Save Hindu daughters, protect them from muslim goons

Why no media is giving due importance to the coverage of news pertaining to atrocities on Hindus committed by muslims and going comatose, turning blind eyes on the reportings of islamization and terrorism caused by mullas of India especially in places like west bengal and kerala (which has become epitome of terrorist, love jihad activities against Hindus).

Another case of Forceful Love Jihad targeting Minor Hindu Girl

Muslim goons first abducted a Hindu girl, Tuktuki Mondal in February and released her after threatening that her parents do not file a police complaint or they will be killed, but they abducted her once again in May.

This is not one off incident but several times before too these Love Jihadis abducted Hindu girls and gang r@ped them but Massama Khatoon kept quite. Several bengali associations, groups even in US and UK marched protest to put pressure on mamata banu but to nothing happened.

Bengali organisations holding protests in the UK and US to put pressure on the state government

The muslim goons pressurized father of the 14 year old girl not to file complaint and falsely declared it as a case of elopement among neighbors. Tuktuki Mondal was gang r@ped several times by the muslim goons but no police ever came to the rescue of the family when the police station was informed about the incident.

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Last reported by IT, Class 10 student Tuktuki Mandal was first abducted in February this year while she was returning home after some bank work. Some local goons took the teenager to a secluded place under Magrahaat police station area in South 24 Parganas and gang-r@ped her. Tuktuki’s father Subhash Mandal, a daily wager, approached the village headman and the local police for help.

Hindus get united and be aggressive Save Hindu Daughters and sisters like Tuktuki Mondal or else next time it could be your daughter or sister.

“Tuktuki was released on the condition that the parents neither file a police complaint nor have a medical examination conducted to ascertain rape,” said Siddharth Nath Singh, the national secretary of Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) and the party’s in charge in Bengal. The teen’s ordeal did not end here.

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Stop love jihad save tuktuki mondal

In May, she was once again abducted by the same men as she was preparing to take her Class 10 examination. Singh said this time the abductors ransacked the house and threatened to kill Tuktuki if a police complaint was made. Her father has alleged that despite naming the accused in the complaint, the police were not initiating any investigations against them and were instead putting pressure on Tuktuki’s family to withdraw the complaint.

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Even as Tuktuki remains untraceable till today, the Bengal unit of the BJP has sought an appointment with Governor Kesri Nath Tripathi to protest Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee government’s alleged inaction in tracing Tuktuki. The case has assumed a political hue with the BJP planning protests not just at Magrahaat police station under whose jurisdiction the abduction took place but also in Kolkata.

Why Anti-Hindu Indian Media is Quiet on the Pleas of Hindu Families and Daughters

Save Hindu daughters and sisters in west bengal, kerala and kashmir

Besides, the BJP plans to sit on an indefinite strike till the Mamata Banerjee government orders a probe into Tuktuki’s kidnapping. “We suspect there is a very elaborate human trafficking and prostitution racket and the Mamata Banerjee government, for reasons best known to it, is taking no action,” Singh added. Tuktuki’s disappearance has also led to several overseas Bengali organisations holding protests in the UK and US to put pressure on the state government.

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The ruling Trinamool Congress has, however, termed the BJP campaign “political” and “devoid of merit”. Refusing to speak on record, a TMC leader said the government had worked hard to reduce crimes against women. “The accused in the case are not TMC supporters, so there is no question of either a cover-up or going slow,” the TMC leader said

When will this small Hindu girl get justice ?

Last coverage by newsx. As usual being anti-Hindu and pro-muslim, no other electronic media ever reported it on prime time.

Hindu girls are abducted, r@ped by muslims in UP, Kerala and West Bengal but no media reports them.

Is It West Bengal Or POK ?

Now check these pics out, no they are not from pakistan. You can easily guess to the extreme level of freedom these illiterate cockroaches have got under islamic rule of trinamool congress. Here our sisters are not given respect but these anti-Vedic, Hindu haters are treated like nawabs.

A muslim bus driver stops state bus which had passengers on board,  in busy moving traffic during peak hours, halts it causing traffic jam just to do namaz on the Howrah Bridge. Will any muslim dare to do so in US, France or even in any islamic country. Anyone who has been to Howrah Bridge must be aware of how much traffic the road has – we have been there several times so we know this so according to us it is one of the most disgusting act in the name of adharm islam.

Is he praying to the passengers, bus, or tyres. You can guess it.

mleccha muslim cause traffic jam in namaz

muslim menace on eid namaz

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