Ashramavasika Parva Mahabharat Kunti Gandhari Went to Forest

The Ashramavasika Parva is the hermitage’s holy text. It is the fifteenth of the Mahabharata’s eighteen books. There are 92 chapters and 3 upa parvas in it. This Parva recounts Yudhishthira’s reign as king during the wealthy years of Hastinapura. The sub-parvas are summarised in detail as follows.

Ashramavasika Parva Mahabharat Overview

(1) Andramavasa Parva

The kingdom under Yudhishthira and the other Pandava brothers is described in this Parva. Despite Dhritarashtra’s previous deeds, the Pandavas continued to meet with him, regarded him with the highest reverence, and obeyed his directives about matters of government. Even Kunti showed Gandhari respect and provided for her in the best ways. The actions of the Pandavas, Kunti, and Draupadi humiliated Gandhari and Dhritarashtra. They were living contentedly in the kingdom. Bhima was not pleased with them, though, since they believed it was uncouth of him to kill his son in such a way. Dhritarashtra and Gandhari overheard Bhima treating them horribly and even abusing them at times. Dhritarashtra was upset by Bhima’s cruel treatment of them. But Yudhishthira was unaware of Bhima’s actions; otherwise, he would have intervened. He and Gandhari made the decision to spend their final years in the jungle because of the situation in Dhritarashtra. He requested Yudhishthira’s approval before departing towards the jungle. Due to their advanced age, Yudhishthira was unwilling to let them to travel together. Then, sage Vyasa persuaded Yudhishthira to grant them permission since they want to atone for their earlier transgressions. Before they went, Yudhishthira made arrangements for a dignified ceremony. Even Kunti joined them and travelled to the trees with them. Despite Gandhari’s best efforts to persuade her otherwise, Kunti remained steadfast in her resolve and accompanied them since even she desired to spend her final years amid the trees. Because they were leaving the realm, the Pandavas were exceedingly distressed. They were upset because they greatly missed their mother. The Pandavas were unable to concentrate on the kingdom’s problems.

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(2) Putralardarshana Parva

The Pandavas visited Vyasa’s hermitage to meet Kunti, Gandhari, and Dhritarashtra since they missed Kunti a lot and it upset them. He took Dhritarashtra, Gandhari, and Kunti to the Ganges and forced them to visit their deceased sons who were killed in the fight in order to assuage their suffering. Even the gift of vision was given to Sage Vyasa so that he might see his sons. This episode from the Mahabharata is particularly well-known. However, they spent a night wandering along the Ganges’ banks before vanishing once more.

(3) Nara Dagamba Mana

Two years had passed after the Pandavas returned from the wilderness. Yudhishthira was informed one day by the sage Narada that Kunti, Gandhari, and Dhritarashtra had perished in a forest fire. They were too frail and old to flee the massive forest fire that was engulfing them as it raged from all sides. The Pandava brothers experienced uncontrollable anguish and became grief-stricken. Following a twelve-day period of last rituals at the Ganges, Yudhishthira and the other brothers left for the kingdom.

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1) Adi Parva 10) Sauptika Parva
2) Sabha Parva 11) Stri Parva
3) Vana Parva 12) Shanti Parva
4) Virata Parva 13) Anushasana Parva
5) Udhyoga Parva 14) Ashvamedha Parva
6) Bhishma Parva 15) Ashramavasika Parva
7) Drona Parva 16) Mausala Parva
8) Karna Parva 17) Mahaprasthanika Parva
9) Shalya Parva 18) Swaraga Arohana Parva

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