself by pushing Ashwathama to commit heinous sin of accidentally killing sons of Pandavs.

It is always said among Hindus NEVER BEFRIEND KAPOOT (evil people), you pay heavy price one day.

Proofs of Mahabharat show how ferocious the war was fought at end of Dwapar Yug.

Ashwatthama’s Prarabdh (Karmic Destiny)?

History: No one can escape Prarabdh. If you worship Lord Krishna, then you can think of changing your Prarabdh to good one. Through Divine grace (Kripa) of Lord Krishna, one can go beyond the influences of actions of past lives. Ashwathama’s Prarabdh lead him to an immortal life, roam in forests with pain. Bhishma strove hard throughout his life to protect Hastinapur in his quest of finding the legal heir of (Satyawati) Sathyavati’s clan. Bhishma entrusted on Krishna this responsibility of finding the next heir of Sathyavati’s family and to continue the lineage of the Pandavas. Although, after Duryodhana’s defeat it appeared that Hastinapur was now safe, as it was clear that Yudhishthira was the next king of Hastinapur, Ashwatthama’s action brought an end to the Pandava line.

Bhagwan Krishna Cursed Ashwatthama

Lord Krishna then placed a curse on Ashwatthama(actually it was his Prarabdha karma) that “he will carry the burden of all people’s sins on his shoulders and will roam alone like a ghost without getting any love and courtesy till the end of Kaliyuga; He will have neither any hospitality nor any accommodation; He will be in total isolation from mankind and society; His body will suffer from a host of incurable diseases forming sores and ulcers that would never heal”.

Ashwathama had a gem which was similar to Shamantakamani on his forehead which used to protect the wearer from fear of any snakes, ghosts, demigods and demons. So, Ashwatthama was asked to surrender this gem. Lord Sri Krishna further states that “the wound caused by the removal of this gem on his forehead will never heal and will suffer from leprosy, till the end of Kaliyuga”. It is believed that in Kaliyuga, his name will be “Suryakanta”. Thus, Ashwatthama will be in search of death every moment, and yet he will never die. At the end of Kali Yuga, Ashwathama is to meet Sri Kalki, the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Few readers are apprehensive why Ashwathama was cursed, there were series of incidences in the history of Mahabharat that converted Ashwathama’s boon in to curse.

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Ananth Iyer Ji had written great ending of Mahabharat in one of his e-posts. Excerpt from that post is given here within brackets. {Ashwatthama had a mission- to annihilate the Paandava race. His resources were limited. All the soldiers fighting for the Kaurava army had perished. All the ally kings were dead and Duryodhana was the only one of the hundred brothers still alive, if only barely. In contrast, all the five Paandavas were alive. Drishtadhyumna, brother of Draupadi, and their general had lead their forces to victory in all the battles. However, Ashwathama had vowed vengeance for the deceitful killing of his father and for the polemic defeat of Duryodhana. It was the night of the eighteenth day of the war and he was sitting beneath a tree, plotting the slaying of the Paandavas when a strange sight met his eyes. He saw an owl enter a crow’s nest and, in the darkness, kill the crow that had harassed it in the morning. When it was day and the contest was fair, the owl could not resist the crow’s advances. However, the owl exploited its advantage of being a nocturnal creature and at night, when the unsuspecting crow was asleep, the owl killed it. Ashwathama then knew what he had to do.

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With Kripaacharya, his uncle, and Krittavarma, the only two surviving members of the army, he rode out to the Paandavas’ camp at night. He stationed Kripa and Krittavarma at the entrance to the camp and stealthily went inside himself. With his long, gleaming blade, he silently beheaded Drishtadhyumna and Shikhandi. He then proceeded seeking the Paandavas. Seeing five men sleeping in a tent, he beheaded them all. As it happened, Krishna had taken the Paandavas away for some purpose that night. The five men Ashwatthama had actually killed were the sons of the five Paandavas, born from Drapuadi. Feeling remorse for his lowly and dastardly act, Ashwatthama decided to do penance in rishi Veda-Vyasa’s hermitage and he sought asylum there.

PRARABDH of ASHWATTHAMA Pandavas deeds and himalayas

When the Paandavas discovered their sons and brothers in law were slayed by Ashwatthama in the middle of the night, they were furious. Seeking their revenge, they hunted down the son of their guru with the guidance of Krishna. Seeing the enemy approach, Ashwatthama  suddenly erupted with rage- He forgot all about the remorse he had felt prior to coming to the aashrama. He plucked a blade of grass and uttered the Vedic incantations required to transform it to a Brahmaastra. On Krishna’s instruction, Arjuna produced a Brahmaastra of his own. The two faced each other, each ready to fire the most potent of all missiles. The hatred in their eyes burned brighter than the light of a thousand suns. And they fired. Veda-Vyasa, blessed with divine sight, saw that a clash of two Brahmaastras would bring about cataclysm. The world would be destroyed for generations to come. This had to be averted at all costs and so, using his tremendous spiritual powers, he stalled the motion of the astras before they collided.

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The great sage appealed to Krishna to ask the two warriors to summon back their missiles. Arjuna did so immediately and replaced the now ordinary arrow in his quiver. Ashwathama, however, could not obey. He knew only how to invoke the Brahmaastra. He knew not how it was to be withdrawn. Krishna sensed this and spoke with contempt. “Great Vyasa, Drona was not supposed to impart the knowledge of the Brahmaastra to Ashwathama. Nonetheless, he did so out of paternal affection but held himself back from teaching his son how to call it back, since empowered with that knowledge, his unworthy son could employ the potent missile at will. Ashwatthama here is at a loss because once fired, he does not know how to revoke his missile.” Vyasa then said to Ashwatthama, “Son of Drona, if it is true that you cannot revoke your missile, then channel it to target an isolated point on the planet that is uninhabited by any life form.” However, being truly evil and spiteful, Ashwatthama said, “then let it destroy Abhimanyu’s yet unborn son in Uttara’s womb and end the vile Paandava dynasty” Immediately, his missile deviated and Uttara’s fetus was destroyed. Krishna, Supreme Lord of the Universe, incarnation of Vishnu the Preserver, was enraged. His voice thunderous with rage, he cursed Ashwatthama, “May you, Ashwatthama, lead the most wretched life anyone can ever lead. May the sin of every man on Earth haunt you and burden you with guilt. May you roam the lands like a ghost, despicable and contemptible. May you never receive love or affection ever in your life unto the end of Time.” Saying so, he demanded the gem on Ashwathama’s forehead that protected the bearer from disease. “May the wound caused by the removal of this gem never heal, serving you as a reminder of your abhorrent crimes. May you beg for death each moment of your life and may it never come to you. Out of the great affection your father had for you, he granted you immortality as a boon, by the merit of his spiritual prowess. May that very boon be your bane.” Then, he said, “If I have tread on the right path all my life and am the upholder of righteousness, may Uttara’s baby be revived” and sure enough, the infant was revived. He was named Pariksheet, the tested one. He ruled long after the Paandavas retired and his son Janamejaya ruled long after him.} The referred excerpt ends here.

Ashwatthama is alive Ashwatthama is seen

Pariksheet, an eminent King and his conversation with Sage Sukhdev Gosvami Ji in last week of his life, lead to compilation of great Srimad Bhagvatam. Sukhdev Gosvami Ji described Pariksheet in detail about past lives of Sages and Kings of Bharat Varsha (India), and how Lord Vishnu made this world and other Universes.

Srimad Bhagvatam is same ancient text for Hindus and Vedic people that taught one of the simple ways in Kaliyuga to attain sadgati, if properly recited by pious Sage – which means such knowledge must come down through the disciplic succession (for disciples of a learned pious Hindu Guru), Guru reciting and explaining Srimad Bhagvatam to his disciples. It’s also called Amar Katha (Eternal History, to make one eternal). People ask whether Ashwatthaamaa is still alive or not? Other people tell many incidents of his being alive and seen in various forms. The purpose of this is not to prove that he is alive, but just to refer some historic incidents what people say about him. Interestingly, people who met Ashwathama never cited the incident as an ego boosting incident but merely highlighted it in their biographies or as contextual reference in their historical documents; giving very little importance to the occasion – writing up few lines on  their meeting with Aswatthama This could be because they were not astonished to meet him or never thought of giving it due importance in their writings due to his past deeds in Dwapar Yuga. You may contact Dr Narayan Dutta Srimali’s disciples in Jodhpur, INDIA. They tell all these with evidence.

As per Vedas, killing fetus is heinous crime which is equivalent to killing mother cow. So all those to-be parents who kill female fetus in hope to bring life to a generation of sons are committing bigger crimes. Similarly, those couples who abort fetus to shed off from responsibilities are committing anti-Vedic sins. Ashwathama was cursed because he killed innocent sons of Pandavas and later also tried to harm fetus of Utarra. Don’t you think, those couples who are doing alike crimes would face the same wrath during their life or after their death.

Ashwatthama killed sons of draupadi mahabharat

Whatever deed we do here in mrityulok (earth) – whether good or bad – does come back with reflective fruits of it. One must never kill innocent, non-aggressive animals and fetus. We cannot give birth to anyone – only Lord Krishna can – so who are us to kill anyone.

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Killing adharmis in Dharmayudh to impose morality and humanity is pious but killing to put off responsibility or in fit of anger is crime.

Ashwathama Seen by Railway Employee – Incident 1

A more than a decade old newspaper article ran about a railway employee on leave. During his wanderings in the jungles of Navsari (Gujarat) he had reported a very tall man of about 12 feet with a wound on his head. He claimed to have conversation with him and learnt that Bheem was much taller and stronger than him.

Railway employee meeting ashwathama

Ashwathama met Pilot Baba – Incident 2

The last record of his existence came to my notice while reading a book called “Himalaya kah raha hai” by Pilot Baba. you can also go to his website to read the excerpts. The temple where he stayed was washed away in the floods a few years back. But before that he had interesting encounters with Aswathama which he shared and we have detailed as incident 9.

Ashwathama Meeting Hindu King Prithviraj Chauhan – Incident 3

When in 1192, Prithveeraaj Chauhaan lost the battle out of betrayal he left for the jungle. There he met one old person with a scar on his head. Having great knowledge about Ayurved, Prithveeraaj Chauhan confidently told him that he can cure his scar. The old man agreed. But even after a week’s medication it remained as it is. Prithveeraaj was surprised and observed the details. He asked old man if he is Ashwatthaama. Because only the scars that is created through taking up the “MANI” (the gem) from forehead cannot be cured. The old man told that he was Ashwatthaamaa and then he went away. This description is given in “Prithviraj Raso” the book written in 12th century on him.

How Ashwathama met Prithviraj Chauhan : meeting for medicine in Raso

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Ashwatthama Encounter with Saint Naranappa (Seer Narayanappa Kaiwara Thatayya) – Incident 4

In late 14th, early 15th century there lived in Gadag, Karnaatak, a poor Braahman called Naranappa. Later, because of the Mahabharata epic “Karnata Bharata Kathamanjari” that he wrote in Kannada, he came to be called as Kumara Vyasa. His greatest desire was to write Mahaabhaarat based on original sources, and to this end he prayed day-in and day-out in the Temple of Veera Naaraayan, temple of Trikooteshwar. One day the Almighty decided to answer his prayers and appeared in his dream and said: “Attend the forthcoming Dwaadashee Paaran (Dwaadashee feast) in the Veera Naaraayan Temple. Watch out for one lone Braahman who would leave the feast earliest. He is none other than Ashwathaamaa who witnessed Mahabharat. Fall at his feet and ask him to narrate the MahaBharat as it happened. You can record it in writing and claim your share of fame”. Promptly Naranappa (Narayanappa) attended the following Dwaadashee Paaran at the Veera Narayan Temple, and then followed the Brahmin who finished his feast the earliest and started walking out of the Temple. He approached him and fell at his feet saying, “I know who you are, you are the very same Ashwatthaamaa of MahaBharat, please help me”. At this Ashwathaamaa was taken aback and asked him how do you know this? Naranappa responded saying “The Veera Naaraayan Swamy” appeared in his dream and told me so. Ashwatthaamaa was mightily pleased hearing this and asked Naranappa, OK, tell me what can I do for you. Naranappa responded saying he would like to write the Mahaabhaarat in Kannada as it happened.

Saint Narayanappa - Kaiwara Thatayya Meditating

To this Ashwatthaamaa agreed under two conditions. He said that Naranappa should start writing the Mahaabhaarat everyday after he finished his bath, wearing a wet Veshti (Dhotee). Ashwatthaamaa said – “You can keep writing till such time your Veshti is wet and the MahaBharata would flow from your pen as it happened. The moment your clothes dry up, the flow would stop. He also put a condition that he should not disclose this secret to anyone failing which the flow would stop forever. Needless to say, our Naranappa, was immensely excited about the project, and he kept his secret till the time he reached the “Gadaa Parv” (the time when Duryodhan and Bheem fought the duel of the mace fight). At this moment it is believed that Ashwatthaamaa appeared before Naranappa and he was in tears — remembering his friend Duryodhan and the A-Dhaarmik (unjustified) way in which Bheem defeated Duryodhan. Naranappa overcome with excitement disclosed this secret to his wife, and his writing flow stopped immediately. That is why his Mahaabhaarat ends with Gadaa Parv only. Later someone might have added up from Vyaas’ MahaBharat, but our Kumara Vyaas’s MahaBharata ended only with Gadaa Parv. End of Mahabharat and Beginning of Kaliyuga further suggest that Dronacharya’s son is very much alive and is bound to roam in India to serve the curse bestowed on him. The curse that “Ashwatthaamaa would roam the world carrying his own sins, with people shunning him, and suffering the pain of the wound on his forehead from where the “Mani” was removed by force”, 5000 years ago. Or Vikram Samvat 2070** years, since Mahabharata is now long passed, and I am sure, Ashwatthaamaa is there somewhere in the Himaalaya, performing Tapasyaa. (**Vikram Samvat is calendar derived by King Vikramaditya to record historical evidences).

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Ashwathama Meeting Parents of Swaminarayan (Hariprasad and Premvati Pande) – Incident 5

Dharmdev and Bhaktimaataa (father and mother of Swaminarayan) were cursed over two hundred years ago by Ashwatthaamaa – son of Dronacharya. This is described in Satsangi Jivan written by Shatanand Muni – He was tall and well built robed in orange clothes as a Braahman. His head was strapped just above his eyebrows and he was covered with Bhasm (ash). He had big red eyes full of angerness. Mother Premvati Pande (Bhakti Mata) and father Hariprasad Pande (Dharm Dev) were on their way back from Vrindaavan where Shree Krishn proclaimed to them that their troubles in Chapaiyaa (village close to the banks of Sarayoo) would soon end after He himself would be born to them.

Dharmdev and Bhaktimata (father and mother of Swaminarayan)
On the way back one night (it took 28 days for them to get back to chapaiyaa village – the birthplace of Swaminarayan Bhagwan), as they walked through the forest they lost their way. They saw a tall Braahman roaming in the forest. They asked him for direction. The Braahman with a deep voice asked where they were coming from as they looked feared. Dharmdev explained that they were a Sarvariyaa Saam Vedee Braahman and his Kuldev was Hanumaan Jee and up on Hanumaan Jee’s advice at Hanumaan Garhee -Ayodhyaa (where Dharmdev did Tapascharyaa for 3 months) they went to Vrindaavan. Dharmdev further explained the whole incident as well as telling him how they had a revelation from Lord Krishn and Shreemati Raadhaaraanee in Vrindaavan. With this the Brahmin spoke with anger in his voice “Krishna my arch enemy? Will be born to you? I curse Him for the pain I have borne as of Him, that He as your son will never be able to bear weapons and neither shall he be able to fight in any war.” Saying this he left pushing Dharmdev aside. Bhaktimata started trembling and crying. Just then Hanumaan Jee arrived to them once again and calmed them and showed them the way and told them that they need not fear as God does not need any weapon nor need to fight to rid evil and tyranny. This incident shows that Ashwatthaamaa is still roaming in forests and jungles of India today. As this was just over 200 odd years ago.

Ashwatthama Seen in Ludhiana, Punjab – Incident 6

Narrated by a commenter. My Father’s uncle was a famous (Vaidya) – Doctor in Ludhiana. He would spend hours meditating too. He was a Bhakt of Data Dayal, a well Known Guru in Panjaab (try to search for Data Dayal on net). One day as he was closing his shop in the after noon, it was summer time and everything was shut due to summers, in 1968-69, Ludhiaanaa, Panjaab, just then an old person came to him, whose face was covered and spoke to him in crude Panjaabee and Hindi mix, “Badaa naam sunaa hai teraa, bhaut badaa vaidya hai too? Ilaaj kar sakdaa hai meraa? My father’s uncle said – “Tell me what the problem is?” and when he removed the Pagadee from his head, there was a dent on the forehead. He had never seen such a dent before, as if the brain was taken away from the fore front, yet the skin was tight as if nothing had happened. My dad’s uncle was a bit nervous but still said that he would like to have a second look at him. He said – “Tenu pataa hai main kaun hoon?” and my dad’s uncle said – “I think I know who you are but still let me get my stuff.” By the time he brings his stuff from the almirah, that man had left, never to be found again. But he said that his eyes always haunted him, He had blue eyes, which were so sharp as if he would walk inside his brain.

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Ashwathama seen nearby Narmada river (Gujarat) – Incident 7

Narrated by another commenter. I have also heard from numerous people that others have spotted someone with a dent in the forehead roaming around the Narmadaa river (Gujaraat). He was described as tall person, and that there were tons of flies, bugs surrounding him all the time. ashwathama seen alive roaming in india

Ashwathama Met Vasudevanand Saraswati Tembe Swami  in Shoolpaneshwar – Incident 8

Vasudevanand Saraswati, a saint who is considered as incarnation of Dattatreya by his followers, saw Ashwathama in the dense forest of Shulpaneeshawar near Katarkheda*, in the year 1912 (2 years before he took samadhi on Mangalwar, Nakshatra Ardra, Ashadh Shuddha Pratipada).

*Katarkheda is small village located in Dahi Tehsil of Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh

In 1912 Chikhalada, 22nd chaturmaas. After a stay of 6-7 months Swami crossed the dense forest of Shulpaneeshawar near Katarkheda. He was partly guided by Ashwathama. Thus he arrived for his final chaturmaas on the banks of Narmada with the help of Ashwathama.

The incident went like this: Tembe Swami who was also devotee of Dattatreya got lost in the dense Shulpaneeshawar forest (now in Gujarat) and was unable to reach the town. In the thick forest, an odd person appeared in front of the Swami and offered to help him in finding the right path to move out of forest. The Swami was not bewildered as he was true yogi and pious saint not to afraid of anyone. The Swami keenly observed his physique and characteristics which were very peculiar.

When they almost reached the end of the forest, the strange man who helped the Swami said, “We are close to the town. I cannot accompany you anymore. This is the farthest I can come. ” Swamiji replied, “I have observed your gait, behavior and physique very keenly. None of them seem human to me. Who are you? Are you a ghost? Are you a Yaksha? Reveal your true identity!”. The odd man replied, “You are right. None of them seem normal because I do not belong to this yuga. I belong to the Dwapara yuga. I am Ashwathama.”

This encounter with Ashwathama was written in the auto biography of Vasudevanand Saraswathi (Tembe Swami Maharaj).

Original Photo of Tembe Swami Maharaj

Original Image of Tembe Swami who met Ashwathama

Apart from meeting Ashwathama, divine beings like the goddesses of River Narmada, River Nirmala(Mangaon), River Krishna, Nar and Narayan Muni(Badri Narayan) have interacted with Vasudevanand Saraswati. Other saints like Shri Rajarajeshvar Swami (Shankaracharya from Shringeri), Shri Gulabrao Maharaj(Vidarbha), Shri Shantashram Swami(Varanasi), Shri Deo Mamledar (Nasik) also held Tembe Swami Maharaj in high regard.

Vasudevanand Saraswati preached Sattvic form of life and it was one of these preachings that made him meet divine beings who are still roaming and protecting mother earth and humans.

To cultivate Sattvic nature, diet has to be wholesome (Hit), measured (Mit) and pure (Medhya). The signs of Sattvic nature are:
– Firm faith in Sanatan Dharma,
– Meticulous observance of Dharma conducts viz:

  1. Snaan (bath)
  2. Sandhya (prayer)
  3. Dev Puja (worship)
  4. Five major Yadnyas
  5. Atithti Satkar (honor to the true Vedic guest, sadhus, saints, brahmins)
  6. Service to Gomata (Indian Cow)
  7. Sincere attendance of Katha, Keertan, Bhajans, Puran etc.
  8. Soft and kind speech
  9. Refraining from harming any noble person/animal in any way
  10. Service and obedience to parents (for men), and to husband, in-laws (for women) and other elders

Ashwathama Personally Welcomed Pilot Baba – Incident 9

Man’s life is the crowning glory of the entire ‘creation’. Even the gods have made use of the gross in order to attain the supreme bliss or ‘ Bramha tatva ‘. and whenever the need has arisen Ishwar has also assumed human forms . Human life is that result of good sanskaras. The incident relates to Pilot Baba’s personal  Meeting with Ashwatthama as a tribal leader, Revered Bhila. Since time immemorial, Himalayas has been the abode of great yogis, sages and Mahatamas who are thousands of years old, Saints, still living in the serene precincts of the lofty Himalayas. During my wanderings, I came across these lofty souls, fortunately I could spend some time in their gracious company and benefit from their wisdom. With my readers, I, Pilot Baba, wish to share my rich experiences, so that they may also redesign the structure of life. One day, I began the ‘ parikrama ‘ of the pious river Narmada,’Pahari Baba’ gave me company during the Parikrama of the holy river.

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There are interesting tales and myths about the river ‘Narmada’, which have enhanced its religious importance. After walking for some time we came across a dense forest, over grown, with ‘sulfan’ trees. The ‘Bhilas’ are native inhabitants of the forest. These tribals are not insignificant people, but have a long of history of notoriety which cannot be ignored. The tribals always looted the piligrims who happened to travel via the forests. But, whenever they spotted the gypsies they displayed an amazing dis – interest. We were dressed only in our ‘Kopins’ when we entered the notorious forest. Some of the tribals spotted us and began to make strange noises. The noises were meant as a signal to invite the attention of their kins. All the noise and confusion could not deter us, and we continued to march ahead. Shortly, we surrounded by hordes of tribals who came towards us menacingly. We were carrying only two bundles which contained some Neem leaves and little, Vibhuti power.The tribals, roughly snatched our meagre belongings and eagerly opened the bundles. But, when they saw the strange contents, their Behaviour under went a remarkable change. After a hurried consultation in soft tones,they signalled us to follow them. We did ,as we were told, and very soon found ourselves in front of couple of hutments. We accepted their hospitality and went inside one of the huts. It’s interior was neat and orderly. First, they made us sit on mats made from dry leaves, and then they lit a ‘Dhuni”. They also gave us to eat a couple of grass chappatis with some fresh honey. We broke the chappatis in small pieces,mixed them with honey and offered to our gentle hosts. We,also ate some portion of their native meal. The tribals were very happy to have us amongst them. They built a small hut for us and collected fruits and edible roots for us to eat. The tribals looked after us with a rare devotion. Though they were considred wild, yet they had a discipline of their own. And no one ever dared to break the rules. Their obedience towards their chief was total. They never questioned his authority on the contrary they almost worshipped him. “Shiva” was their deity. In the morning they either looted unsuspecting passengers or hunted animals. Every morning and evening they came to us in hundreds and sat with apparent devotion.Sometimes, they danced the entire night in aspirit of gay abandon, But, surprisingly enough they celebrated their festival day without any activity. Generally, a majority of ‘Bhilas’ men and women covered their bodies in mat like pieces. These pieces were either made from dry leaves or bark of trees, still, there were some who preferred to dress in the stolen clothes.

One particular man, who came with the tribals, had a commanding disposition He was always dressed in yellow, and looked different from the other tribals. We wanted to talk to him, but before we could make any move, he used to walk away from our place.

Pilot Baba who met Ashwathama with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

One day, while we were resting in the premises of Sulpaneshwar Mahadeva Mandir, my eyes got locked into the eyes of that extraordinary being. He looked young and had an admirable height and long arms. He had a sharp moustache and his eyes had a fire like brilliance. He looked composed and had a celestial bearing. His forehead was covered by the characteristic yellow cloth. When I began, to whisper into ‘ PahariBaba’s ears about the ‘special’ ‘Bhila’ he gave a knowing smile and left that place. But my curiosity regarding the ‘Bhila’ was so overpowering, that I also got up from my place and began to follow him. When the tribals saw me following the magnificient figure, they also joined me. The ‘Bhila’ turned around and requested us to leave. Since I had reached quite close to him, I caught his feet and burst out beseechingly – “Who ever you are, I want your introduction, whether we are complete or incomplete, we look up to your guidance. Your lofty personality tells us that you do not belong to this age. With great humility I want to surrender my self at your feet. Please reveal your identity : I want to know whether my guess regarding your identity is right or wrong. The bhilas were infuriated at my act and began to protest,excitedly. The civilised looking ‘Bhila’ was their revered one and during the festival of ‘Shiva Ratri’ they worshipped him along with Lord Shiva. The great Bhila gestured to the crowd to stop and then gathered me affectionately in his arms. He said, ” Kapil: I am Acharya Dronacharya’s son Ashwathama. I was the senapati ( the chief warrior) during the days of the historical Mahabarat. Those days have become a history, but , I still live in the past. This temple is my residence and these Bhilas are my companions. Once in a while I go to the Himalayas to meet ” Kripa Charya’ and Vidhur. But most of the times I involve myself in the activities of the tribemen. For us, time has become stand still , Ironically enough we are moving ahead of time common man is trying to keep pace with time, whereas with us the opposite phenomenon, is occuring, time is tyring to keep pace with us. Sulpaneshwar becomes a small Himalayas, whenever great souls like Kripa Charya and Vidhur visit this place. An occasional encounter with Gorakhnathji turns out to be a blessing. In his company we evoke the past of ‘Bramhand’ and watched with rapt attention the Jeevas repeated cycles of birth and death. We are changeless. Life has come to terms with us and we have come to terms with life. We are well acquainted with ‘past”present’ and ‘future’. Though we are aware of the three states of ‘Time’ ‘past’ ‘present’ and future, we cannot do anything. This is because we are not what we used to be in the past.”

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When Ashwathama removed his head gear a bunch of unruly curls tumbled on his forehead. A strange light lurked in the deep wound mark which was in the centre of his impressive forehead. In a reflective mood Ashwathama again said ‘- ” Due to the appearance of this gem on my forehead all my war tactics and divine potential have come to an end. All these powers have foresaken me. But in return I have received the boon of immortality, which could not be taken away by Lord Krishna and Pandavas . Since then I have been living on the face of the earth. When I watch my contempories in the yonis of animals, birds and snakes I began to ponder the helpless dependence of ‘ man’. In the ‘ human yoni’ man in his ignorance does certain acts which force him to become birds and animals in the next birth. Consequently he is caught in the endless, vicious cycle of birth and death. Since I am not entangled in this mesh, I have reached a level where ‘ time has become still. Even in the past I have never given guidance to anyone. So, in the present I am not inclined towards any guidance and sermons. Today, I am totally immersed in Shiva’s Aradhana and do not bother about anything else’. We spent about six months in the company of the exalted being ‘ Ashwathama’. We used to go on long tours and move around as common men. During my stay, I discovered how a man who is thousands of years old can remain unaffected by the ways of the society in which he is living. In the company of the great soul how time flew away we did not know. One day the ‘great man’ blessed us, bade us farewell and disappeared. Before departing he uttered these words – you go ahead with your journey now. We were supposed to be together only for this allotted period. After this brief interlude, we proceeded on the ‘Parikrama’ of the Narmada river. On the way we met a young saint who was also on the similar mission.

height and physical features of aswathama

One morning while we were having a dip in the river, a huge snake crept towards us. Our first reaction was to run away. But something held us back. When I looked into the eyes of the venomous snake, it cowered momentarily but his next move was totally unexpected. Instead of slithering away it came to us with a threatening speed and threw us out of gear. Pahari Baba sought refuge in the waters and the young saint picked a huge stone with intention of killing the snake. But before he could strike a alethal blow, the snake bit him. Dharmanand became unconscious and fell on the ground. The snake glided away to a distant rock and returned to his former watchful position. Pahari Baba tried his best to revive the unconcious Dharmanand. But his efforts proved ineffective. In a fit of fury he rushed to kill the snake. The snake remained unmoved by the menacing form of ‘Pahari Baba’ And, before Pahari Baba could crush it,it transformed into an aged saint. The old man with folded hands began “Pahari Baba spit your anger. I am none other than Awadhoot Baba- I belong to Varmdeshwar – I for the last twenty five years, I have been waiting for “Dharmanand” . Finally, today my patient waiting has borne fruit. Now Dharmanand is liberated from his crimes. Hence onwards he can wander in the state. I request you not to take any action in this matter because every thing will be futile”. With these revealing words the old man once again returned to the guise of snake and hid itself amidst the cluster of stones. I tried my best to dissuade,Pahari Baba from taking Dharmanand’s unconscious form to the other side of the river, but all my pleas fell on deaf ears. Pahari Baba lowered Dharmanand in a boat and rowed him across the river. By this act he unknowingly broke his ‘Parikrama’. The doctors tried their best to save Dharmanand’s life, but failed. Even Pahari Baba’s indigineous methods could not bring Dharmanand back to life.

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All these days, while I awaited Pahari Baba’s return, Avadhoot Baba brought food for me. One afternoon, while we were basking in the sun, Avadhoot Baba spotted the floating corpse of Dharmanand. Overcome with excitement, he discarded the body of the snake and entered the physical form of Dharmanand. But before leaving he told me to throw the snakes body in the water since it was no longer useful to him, I did as I was told. Pahari Baba was dumb founded, he simply blinked with disbelief to see dead Dharmanand coming out of the waters. When Pahari Baba looked at me inquiringly I told him about Avdhoot Baba and how he had made use of Dharmanand’s body. Dharmanand’s episode had broken Pahari Baba’s Parikrama. So, there was no choice left but to go on seperate paths,because I still had to finish my parikrama.

Thought: What is more startling about the experiences that every person shared was; the incidences were unique, non-repetitive and their descriptions differed which further add value to the perception that Ashwathama is still roaming in the forest to serve the curse that he got from Lord Krishna. And most of all, these were shared by revered Kings, Saints and Sages who never fell for recognition but shared it with disciples as one of the incidents of their life; which is basis of strength for the sustenance of the great Indian spiritual power.

5000 Years Old Ashwatthama Darshan – A Decisive Expedition to Meet Ashwathama

Suggestion: There should be decisive campaign to search for Ashwathama (which we are organizing you check the bottom of this post under Important Development heading) so that at least great teachings that he received from Kripacharya, Dronacharya and Bhisma can be revealed to Indian people, in this manner, his presence can help Indian youth to understand the great history of Mahabharat. Imagine a person who was part of Mahabharata explaining you each incident in detail. He is also few of the Chiranjeevis who had seen and met Lord Krishna personally. Chiranjeevi (Chiranjivi): There are seven Chiranjeevis as mentioned in Indian scriptures of Hinduism. Chiranjivis are those people who remain alive throughout this Kali Yuga until the start of Satya Yuga. Chiranjivi is a Sanskrit word which is a combination of two words “Chiram” which means “long” and “Jivi” means “lived”. There are mainly Seven Chiranjeevis in Hinduism. The Sapta Chiranjeevi mentioned in Hindu Puranas are

1) Ashwattama

2) Mahabali

3) Sage Vyasa

4) Lord Hanuman (Also check Hanuman Ji Seen by People)

5) Vibhishana

6) Kripacharya

7) Lord Parashurama

Did Aswathama ever met Rambhakt Hanuman Ji, we do n’t know; though it is possible because both are alive. You can also feel the presence of strong force in the form of positive energy with the powerful rays generated by Rambhakt Hanuman when you recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Ashwathama Comes Here Daily – VIDEO 1

Ashwatthama Seen in BURHANPUR, ASIRGARH KILA, Madhya Pradesh (news) – VIDEO 2

Meeting Ashwathama – Important Development

(the Ashwatthama expedition is postponed till further notice, you can send your details in the email id given below)

Radhe Radhe, We are organizing an expedition “meeting Ashwathama” where we will attempt hard to meet Ashwathama in Asirgarh Fort- Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. The expedition team will comprise of 20 people. If you want to be part of expedition then please read further. The final date of the expedition, preferably in next month with details  would be in response to your request mail.

Your information and details beside each pointer below should be sent to info–@–haribhakt.com

1) Your complete name, address and contact details

2) You should be a strict vegetarian (if you were non-vegetarian in past but now you have quit it completely then its fine, but the gap should be of at least 1 year with pledge never to eat non-veg foods again)

3) You should be a devout Hindu and Lord Shiva or Lord Krishn’s devotee.

4) You should not be donning leather belts, using leather purse or any other leather materials ever in your life (if done previously, quit it and pledge NEVER to use them again)

5) You should be equipped with your own camera or high MP mobile cam

6) You have to pay some fees for expedition and stay. We will reveal that later maintaining transparency.

7) You should be Non-Smoker, Non-Alcoholic person

8) And above all acceptance and belief that Mahabharat is historical event and Ashwathama a historical King. Without STRONG belief, we cannot generate positive vibes to make our expedition successful.

Update to this old article and expedition:

No one can meet him. No technological device however advance it may be can trace him. No camera can detect him. But his devotion to Shiv Bhagwan has traces of flowers, petals, akshat and leaves, his daily puja is meticulously completed and after he leaves each of the items used for doing puja can be seen but his appearance is not visible as if he enters from different dimension or performs a puja from a different dimension keeping all of us guessing. Ashwathama is definitely a blessed soul until he was cursed by Krishna. He is very much ALIVE. Oldest man ever living in our earth. He will remain even when we all would die one day.

Meeting Ashwathama is only possible if he himself wants - He is alive and Great Shiv Bhakt
Ashwathama knows whatever is discussed on him. He has lost his other powerful senses that were naturally imbibed in Dwapar Yug humans. But still his mortal form comprises of higher consciousness and natural anticipation capability than Kaliyugi humans.

May Bhagwan Krishn Bless us All, Jai Shri Krishn

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    1. Mounith Chandrashekar says:

      Om Namah shivay 🙏🏻

    2. Recently find this site and it was amzing what a wonderful article no words to describe keep going!!

    3. Ashwatthama is cursed that he will have
      incurable wounds and leprosy so seems like he’s in pain but from his conversation with
      Pilot baba it seems like he’s filled with positive spirit. What do you think?

      1. Aditya Dutt Tyagi says:

        I can kill Ashwatthama! I can put him out of his misery

    4. Abhinavgupta Mishra says:

      Hey, i just have one doubt. Buy reading your article, it seems like you’re an vaishnavite, which is fine, but seems like you hate Lord Shiva to the core. You projected him in bad light. Plz clarify it

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Abhinav ji, why you thought so?
        Nowhere Bhagwan Shiv is wrongly depicted in this article or any other articles of this site.

        And we are Sanatan Dharmi Or Vedic Hindu first not Vaishnavaite or Shaivite or Arya samaji. Let us not get into cultism like non-Hindus.

        Jai Narsimha
        Jai Shree Krishn
        Har Har Mahadev

        1. Abhinavgupta Mishra says:

          Why is it that ISCKON members portray Krishna as the supreme god, while ignoring Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. By reading their version of Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, it clearly sounds like it ignores Shiva, Brahma, and sometimes Vishnu too. Does that mean ISCKON is a cult too? No offense, i’m just curious

          1. © HariBhakt says:

            Abhinav ji, you might have found few pointers here that may or may not reflect ISKCON thought process.

            We are no more associated with ISKCON. We were at one point in life.

            We believe in all 33 koti deities. Bhagwan Shiv and Bhagwan Vishnu (Krishn). Their bhakts are also same – Vedic Sanatani Hindus.

            Jai Shree Krishn
            Har Har Mahadev

    5. Weird world says:

      One doubt regarding this article please do not mistake my intention. everything about ashwatama living among tribals seems right except vidura visiting his place. in original Mahabharata vidura had left his body due to illness. he is not immortal right? Kripa and ashwatama are surely among the seven immortals but vidura…. it’s confusing.

    6. Well written, except that the you shouldn’t have posted the images of these substanceless actors and actresses and scenes from Star-Plus Mahabharat…

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Jai Shri Krishn Vishnu ji,

        This is an old post, was revived recently by adding couple of new images.

        Thanks for the feedback, henceforth we will take this into account.

        Jai Shri Krishn

    7. Pankaj khandelwal says:

      I like to part of this & want to see the man who is belongs to the past era & still alive.

    8. tsunamipkp says:

      Aswathama’s curse will end one day by the blessing of god only. We have to think about some facts. Just a second can anyone tell me why: 1) Shri Hanuman has been kept Chiranjeevi 2) Do anyone is aware of his powers that the devagan’s including Vishnuji, Shivji, Yamrajji and so on had given him. 3) And after keeping/posessing all these powers why this important man/jeev/incarnation is idle 4) The boasing peoples that we will end this world by our powers do their boasing still have any relevance 5) Even Ashwathama even if for his ignorance or his foolishness had used his majical powers using Brahmasthra can he still use for against these rogue bloody fools at the time when they use their rogue powers.

    9. tsunamipkp says:

      since the biginning of inception of hinduism there had been always threat to this existence in the form of various powers. The Rakshasas were the main parties. They took in the form of various natural habitants as we know for example, hiranyakashapu, hiranyakhsan, bhasmasuran, karthyaveerajunan, andhaka, ravanan, kamsan, poothana, banasura, bhasmasura, jalandhara, kalanemi, tarakasura etc so on unlimited. earlier there were stories for these demon’s end the lord took varous forms for their end.
      Remember the Scientist’s theory “in earth no new energy is formed, one one energy is transformed to another energy.” Just as it is now the asuras had changed their appearance, you can understand what I say, they took in shape in the name of some group of peoples, they now want to find the end of hinduism, but there is always the hand of lord to protect his people.

    10. Christians and muslims are cultprits. They should be Slain.

    11. I have Read some of comment below , any one of you in expedition have seen aswathama .

    12. It’s absolutely amazing how much specualtion relentlessly revolves around the continuous manifestations of my miserable condition. Modern medical science has somewhat recently discovered that all the cells in all these gross material bodies, including mine, that we, the embodied (incarcerated) living entities (also known as spirit souls) dwell in, die within every 7 year period of time and are then replaced with new ones. Although the present body we reside in has existed no longer than 7 years, we consciously recollect existing and experiencing cosciousness longer, therefore “aham brahmasmi,” I am not this body, but rather an embodied being composed of spirit, not matter, comprised of five gross material elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) and three subtle material elements (mind, intelligence and false ego). The cycle of reincarnation, carrying the subtle body and soul, currently occuring, continues after the cell replacement process discontinues, and again, in my case, there’s certailnly no exception. I’ve taken many births since I was cursed, but because of the mercy of the most merciful, munificent and magnanimous manifestion of Kṛṣṇa, often referred to as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who’s accurately acclaimed as pattita-pavana (savior of the most fallen) this is the last “life,” my currently conditioned, suffering state of consciousness will remain pre-destined to be incarcerated in. His highly empowered servant, affectionatley and respectfully referred to as Srila Prabhupada has established an international religious organization called ISKCON, which attracted my attention and in which I’ve taken initiation. This is a synopsis of my sorry (his)story:



      Signed: Asvatthama, now known by another name.

    13. Vasudev Sharan says:

      Should fix a night vision camera at the entrance to the temple such that it can capture the picture of ASWTMA. That would prove his existence and to the Nastiks and non-belivers that Mahabharat is a true story.




    15. If you believe in god, think about this line “Ashwatthama will carry the burden of all people’s sins on his shoulders and will roam alone like a ghost without getting any love and courtesy till the end of Kaliyuga;” that means We can do as many sins as we can, all those sins will carry by Ashwatthama . What a pity! And How many years will he(vishnu) took to appear as Kalki? I am waiting to see his tenth avathar ‘kalki’.

      1. Radhe Radhe Gopal Ji,

        That means the people indirectly involved in killing sons of Mata Draupadi while they did it ignorantly he did it willfully as he executed the killings.

        10th Kalki Avatar will happen after 420,000 years.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. BRo.its not god or ghost…………………LAW of conservation of energy=god is energy ,energy is god………….if he met by prthiviraj and prithivi wrote a book on him means.its true…………..cause KINGS ARE REALLY EXISTED[[eg;raja raja cholan]in mahabarat war. eneergy really existed and we represent it si as,SHIVA,VISHNU<LAKSHMI ETC……..
        my opinoin he may alive

      3. Nothing like that. He is carrying the sins of his own. Mistakes he did, and ego, anger in him, perhaps due to company of Duryodhan, etc. There are 5000yrs more to Kaliyug.

        1. © HariBhakt says:

          Jai Shri Krishn J S,

          There are 426000 years more to Kaliyug.

          Jai Shri Krishn

    16. Sir what about this great expedition?Is it cancelled plz tell the latest update

    17. Anonymous says:

      I think this is foolishness finding him. It’s not the small thing.. If he can live 5000 years he must b having great powers too. He must b knowing everything in this world. And we can not take pictures of him. He might be afraid of his image. Let him live his life. Nd should not make a burden on him.

    18. Sir I am eagerly waiting for this expedition and I have also given all my information at the above site

    19. Sir this expedition is going to plan for meeting ashwatthama

      1. Radhe Radhe Ashay Ji,

        There are some contingencies which we cannot explain to anyone. We apologize for it.

        And whenever the expedition will be launched, we will update all our readers.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Ashay Srivastava says:

          Ok sir whatever the problem is resolve it soon as many like me are waiting for this expedition

    20. N Sriram Iyer says:

      Dear Shri Harihol ji,

      Radhe Krishna!

      You are right that Kaliyuga is only 5000 years old and we have still another 4,27,000 years for this to end. It is said in Srimad Bhagawatham that as the Kaliyug becomes older, there will be more of crimes and unethical activity in the earth. It is scary to visualize that just after 5000 years there is so much of adharm in this world, what the situation would be towards the end of Kaliyuga or even after 10,000 years. I know this will be difficult but with the blessings of Lord Krishna, I would not want to have another re-birth on this earth.

      Jai shree Krishna,

      Sriram Iyer

      1. Radhe Radhe Sriram Ji,

        Nothing is impossible with the blessings of Shree Krishna. You can pray Shree Krishna selflessly and attain moksha – freedom from birth/death cycle.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    21. If ashwakthama or this type of character is really alive then y only India. Whole world must search them, they r very helpful to change this kalyug science can get many things related to dna .

      They are like real alien on earth.

      Government should really find them.

      1. U r right..
        Some people of have seen him. They said that he comes in the temple of lord shiva to burn a joat. So, I think if ashwathama comes there then government should put some secret cameras over there and put that video on YouTube.

        1. If you put CCTV camera, how we know he is aswathama, because he is like ordinary man covering his head with cloth and one when we can talk to him by personally identifying we come to know.

        1. Radhe Radhe Mana Ji,

          There are some uncontrollable contingencies which we are trying to overcome and update everyone on the expedition.

          Jai Shree Krishn

    22. This article is great……
      you are doing great job…..
      best of luck for mission ashwathama…..

      what ever his was done but he is a only one person alive from great mahabharatha, from that great peoples like krishn, pandavas, karna, kunti, drona, sage vyasa, devi gandhari,bishma, drithrastra, mahatma vidhur. he got curse it just happening and no one can change happenings. but he is still alive is very big thing. we should find him.

      And I want to say about languages of ashwathama.
      -brothers and sister ashwathama is from thousand years old and he is a great person what is difficult to learn these languages to him.

      great Krishn, great mahabharatha

      1. Radhe Radhe Dashrath Ji,

        Thanks for the feedback. Please read other posts. Please also give your valuable suggestions on more relevant topics which will help us spread awareness about our legacy and history of Hinduism along with Vedic wisdom.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    23. Sir
      Its said that Ashwathama was cursed by Krishna ’cause he killed 5 innocent boys of Pandavas in sleep and he also regretted it as he too didn’t they were not Pandavas but their kids. But then how Krishna justified the righteousness of burning down of Khandava forest to built Indraprastha thereby killing numerous no. of Nagas, not following the codes of war (killing of Drona, Karna, Bhisma, Duryodhana), and various other examples. It seems all the actions were justified because He said so.
      What happened to Draupadi was dreadful, inspite of her verbal abuse hurled towards Karna & Duryodhana the act was wrong and unrepentful as it involved the modesty of a woman. But why doesn’t anyone talk what Krishna did with Duryodhana’s son and what his son Samba did with his daughter. Weren’t their modesty outraged.

      1. Radhe Radhe Nitin Ji,

        Thanks for putting forth your apprehensions

        1) Draupadi was dreadful, inspite of her verbal abuse hurled towards Karna & Duryodhana

        Draupadi NEVER abused Karn and Duryodhan. There is no single verse in Mahabharat where it show that she abused them on the contrary she respected Duryodhan as the royal guest when he came to visit the wonderful palace of Pandavs. It was wrongly portrayed by movie and later serial artists to make the Itihaas more spicier so as to justify the acts of Duryodhan and Dushasan, there is no single verse which convey Andhe Ka Putra Andha as shown by these movies/serials and later as it is replicated by some stupid writers/bloggers around the incidents of Cheer Haran, without any research. Later interpretations of Mahabharat done by west writers also has several misnomers which degraded the essence of original Mahabharat. But these misinterpretations are so bad that we cannot discuss it here.

        2) Why doesn’t anyone talk what Krishna did with Duryodhana’s son and what his son Samba did with his daughter. Weren’t their modesty outraged.

        If situation demands, it is not wrong to decimate the enemy of dharma by bending principles. Kaurav and their sons had asuri pravriti so killing them was rightful act. Duryodhan tried to kill Pandavs or at least one of them – 4 times since childhood. The Mahabharat war actually happened ( which killed millions of creatures including humans ) due to arrogance and limitless greed of Kauravs. Bhagwan Krishna’s main aim was to re-establish dharma (morality, virtues) by annihilating people who were adharmis.

        अहिंसा परमो धर्मः धर्म हिंसा तथैव च:
        (अहिंसा सबसे बड़ा धर्म है और धर्म रक्षार्थ हिंसा भी उसी प्रकार श्रेष्ठ है)

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Raghuvanshi says:

          So could u plz tell us what are the moral virtues at that time of Mahabharata.

    24. I am very much Interested for this expedition.- Hari hara Maha deva Shamboo shankara

    25. vishal sharma says:

      sir, history is repeated!!!!!!!!!!!

      but one thing is we all don t understand that aswathama is alive so why he come out the aloneness, we all known he killed innocent children of padavas

      he has to come to recognised the prsent and say the actual story of mahabharta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Amazing post, but honestly but Mahabali Ashwatthama will never entertain people like us, He will be either crying or enjoying the site of current world n mentality of the people. Everyone is just trying to prove how strong their religion is and if you try to defend we say this is Kalyug. If we ever meet him i would like to know about post Mahabharata events and how our Bharatvarsh which was once a super power or gods own country is controlled by secret families like Rothschild. Also its a great post and great thought but eating non veg or leather belt etc not happening sir. We totally gave in and gave up to sell our soul n country. Also Kaliyug is only in India coz we are more of a religious freaks than patriotic.

      1. Radhe Radhe Chetan Ji,

        Aswathama already met several people. So meeting with him is possible, if we all maintain Sattvic lifestyle and strongly believe Shiv Bhagwan. It is highly possible.

        US is world’s most cunning, wicked and sly country.

        There is no secret family or group like illuminati or Rothschild. These concepts are introduced by countries like US, UK and France. They did so to fool people that whatever decision they take, whether they are anti-nature or anti-people, they are forced to make under pressure of secret societies, aliens and Rothschild.
        But in reality, it is collective decision of US and its allies, wherein they compose world policies impacting developing countries, to suit their interests.

        The sole purpose is to avoid people blaming them while they continue their dominance globally either through their companies or biased economic policies, grabbing world prosperity slyly and strengthening theit power positions.

        We have seen several conspiracy theorists ego-boasting themselves about knowledge on likes of Rothschild controlling the world. But they rely on the feeds circulated by US and CIA itself. These theorists are fools falling to the prey of US interests.

        The feeds are so gullible that Iran govt also fell prey to it they thought ‘tall whites’ a breed of aliens control US and they indirectly submitted to nuclear understanding, which is anyways good for the world. They still think they are dealing with ‘tall whites’ and close proximity with them through US would help them in long run. Russia and Germany already fell victims to such falsehoods spread by US, and lost their grip.

        The distraction pointers of US is still working but it cannot work with everyone in this world not especially Indians.

        Did Rothschild or illuminati bombed hiroshima and nagasaki killing millions of Japanese (directly/indirectly )…NO it was US government, CIA and ministers.

        Did Rothschild or illuminati supported Osama Bin Laden financially and militarily, when he was not so threat in pre/1980s…NO it was US government, CIA and ministers.

        Did Rothschild or illuminati impose sanctions on countries globally when it does not benefit US interests…NO it is US government, CIA and ministers.

        Did Rothschild or illuminati appointed over 5000 highly trained spies to monitor situations in major developing countries…NO it is US government, CIA and ministers.

        Did Rothschild or illuminati freed and seeded Edward Snowden to leak secrets to the world to shape the news and information…NO it is US government, CIA and ministers.

        There are many firsts which US did but later asked the world to stop it. Right from fetching money from the world to holing ozone layer for its benefit. US is not in position to lecture any country in this world. And they create supercilious fictional societies so that world blame them and think US is also victim but in reality the world is victim!

        There are many reasons but adding one pointer, it is NEVER EVER possible for a single society or a secret group to control the world as there are trillions of situations and circumstances that shapes the decisions of billions of people at that given time due to contingency and they behave intuitively responding to that context. Even Bhagwan Shree Krishn and Shree Ram obeyed the principles of Mrityulok laid by them then how can so called secret societies surpass them!

        No one is slave in this world. Not even in front of Bhagwan, we are all his sons and daughters. Our texts are full of scientific knowledge. Whatever is prescribed in our Vedic texts, the world is following it and we are heading towards demise of ethics, morality and humanity. It depends on us to protect it and not fall prey to US design, promoting it ignorantly.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. That’s exactly what I’m saying we need to protect India first by been patriotic as other countries are protecting them.

    27. Tsunamipkp says:


      And what about the Sage and Incarnation of Vishnu Parasurama. He is also somewhere. Since he is a Sage and Rishi he will be taking Tapasya somewhere. But he had transferred his all powers to Sriramji once. Now only ordinary man living and taking tapasya.

      One may wonder how extraordinary strong and wonderful persons lived in this earth. In hinduism we need to remember about persons who were extraordinary. A lot of persons, examples never end. By remembering them one’s hair would rise in the body. See the young King Abhimanyu the powerful and mighty, how he fought at his end. What a tremendous energy and might, how daring and strength of hundreds of horses. Do you know where these strengths coming from. The mighty Truth. The only and one Truth. The light and heavenly Truth. It is the inbuilt truth, that one keeps up, will gain him the mighty strength of hundreds of horses. Never dare to shed the truth, the god had lighted up inside you, on birth in this earth. And, through human being only, one could spread the light of truth inside. Death is inevitable since you are mortals it will come to you one day. But never be afraid of, upheld the truth which is inside you. Concentrate to your mind, it is telling some thing to you, what you should do, what you should not do, and that is the light, the truth. Come whatever happens, upheld the truth. A warrior will die once. But a coward will die a hundred or thousand times. Dont be afraid. Rise human being, rise, fight for truth. Not only for you but for others also. Tumhari khoon me ye sachayi (truth), kranti bharenge. Aswathathma was and is only a example which is a living truth. And he is proud of it that he is showing a live example of not being part of truth. Open your eyes, think wise not be after Aswathathma, and not become Aswathathma. When the Sun rises in the East and up to the time he gets to the farthest west horizon you know how much crimes there takes place beneath him. How many childrens are vanishing day by day, they are kidnapped, how many girl childs are raped day by day, how many are killed, how many are deceived. Inspect your mind, dont you want to stop or try to stop this. If you are a part of all this sins then try to stop for a while and close your eyes for few seconds. A divine light is inside your mind, and it is being shut as a treasure. Come let it come out. Enough time had you spend for nothing. Remember Bhagwan Krishna has blowed the Conch for the start of Mahabharata War. The war was not only for the Kauravar and Pandavas. The Conch which he had blown was for the humanity. The war for the truth should continue. …..

      1. Radhe Radhe Tsunamipkp Ji,

        We are always in a dharmayudh with everyone who cross the line of morality, ethics and truth to unsettle peace-loving people. Recently man made religions are source of adharmis, a massive threat to the world peace. The only answer lies in Shree Krishn’s teachings and Vedic values of Hinduism.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    28. According to Bhagvat Geeta Lord Shree Krishna would incarnate as “Bhagvan Kalki” at end of the kalyuga or kalguy .Around one or two years ago there article printed in one of the leading newspaper and according to them Bhagvan Kalki would take birth by 2030-2035 (as per English calender) and relating to these article to Nostradamus (great french Astronomer) by the year 2060 or after 2060 (as per English calender) WW3 (nuclear war) would take place in asia by the attack from Pakistan and China to India and this is when “Pralay” i.e. end of kalyuga will start.

      More than 75% of world population will be wiped out and only Hindu Religion will last and other all Religion will be Vanished.

      As Great Scientist “Albert Einstein” told that he doesn’t know the result of WW3 but there would WW4 then it will be with BOWS & ARROWS (may we have entered again in Satyuga)

      (The above posted information is entirely based on Personal beliefs and calculations.Its only for educational purpose.Its is not meant to harm.hurt or misbeleif to anybody or mislead in any manner.)

      Suggestion,comments or views are welcomed whether postive or negative.It may help me to Improve my knowledege etc.

      -by Htimss

      1. Radhe Radhe Jamesh Ji,

        It is all speculation. As it need to surpass at least 4,27,000 years to reach the end of Kaliyug and make way for pious Satyug.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    29. nandighosh purohit says:

      But according to the yuga cycle it has been over 5000 years since the end of Mahabharata….and hence kalyuga is already ended and we are living in the dwapar yuga. So aswathama must have gone till now……

      1. Radhe Radhe Nandighosh Ji,

        We are living in Kaliyug. And Aswathama was cursed by Shree Krishn to take the burden of sins and lead a painful life till the end of Kaliyug. Please read the post completely.

        Thanks for your feedback.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    30. Lord giving such a dangreous curse to asvaththama for such a longtime . Lord should free him now

      1. Radhe Radhe Shankar Ji,

        No one can escape prarabdh (fate/destiny: which is resultant of past/present karmas and deeds). If someone commited heinous crime, then the person is bound to face the repercussions sooner or later. Praying to Hanuman Ji and Shree Krishn can reduce the enormity of the punishment – cannot completely ablolish it until that person becomes Sage, renouncing material prosperity to lead pious life.

        Today’s victim are paying for the sins that they commited earlier in life or past life.

        Killing of human fetus is heinous crime according to Vedas, imagine what will happen with people who abort their child without considering their ancient belief system. That is why controlling lust is also part of Grihasth Jivan.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Hey bro,i would like to know you once a curse given to anybody it cannot be taken.However it can reduced to some level.

        1. Radhe Radhe Jamesh Ji,

          The impact of curse can only be reduced after placing complete faith on Bhagwan Krishn, working selflessly for Sanatan Dharma, chanting mantra ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय and leading a sattvic life.

          Jai Shree Krishn

    31. This article is great……
      you are doing great job…..
      best of luck for mission ashwathama…..

      what ever his was done but he is a only one person alive from great mahabharatha, from that great peoples like krishn, pandavas, karna, kunti, drona, sage vyasa, devi gandhari,bishma, drithrastra, mahatma vidhur. he got curse it just happening and no one can change happenings. but he is still alive is very big thing. we should fing him.

      And I want to say about languages of ashwathama.
      -brothers and sister ashwathama is from thousand years old what is and he is a great person what is difficult to learn these languages to him.

      great Krishn, great bharatvarsha and great mahabharatha

    32. The divine cosmos takes avatars in many forms to ensure the continuity of the Sanatana Dharma, when Buddhism was taking hold of Bharatavarsha Adi Sankara was born, it is said that Adi Sankara was an Avatar of Lord Shiva, Great warriors like Rana Sangha, Shivaji Maharaj, Guru Nanak, Guru Govindji and many many others may have been avatars in one way or the other.

    33. Really interesting…………. I’m waiting for kalki avathar the 10th avathar of sri Krishna. I want to see it live

      1. Radhe Radhe Kripa Ji,

        Kalki Avatar will happen at the end of Kaliyug, which will take 4 lac 25 thousand years.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    34. A lady in my village claimed that she met a man named aswasthama when she was lost in jungle. She also said that aswasthama helped her get out of jungle and when she asked his identity, he told that he is aswasthama and warNed her that she shouldn’t reveal this to anyone or she’ll suffer. Exited she shared to villagers and next day she died.
      M not sure if its true bt its popular in my village.

      1. Radhe Radhe Jasmin Ji,

        Can you please share the details of your village and possibly when the incident took place.

        Thanks a lot for sharing the brief with your brothers and sisters.

        Jai Shree Krishna

    35. Lina Kamble says:

      Hi…..very nice article. I would like to meet Ashwathama in real…i am searching more details about him….pls let me know if u will get more info about him..


      1. Radhe Radhe Lina Ji,

        Thanks for the feedback.

        Sure, We will let our followers, fans and readers know more about him as and when we get more details.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    36. In Kerala which was once an abode of serpents, there is a mythical serpent called Sarpam, years back as a child and was playing cricket with friends, I happened to see one such divine creature, I just got a glimpse of it, it traveled very fast like a ballistic missile and disappeared in the woods, I just got a glimpse of it, we knew that it was a snake but the logic that it was unnatural for a creature to travel this fast didn’t get inside our heads, years later when a person described to me about the divine snake Sarpam, It was then that I realised that on that particular day I had witnessed the divine snake. My experience in life is that even though people want to wish away the teachings of our sacred texts by calling it as myths. The law of Karma will catch up with them nevertheless and the price for the ease and comfort of this worldly life will be a very heavy burden as and when realisation dawns, but for many it may then become too late.

      1. Radhe Radhe Ajay,

        Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. If you want us to cover further any of the relevant topics, please go ahead and suggest the same to us.

        We are here to spread the knowledge of our great past and restore pride, esteem of our Vedic culture – making Bharat Vishwa Guru again.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. I had such experience when I was meditating in Himalayan cave. One morning when I came out, something moved, slithered away with lightening speed. I saw it when it went down a cliff for partial of a second, yellow in color. Amazing

    37. hii..actually a women visited us years ago.she was doing narmada parikrama andshe actually saw ashwathama who asked her for ghee to heal his wound and she saw a tall man wearing wight walking in sky as if climbing stairs…and i believe her…

    38. Vaishnavi says:

      How can ashwathama’s fore head keep leaking after 5000 years??

      1. Radhe Radhe Vaishnavi Ji,

        With the curse of Lord Krishna when a human being, Ashwathama, can remain alive through out Kaliyuga so him being facing disease and pain (leaking head) all through to abide by the curse is not shocking or miraculous. Its like extension of Hemophilia disease.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    39. Hey,, I just met Ashwatama in America, he having a burger in burger king at SFO. He is an interesting guy, he just got his visa and moved here.

    40. Mehul surana says:

      The guy (pilot babu) who stayed with ashwathama for 6 months, why didnt he click a picture of ashwathama? And why is ashwathama afraid of coming in front of the world?

      1. Radhe Radhe Mehul Ji,

        Aswathama is paying for the sins he committed of killing innocent children of Draupadi Mata.

        Though we cannot deny or prove whether pilot baba really met Aswathama or not.

        But one thing is true that Aswathama cannot come out in open to feel sympathy or respect from the public at large as doing so would negate one of the premises of the curse he is going through presently.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. I, aswatama, ask you not to search for me. I am not allowed to meet people.
          Follow your dharma.

    41. mayank bisht says:

      Om namah shivay . Aswasthama jinda hain aur its 100% sure. And its proof will be in near future . I personslly planning to pack my bags within next few days and will travel uttarakhand himalaya region for this real thrilling expedition.

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Mayank Bisht Ji,

        Yes we all here share the same feelings. Please read other posts about Hinduism and our great Vedic history.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    42. I would really like to meet,’ashwathama’ if really he’d exist i would like to learn life concept and cycles from him how after death man can live and is it true that there is swarg and hell and that how he can be unaware of modern human form i am non vegetarian but for this quest and learing i can really leave non veg i will not wear leather i am excited !

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Anup Ji,

        With the blessings of Sree Krishn Ji, one day we will definitely would like to stretch the search and meet Aswathama Ji.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    43. aakanksha says:

      Incident 6 is fake how can a 5000 years ashwathama speaks punjabi during dwaparyug people spoke sanskrit and also I believe in lord Krishna but the evidence are are unbelievable.

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Aakansha Ji,

        Some people may find other incidents wrong.

        We all believe Lord Krishn, we believe in the Srimad Bhagwad Gita of Lord Krishn, so does boons and curses given by him.

        And therefore no one can deny that Ashwathama is still roaming in India.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. They can speak any language. Since they develop Spiritual powers.

    44. Sandhiya Krishnamoorthy says:

      Dear sir,
      I have read your post it’s very inspiring, each day when I stand before god or go to temple I wonder how it would be to present in that era where we can meet god and talk to him directly which aswathama ji did several several years ago, and still alive as a living proof. I would be honored to meet him if I get a chance. I would like to join you if possible, when is your next expedition?

      Jai Krishna!!!

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Sandhiya Ji,

        We will surely regroup with like-minded people and go for expedition. Would update you on the same.

        In the meanwhile, we are busy uniting Hindus and spreading awareness about our great Vedic past. Please read other posts and share them with your friends.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    45. Hitesh Ladia says:

      Very nyc article….great to know dat ashwathama is still alive….want to meet him….so please keep me updated with all your findings….

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Hitesh Ladia Ji,

        We too believe that meeting him would reveal some great facts about our History. Surely, we would keep everyone updated.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    46. Radhey radhey lalit ji
      Thanks for the prompt reply.

      Yes you are right.
      I just wanted to clear my doubt.
      I believe in our history.
      I just wonder if I could also meet aswathama..:)

      Jai sri krishna

    47. Umesh Jhade says:

      Thanks for this wonderful knowledge.

      I am very eager to explorer the knowledge of our ancient history.
      I stongly belive that ashwathama is still live, and one day i will meet him.
      can you please add my email in your subscription list so i can get every knoweldge /reserch of

      In child hood i have read ramayan, shiv puran, bhagwat gita, few parts of bhagwat puran.
      I calculated the age of our whole universe mentioned in shiv puran and compare with the
      calculation of Modern Science’s data , and I found that every written in our this
      ancient book is 100% true. According to this book age , height and all activity of kaliyug’s human is same as written in these book.

      I stongly belive that through mediation & our sub conscious mind we can go into our past
      life and we can get a more knowledge of our ancient history.

      Please let me know if i could help you in your this mission.

      Umesh Jhade

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Umesh Jhade Ji,

        Thanks for supporting website by giving positive feedback.

        And you are right our religious texts are proven scientifically by Indians and foreigners, while the same scientific parameters (which are adopted by Vedas- https://haribhakt.com/modern-inventions-stolen-from-vedas/ ) proves that Christianity and Islam are definitely figment of imagination of some divisive people.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    48. I read somewhere that ashwathama didn’t kill the sons of pandav alone. Mahadev had entered his body.
      So there wasn’t any curse on him since mahadev did it, n not the son of drona.
      Is ashwathama still alive and how?

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Amisha Ji,

        Mahadev controlling Aswathama’s body is not in the original Mahabharat, you might be referring interpretations or recent translation by regional seers – where in we find anomalies in several incidences of Mahabharat.

        Regarding, Aswathama being alive, it’s well explained above that it was due to his prarabdh (deeds in simple english) and curse on him by Lord Krishn himself.

        Thanks for reading, please refer other posts and provide your valuable feedback.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Abhishek Negi says:

          Sir my question is that as mentioned in the article he will carry the curse for 3000 yrs so is he free now
          and another question is i listened from some where that after 35 years or around that aswathama met parasurama and told him every thing , to which parsurama lifted his curse

    49. They’re are many things that cannot be explained by science. I believe that ashwattama is alive. Good luck

    50. I feel I am blessed so much by reading this site. There is so much in our BG to learn for a real Hindu family. I would definitely want to be a part of this site. Please keep us posted if you succeed in your mission. We have to strive hard to teach our children the great sanskar’s of Hinduism. Jai Shri Krishna

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Prachi Ji,

        Thanks Sister for supporting us and our awareness on Hinduism. We need to educate our next generation about Vedic ethos and great Sanatan sanskar. Please read all other posts and share them with family and friends.
        Would keep all our Hindu brothers and sisters posted on new developments.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    51. RadheRadhe

      Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful post.I pray bhagwan krishna that your expedition to meet ashwathaama should be very much successful.Thank you once again for spreading this to young people so that they get the belief in our great epic.

      Hare krishna hara rama

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Meenu Ji,

        Thanks for your kind words, it is these words of our Hindu brothers and sisters that keep us going to spread the message of true Vedic teachings.

        Please spread and share the post with your friends and well-wishers.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    52. saurabh singh says:

      lately i had some apprehensions about hinduism as my religion but this topic makes me proud of the fact that i am a hindu . i firmly believe in hanuman of all the gods. eagerly waiting for the result of ur expedition. proud to be a hindu

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Suarabh Ji,

        Thanks for responding to the post. But more so congratulations for reigniting light of our greatest Vedic tradition and principles – The Hinduism.

        Please read all other posts that talk about contribution of Vedas to the human race.

        Jai Krishn

    53. Eshan khosla says:

      Radhe radhe lalit ji
      Thanx for replying back,i will definatley try my level best to quit alcohol and nonveg as soon as i can,i requested u for details regarding people whom u mentioned recently,if it is possible plz mail me and plz can u suggest me the most accurate book written on mahabharta for reading!

    54. Eshan khosla says:

      Thanx for your valuable information,iam a firm believer of mahabharta and existence of ashwathama. I have read almost read all the information of mahabharta and ashwathama on the internet.i really wish to meet ashwathama in person and get first hand account of mahabharat.but alas due to daily chores and responsibilites of life i dont think it is possible at present besides i drink alcohol and eat nonveg which i think is practically not possible for me at present.but one day for sure i would really try to search for ashwathama
      I would be really greatful to u if it is possible for you to give me details regarding the people who have met him recenty,hope to meet u in person some day and would defenatly like 2 add u on facebook,if u r okay with.
      Jai shri ram,jai radhe krishan!!

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Eshan Khosla Ji,

        Thanks for showing interest in our culture. My humble request is, please quit alcohol and non-veg and revert to our true Vedic way of leading life.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    55. In Mahabharata time language was typically snshkrita
      Ashwthama only knowing that. How come he can understand our hindi language. If people met him, saw him, interacted with him. nobody mentioned about his language issue with them.

      I have faith in our Hindu history, no doubt. But we should consider if we are going to search Ashwathama, we will encounter language issue with him definitely.

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Deepak Ji,

        My Hindu brother, having mastery on Sanskrit can make you acquaint other languages very well. So comprehending Hindi would very easy for Aswathama too, while Hindi has most of the terms adopted from Sanskrit.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. ramamoorthy says:

        if anyone stays in a place for 10 years he can speak that local language. uf ASWVTHAMA HAS BEEN AROUND FOR 5000 YRS IS IT SO DIFFICULT?plus sanskrit is mother if all languages. all languages flow out of it

    56. Kabyashree Tamuli says:

      and Vidhur isnt a chiranjeevi right???

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Kabyashree Tamuli Ji,

        No, Veedur is not chiranjeevi.

        As per Asramavasi Parva, he died after the mega war of Mahabharat.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Kabyashree Tamuli says:

          yes thats why i got confused because the story of Pilot baba seems to be fake as he mentions about Vidhur……and please keep us posted about the expedition thank you 🙂

    57. Kabyashree Tamuli says:

      hi? is the expedition successful

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Kabyashree Tamuli Ji,

        The way hundreds of readers daily enjoy awakening their knowledge is appreciated but when it comes to associating in exploring history, very few readers turned up. As per our original plan, we needed 20 people from various backgrounds to surround the place at focal points to meet Aswathama – since we didn’t got 20 people – now we are planning to organize the same on our own by hiring exploration experts. We would publish the findings pretty soon.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    58. dear friends,

      most of the Mahabharata rishies ashrams are in Kullu district of Himachal pradesh state on the remote mountains,few are accessible.
      As per Garga Risha sisya (whom i met in late 1990’s)Aswattama has so much power that he can neutralise all negative nuclear missiles destructive power of earth if directed at him by all the countries which exists on the earth.He is going to extend his services to Lord Kalki Avatar along with Lord Parusharama in near future. “Krishna Jai “

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Vishvesh Ji,

        Though Aswathama could have diverted the missiles in Dwapar Yuga with blessed archery skills but in Kaliyuga he is cursed so may be your information is far stretched, still no one can deny he may be the most powerful human being alive in the world, even after the curse.

        So your comment can be partially agreed to, either way you are free to put forth your views.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Jai Radhe krishna and Sambo Mahadeva,
          can u please share more photo’s of ashwthama,krishna,karna(My oul,body and mind has 200% belief regarding our hindu culture and god)
          Our god Sree Krishna i would wish to know more about mahabaratha even Rama (his face).

    59. is there any way to reach him ????

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Hardik Ji,

        Please check out the video at the end of the Post and you would find the place – BURHANPUR, ASIRGARH KILA, Madhya Pradesh – temple where he comes daily to pray Bhagwan Shiv Ji.

        Jai Shree Krishn.

    60. Navin Singh says:

      Namaste Lalit Kumar Ji,

      Very interesting article, unfortunately I can’t be a part of your mission to find Ashwathaman ji but I want to keep an eye on the progress, you have my email id.



      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Navin Singh Ji,

        Navin hundreds of readers went through the post some even showed interest but we only found very few takers to join the expedition so the sad part is we had to call off the same. But we will continue to reveal more truth and facts about our great Vedic history and one day we shall make the search possible.

        Keep the ‘Jyot Of Hindutva’ burning for our next generation and Samridh Bharat Varsh. Jai Maa Bharti.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    61. ayush mishra says:

      Good idea but
      mai ye kehna chahu ga ki kudrat ke bhi kuch nium hote ha u shud follow them quit the idea of finding him coz
      vo bohot selected logo ko hi dikha ha sab ko nai….

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Ayush Mishra Ji,

        But still trying is better then NOT ATTEMPTING at all.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    62. Dhinesh Ravi says:

      The incident pilot baba narrates is lil bit contradictory… Because acc to krishnan’s curse.. He will not be given any hospitality.. But according to baba He has a sepearte tries group with him as a main. Member so i feel it contradictory

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Dhinesh Ravi Ji,

        I am not disagreeing with you, but replace yourself with Pilot Baba, Would n’t you had offered him hospitality for being one of the warrior who saw and met our Krishn Ji personally and also fought greatest Kurukshtera war ever known to mankind.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    63. very interesting story i hope being all real.i am surprised by mission ashwathama by the author to find him in mp forest.how possible this strive.

    64. Suryajith Subhaithan says:

      Do you have facebook page..?
      Thanks for the great information

    65. Yeah, i do agree with this. If i get a chance to meet Ashwathama really i want to know about Mahabarath and about Karna..

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe,

        Thanks for your support, Prathan Ji

        Jai Shree Krishn

    66. Jesvanth.D.H says:

      Really it wow thing, I am feeling like meeting him…Really want to see how he is and want is his feeling’s now.And if possible Will get some more information about the weapons and technology of that time.

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Jai Shree Krishn Jesvanth Ji,

        We need to dwell more and reveal the ancient truth to all Indians. Vedic weisdom is timeless and is helping humanity a lot.

        May Lord Krishn Bless All Devout Hindus,

    67. Amit Chaudhary says:

      Jai shri krishna haribhakt ji,
      Thanks, Your articles are really eye openers. Christianity and islam are purely cults. Only demons and atheists are there followers. There intention is simply to lord over the material energy of lord krishna. Lord krishna has said in BG that there are always two kinds of beings on earth (duality of material nature) pious and demons or atheists. These 2 so called cults are manufactured by demons who are simply in mode of ignorance. IT IS HIGH TIME FOR ALL HINDUS TO WAKE UP FROM THERE SLUMBER AND WIPE OUT THESE DEMONIC CULTS FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH, AND THUS SAVES THE SANATAN DHARMA OR ETERNAL RELIGION.

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Jai Shree Krishn Amit Ji,

        Dhanyawaad, please keep spreading the truth, share the links so that every Indian and Our Hindu brothers, sisters are made aware of the facts.

        May Lord Krishn Bless All Devout Hindus,
        Lalit Kumar HariBhakt

        1. Prabhjeet Singh says:

          Jai Mata Di Dear Sir my name is Prabhjeet Singh i am sikh by religion but since i raised in UP i know more about Hinduism rather then Sikhism. Sir in above statement you mentioned about different religions all though i was in office while reading this forum,couldnt get chance to go through with the link. will do later on when i will be back home, still cant stop writing ..sir if a person taking birth in any other religion is it the persons fault or how can define it according karmas in your words. I believe in Hinduism in fact i take both the religions in same pace co-relate saying of our 10 Gurus with Hinduism. There are very few people who knows according to me that one of our pilgrimage Hemkunt Shaib was medation place of our 10 Guru he says in his words HEMKUNT PARBAT HAI JAHA, SAPT SRING SOBHIT HAI TAHA || TEH HUM ADIK TAPASAYA SADHI, MAHA KAAL KALIKA ARADHI which defines that he meditated shivshakti there.Littil disappointed with the word u used demons and all because i take it as my destiny that i am sikh and exploring hinduism..jai mata di

          1. Radhe Radhe Prabhjeet Ji,

            We believe you have been through other posts too where we clearly showcased that Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism are branches of Hinduism. Infact all these religions emerged from Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism.

            It is said by many Gurus that Sikhism was founded to protect Bharat Mata and Hindu culture. And we are proud of our Sikh brothers and sisters who took responsibility to protect Hinduism. There are many historical incidents when Sikhs proudly fought to keep their tradition and culture of Bharat alive – even when Sikhs were subjected to torture, killings and genocide under muslim rule.

            In no way we said that branches of Hinduism are demons. We clearly said that we all are fortunate to be born in true Dharma, Hinduism due to deeds of our past lives.

            Moreover, anti-religions which are formed by reversing Vedic rituals are proponents of Demonic rites. But these are not idol or Guru worshippers like Sikhs, Buddhists or Jains. They are people who do not see gods in human beings, nature and animals. These people abolish idol worshipping and nature thereby killing animals for their anti-Vedic rituals. Such people are demons.

            Jai Shree Krishn

            1. prabhjeet singh says:

              Jai mata di sir .Thanks for reply .all the misconecptions are clear ..love hinduism om is the only supreme power..may lord shiva bless our country..keep updating i love ur website

      2. Nikita agarwal says:

        How can you question someone elses religion..they are demons or pious ..you are no one to judge them..respect other religions too..krishna can be in any form..god is everywhere..every person has the right to worship the deity they like..they are gods too..dont say wrong about anyone..the boggest adharma you are doing by not selecting your words properly..follow dharma that is what krishna had said in bhagwad gita..respect everyone ..

        1. Radhe Radhe Nikita Ji,

          Respect everyone DOES NOT mean respecting adharmis or mlecchas involved in evil karmas even as per Srimad Bhagwad Gita teachings.

          Jai Shree Krishn

      3. Well Said Sir !! JAI SRIRAM !! Ashwathama Ji will be always alive and He is The Chiranjeevi !!

        1. Radhe Radhe Mahesh Ji,

          Thanks for the encouragement,

          Please Keep reading other posts and give feedback on topics for future posts.

          Jai Shree Krishn

      4. Amit Chaudhri. Please show some respect for Muslims and Christians. And this advice comes from a proud Hindu. If you think they are demons, what is the difference between you and a Muslim bigot who thinks all Hindus are Kaffirs? There are plenty of wonderful Muslims and Christians who have done good work for India. Fyi:–Srila Prabhupada whom I think you might admire did not have a problem with Islam.
        They just call God in a different language. Concentrate on improving yourself rather than hating /hurting others. It is easy to spew poison and hatred. It is very hard to sprout love.
        And for all you spiritual adventurers out here trying to meet Ashwatthama here is a piece of advice: “Concentrate on your spiritual practice. Work very very hard!” Ashwattama is a Siddha Purusha and son & grandson of a Rshi. You can meet them only if they also want to. And they will want to meet you ONLY if you are fit for it.

        How many of you go about making friends with beggars in real life?
        I’ll bet None.
        So also friendship or Sanga or such beings can be possible ONLY if we are Adhikari /fit for it.

        1. Radhe Radhe Venkat Ji,

          Regrding your observation about Patrata of meeting Ashwathama and his permission (according to your logic) – This post is highly cited in the internet and most visited source on the incidents of Ashwathama. We humbly admit that it is possible with the grace of Shree Krishn and may be due to Ashwathama’s own permission (your logic). And also due to blessings of people who believe in our culture and tradition which includes you.

          There are some misconceptions that you are promoting. You need to be aware of the facts.

          1) Islam and christianity are based on the principles of founders and his biased disciples (who never asked questions about the reason to found the cult). Islam was founded by mohammed and his disciples while Christianity by Jesus and his disciples.
          2) Hinduism is the only Dharma in the Universe. Rest are religions (cults) founded by humans.
          3) Only Hinduism (Sanatan Dharm) advocates freedom of speech, you can openly ask questions on the principles of Hinduism. Which you cannot in case of Islam and Christianity, it is considered blasphemy (and persons are punished) if you do so in these primitive cults.
          4) Hinduism is the only Dharma which teaches Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (World is one family and all are my brothers and sisters) but islam says allah (anti-god) is everything and world is not one family while christianity promotes benefits only for christians.
          5) Hinduism (Sanatan Dharm) has no beginning or end. While millions of cults (like islam and christianity) withered away due to infights and time. So does these new cults shall in future.
          6) Cults are founded to let us know the importance of Vedic dharm, Hinduism. Without badness (anti-Vedicism), you cannot know the power of Goodness (Vedic principles) so cults do the balancing act.
          7) Right from birth to death we all are surrounded and influenced by the ओ३म् ( ॐ ) OM mantra (which is known to the world only through Hindusim as it is true and scientific).
          8) Most important Hinduism ≠ Islam ≠ Christianity as the first is Dharm and others are based on the principles (cultism) of humanly intentions of that time.

          Jai Shree Krishn

    68. Amit Chaudhary says:

      Haribhakta ji ,
      Iam also like u.firm supporter of sanatan dharma and devotee ofsupreme personality ofgodhead sri krishna. What everu have written in your article is absolute truth. There are several evidences that shows that mahabharat actually took place. But in present time there are many demons who are in the garb of scientists, philosopher and so called intellects that denies the existence of lord krishna and mahabharat.

        1. ಹರ ಹರ ಮಹಾದೇವ says:

          Very good reply to Sickular Venkat Haribolji. Islam and Christianity has only one book QURAN and BiBLE. Our Dharma has many textx to have knowledge. Present day Secular Pigs love QURAN and BIBLE. By reading only one book, people feel bored. If we read different books, We will feel more interesting. Our Haindava Dharma is eternal but PISSLAM and CHRISTIANITY will have life for only some years in Kaliyuga and later they will die painfully.

    69. I think it’s true… I believe in past story Asvasthama ;is still there.

    70. rohit mukherjee says:

      it is really astonishing ……. anyone who has ever met maharsi aswathama is certainly privileged ……. imagine guys a 12 feet tall person talking to u , u r sure to get out of ur senses …..hope to meet him…..


      1. That’s over statement. He was max 8, but likely 7 to 7.5ft. Krishna was around 8ft.

    71. there are many things that are yet to be discovered that even science can’t explain.i believe in ashwathama and want to join the journey.

    72. there are still many facts and things that are yet to be discovered from the bhagvat geeta that even science can’t explain, the only person who know about it is aswathama and if you guys are really planning for it then i want to join.contact me on my mail.

      1. Dear Friends
        Ashwattama may or may not know Bhagavad Gita. Mere presence during the deliverance of Bhagavad Gita is not sufficient to know Bhagavad Gita When it was delivered by Krishna to Arjuna.. all the personalities of Mahabharaja were there.. but none but selected few could see him or understand him. So going and asking Ashwattama about Bhagavad Gita may not help. More over.. one of the incidents enumerated above shows.. that his consciousness is till same in terms of hating Krishna. How can he understand Krishna.. unless he develops Love of Krishna.

        If you are chanting the holy name – Krishna may bestow you to be merciful to him and import knowledge of Bhagavad Gita to him so that he can develop love of God.

        Good luck in your search

        1. Radhe Radhe Ramnangunoori Ji,

          Agreed that Aswathama is not Krishn Bhakt but Shiv Bhakt. He was one of the selected beings who was part of Krishn Leela and Mahabharat so that future generations learn some good things about relevancy of Dharma.

          Still don’t you think and if Ashwathama meets then discussing Mahabharat, Pandavas and learned men teachings of Dwapar Yug with him could throw new perspective on our History from the contrarian point of views.

          Jai Shree Krishn

    73. gurvinder says:

      he is still alive and 4 years back … he was seen in rajisthan temple with leaking wound on forehead.. meditation is required too meet him
      to trace him

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe Gurvinder JI,

        Thanks for information, Can you please share the incident with the correct source so that it can be added here.

        May Lord Krishn Bless You,

        Jai Shri Krishn

    74. wonderful article …. very well written and explained .

      Hare Krishna, Hare Rama , Om Namah Shivaya.

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Radhe Radhe,

        Dhanyawaad Shubam Ji. You can check other posts and spread the message of our great Vedic history on science, cosmology and spirituality.

        Jai Shri Krishn

    75. this is a very interesting site because all the incidents are given in so much detail that any one would be really inspired by this and would want to meet ashvathama .only you have to give the nubers of those people who had meet aswathammaa and where they live so that people can contact them and know about the incedent in detail .

    76. sometimes small mistakes punishes throughout the life like ashwathamaji was mistaken to choose a good friend.

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        Deeds and karma of life makes you decide upon choices. If you believe in good karma and follow it then you will befriend nice people or else adharmis.

        Jai Bharat.

    77. Lord krishna said that when kalyug will end then Ashwathama’s punishment will end. So i believe that he is still here…

    78. Gurdeep Singh Bhogal says:

      I strongly believe and I know that Aswathama the son of Acharya dronacharya is alive,because he had got a boon of immortality at the time of mahabharat.

    79. Mukesh hindoliya says:

      Realy interesting mysterius please give more detail about mahabharat

    80. Rakesh Karkala says:

      is it possible for any human being to live more than 5000 years?
      its almost impossible.
      Yes i am a believer of God.But there may be some more to prove this.

      1. Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

        We are bound with time and age manifestations not demi-god or super natural beings like Aswathama. We might be awestruck with 5000 years of living age but some of these super natural beings are existing for millions of years. There are many re-births and deaths which these beings took before becoming Aswathama or Bheem or Duryodhana (Vedas and Puranas give details of their re-births and their reason for existence in each Yuga). They existed since eternal. Due to limited knowledge bestowed on mankind by Gods in Kaliyuga, just as we never asked for scientific proofs (though 90% of them are based on assumptions and theories) on laws laid down by Einstein or Newton, since we merely follow and gulp down whats written in science books and journals; as suggested by fellow scientists too :). Why are we so inclined to asking questions on Puranic literature and Vedas, when they are time immortal and their teachings can change for the betterment of world and society. Can’t we accept them with the same maturity as we accept modern scientist theories by mere following them. What we call ourselves modern seems non-sensical when one dwells in to real truth of Puranas and Vedas- finding that we are still primitive in terms of knowledge and facts.

      2. Sasi kanth says:

        Thanks for the information… very much pleased to know that Mahabharata happened really in the past. Jai Sri Krishna.

      3. sruthi kannan says:

        it is true I too believe it because of the curse of Shree Krishna .It a fact

    81. i like it very much it is very interesting.it also states that mahabharata really existed
      i also request u to give some more incidents

    82. Rahul dimri says:

      Hey why don’t ashwasthama seen in uttrakhand jungle

      1. Only dimwitted people like Rahul Dimri can doubt the existence of Mahabharata and Ashwathama. People with little or no knowledge or education believe that things beyond their understanding are superstition. There are numerous paranormal phenomenon and powers, we are not aware of. Don’t call everything superstition.

        1. Tsunamipkp says:


          I personaly feel that Ashwathama is very much alive and is true. He very well know that he has to complete the shapam on him. Since he is amartya, the curse which naturally is given by god person Krishna there may be some other reason also which will be revealed only at the time of completion of shaapa. So the shaapam which he is keeping on and years later when it will come to end god perhaps at the next incarnation will give moksham to him ending all the sorrow he is suffering.

          1. Radhe Radhe Tsunamipkp Ji,

            Yes Aswathama will finally get forgiveness for his sins after finishing his punishment. At the end of Kali Yuga, Ashwatthama is to meet Sri Kalki, the tenth avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. Kalki avatar of Shree Vishnu (Shree Krishn) will give him solace, protection and blessing from distress, pain he is going through today. His Shivbhakti will help him in finally taking shelter under Bhagwan.

            Jai Shree Krishn

            1. what happened to your expedition?i dont think that you were unable to find only20 20 comrades there must have been something may be fees issue?i have 5 candidates of my own who can join the expeidition we have tried it once in year 2004 but police beat us and drove us out . i was in college that time 1st year b.a.m.s. so i want to know what is yout plan about it why cant you declare it publically and why to contact by mail…why this secrecy when we want to enlighten everyone around?what is legal status of this issue can you obtain permission to stay in fort of asirgadh for some days? leagl permission ..and how are you going to chose candidates ?man that fort is deserted and holds much which can not be seen by eyes only…when night falls it gives you shivers just to look at it ..it will chill the very heart and soul of people who are weak hearted…we were driven out around 10 pm and even the police were scared…i wont forget the bashing we got there for entering in government property without permission…they never allow any such expedition there whatever the reason is…and before me my dad had tried same thing with same fate in year 1974 he was also student following m.d.ayurveda at banaras hindu university..only in my case it was police his case they were the temple pujari and local people ..please tell me that things have changed now and you have proper legal permissions and i will provide you 5 people who wont turn back even if the darkest corners of fort come alive by bhanamatis magic.. (Do not share email to negate SPAM)

            2. Radhe Radhe Maitreya Ji,

              There are many things which we cannot disclose directly here but only convey to our team of expedition.

              We have more than 20 people interested to join expedition long time back. The fees was not concern for us. We purposely kept it so that only genuinely interested people join us.

              We will update all as and when conducive atmosphere develops for the expedition.

              Jai Shree Krishn

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