Mughal Terrorism: Akbar was brutal, savage, inhuman, barbaric, barbarous, murderous muslim ruler

The world famous historian, Will Durant has written in his Story of Civilisation that “the Mohammedan conquest of India was probably the bloodiest story in history”. Sam Harris has given lectures and written several books that muslims are not peaceful and follow terrorism to spread their death cult. Several west scholars in recent times openly argue that the concept of god in islam is figment of imagination and it is a gangster cult out to islamize world by deceit, loot and terrorism. The history also support their claims.

[ One of the Most Cruel Invaders of the World ]

India before the advent of Islamic imperialism did had internal wars among princely states – but it was not fought like scavenger dogs attacking innocent animals in night, as mlecchas muslims started doing after they invaded India. There were plenty of wars fought by Hindu princes. But in all their wars, the Hindus had observed some time-honoured conventions sanctioned by the Shastras. The Brahmins and the Bhikshus were never molested. Peasants and farmers were never tortured. The cows were never killed. The temples were never touched. The chastity of women was never violated. The non-combatants were never killed or captured. Human habitation was never attacked unless it was a fort. The civil population was never plundered. War booty was an unknown item in the calculations of conquerors. The martial classes who clashed, mostly in open spaces, had a code of honor. Sacrifice of honor for victory or material gain was deemed as worse than death.

But barbaric muslim ruler ardent follower of islam changed that. They demolished our religious structures, historical places or captured temples to revamp it as their own – this is/was true nature of islam which continues to be so.

The desecration of glorious Vedic past of Hindu rulers, veiling the great history of 10,000 years, recorded in chronicles, by one Maulana, gave lesson to the world – you can trust a snake but not an educated muslim. Never promote an educated muslim in a decision making position, you are digging your own grave.

Secularism of Hindus is killing Hinduism and Hindu identity. When 92% Hindus (of total population) trusted Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, they did not know they are milking a snake in their backyard. The entire history of Bharat was plastered with glorified concoctions of muslim invaders sans mughal terrorism. These traitors in any form, are not trustworthy, they breath islam and quran to die for their gangster cult, to the point of killing the people who feed them.

Akbar was Barbaric, Cruel Muslim Ruler and NOT GREAT

Terrorist Mohammed Akbar’s Real Facts

Shameless Indian historians and film makers, who promote this wicked and mass-murderer as great Indian ruler should be thrashed in the same manner – Akbar used to thrash pseudo-chamchas like them, though being Hindus they were opponents of Hinduism, toe lickers of this cruel muslim ruler.

Akbar was NOT secular or great as populated by leftist historians. He enjoyed killing Acharyas, Brahmins and Common Hindus, insulting them for following Hinduism

Akbar was Barbarous, Brutal and Ghazi

Akbar is considered as the great Mughal emperor who put the Mughal empire on a firm and stable footing, with a reliable revenue system and with expansion of its borders deeper into Indian heartland. There is a belief prevalent in the present day India that Akbar’s rule was secular and tolerant of the native Hindu faith. This belief is fostered by the Indian history texts, Hindi movies like Mughal-e-Azam, Jodha Akbar (Jodha never married to Akbar, even in fabricated history), a TV serial on Doordarshan and the fictional tales of Akbar and his Hindu court jester Birbal. Although Akbar did abolish two obnoxious taxes on Hindus namely the pilgrimage tax in 1563 CE and Jizya (A tax stipulated in the Koran to be paid by Zimmis or unbelievers) in 1564 CE, only to be reinstated and then later abolish, he did this several times, his rule was better compared ONLY to the other Mughal and Turko-Afgani barbaric rules. This article illustrates this with two specific historical events. First, Akbar like all Mughal rulers had the holy Muslim title of GHAZI (SLAYER OF KAFFIR, non-Muslims – infidel). In mughal era, slayer of Hindus were considered as Ghazis. Since India was dominated by Hindu population – with different princely states – and fragmented states post decline of Maurya Empire due to adoption of new panths. Like Timur Lane and Nader Shah, AKBAR HAD A VICTORY TOWER ERECTED WITH THE HEADS OF THE CAPTURED/ SURRENDERED ARMY OF HEMU after the second battle of Panipat. Later, AKBAR AGAIN SLAUGHTERED MORE THAN 30,000 UNARMED CAPTIVE HINDU PEASANTS AFTER THE FALL OF CHITOD ON FEBRUARY 24, 1568.

Akbar was not Tolerant or Secular! Waged MUSLIM TERRORISM

Akbar was not secular, not tolerant, not a good ruler

This article also relates another historical event which shows the true dubious nature of Akbar’s religious beliefs which he used merely to suit his convenience.

Terrorist Akbar’s Mughal Ancestry

Mughals came to India as invaders, their sole purpose was to ruin India and rob off her wealth in most possible ways and promote their uncivilized barbaric cult islam, thereby converting Hindu locals. Akbar’s grandfather Babar founded the Mughal dynasty. Babar (babur) was a direct descendent of Timur Lane from his father’s Barlas Turk side and of Chengiz Khan the Mongol from his mother’s side. The name Mongol had become synonymous with barbarian by the 16 th century CE, hence Babar was proud of his ancestry from Timur, whose descendents were regarded as ‘cultured Turks’. In a twist of poetic justice, the dynasty founded by Babar became known through out the world as Mughal – an adaptation of Mughul, the Persian word for ‘Mongol'(1). In Marathi also Mughals are referred to as ‘Mongal’ which is close to Mongol.

Babar’s son Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah Sur, an Afgan at the battle of Chausa on 26 June 1539. But Humayun later defeated Sikandar Shah Sur in 1555 to regain Delhi.

Battle of Panipat: Hindu King Hemu vs Muslim Terrorist Akbar

Akbar Becoming Ghazi – Killer of Hindus

As per islamic laws laid for rulers, A Ghazi can only rule non-muslims, and to prove that he is Ghazi, that demonic ruler should show inhumane, barbaric traits and kill kafirs to take blessings of *anti-God Allah. (*How can a God order killing of innocent people – in the name of religion. The world is getting aware of this truth. That’s why their so called God is correctly referred as anti-God by most of the recent authors), due to their barbaric past and recent inhumane acts across globe – while composing this, Googling “anti-God Allah” – threw up more than 19 million results. You can imagine the extent to which people (even ex-muslims) think that Islam is definitely not driven by Godly principles.

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On 24 th January 1556 CE Mughal ruler Humayun slipped while climbing down the steps of his library and fell to his death. The heir to the Mughal throne, 13 year old Akbar was then campaigning in Punjab with his chief minister Bairam Khan. On February 14, 1556, in a garden at Kalanaur, Akbar was enthroned as emperor. The other rivals for the throne of Delhi were the three Afgan princes of Sher Shah. However the main threat to Akbar’s future came not from the Afgan princes but from a Hindu. Hemu, the Hindu chief minister of Afgan prince Adil Shah led a surprise attack on Delhi in October 1556 . The Mughal forces under its governor Tardi Beg Khan panicked and went into a sudden ignominious flight. This was Hemu’s twenty second consecutive victories in successive battles. After the capture of Delhi, Hemu set up himself as an independent ruler under the Hindu title of ‘Raja Vikramaditya’. At this juncture against the advice of most nobles, Akbar and Bairam Khan took a courageous decision, to press forward against Hemu’s undoubtedly superior forces. On November 5, 1556 the Mughul forces met the army of Vikramaditya Hemu Chandra at Panipat.

[ Read about Love Jihadi Akbar and His Punishments To Force Conversion ]

In this second battle of Panipat, the Mughals were saved by a lucky accident after a hard fight which looked more than likely to go against them. An arrow hit Hemu in the eye and although it did not kill him it had pierced the cerebral cavity enough to make him unconscious. In a battle of this period, as per Vedic tradition, the death of the leader meant an end of the fight, and the sight of Hemu slumped in the howdah of his famous elephant, Hawai was enough to make his army turn tail. Shah Quli Khan captured the Hawai elephant with its prize occupant, and took it directly to Akbar. Hemu was brought unconscious before Akbar and Bairam. Bairam pleaded Akbar to perform the holy duty of slaying the infidel and earn the Islamic holy title of ‘Ghazi’. Among much self-congratulation AKBAR THEN SEVERED THE HEAD OF UNCONSCIOUS HEMU WITH HIS SABER (2,3,4). Some biased historians claim that Akbar did not kill Hemu himself, but just touched the infidel’s head with his sword and his associates finished the gory ‘holy’ work. However the latter version seems inconsistent with the events that followed. After the battle Hemu’s head was sent to kabul as a sign of victory to the ladies of Humayun’s harem, and Hemu’s torso was sent to Delhi for exposure on a gibbet. Iskandar Khan chased the Hemu’s fleeing army and captured 1500 elephants and a large contingent. THERE WAS A GREAT SLAUGHTER OF THOSE WHO WERE CAPTURED and IN KEEPING WITH THE CUSTOM OF HIS ANCESTORS TIMUR LANE, CHENGIZ KHAN and Babar, AKBAR HAD A VICTORY PILLAR BUILT WITH THEIR HEADS. Peter Mundy, an Englishman travelling Mughal empire some 75 years later (during Jahangir and Shah Jahan’s rein), found such towers were still being built. (Reference 2 gives pictures of a sketch by Peter Mundy, and Mughal painting of the tower of heads during Akbar’s reign, also shown below). Hemu’s wife escaped from Delhi with the treasure and Pir Mohammad Khan’s troops chased her caravan without success. HEMU’S AGED FATHER WAS CAPTURED AND ON REFUSING TO ACCEPT ISLAM, WAS EXECUTED (3). This is the ‘glorious’ history of barbaric Akbar’s victory at the battle of Panipat.

Akbar's islamic terrorism - cruelty of hanging Hindu Hemu king's headless body
Akbar ordered to hang and display headless body (lower torso) of Hemchandra Vikramaditya to insult Hindus and invoke fear among other Hindu kings. He followed lunatic mohammed and his raids, terrorism acts to spread islam AS IT IS replicating it in Bharat.
No cremation and last rites were allowed under Mughal Terrorism. Hindus were killed, their bodies mutilated to showcase curelty of gangster cult islam.

Proof of Akbar’s Islamic Terrorism: Tower of Heads Drawn by Peter Mundy in 1632

Akbar was Barbaric Cruel: tower of heads - symbol of islamic terrorism
Peter Mundy also recorded about Mughal Terrorist’s Artificial Famine forced upon Hindus who died in thousands due to heavy taxation and robbing off food materials, making them expensive OR ELSE convert to islam and save life.

Akbar’s Islamic Terrorism – Genocide of Hindus

30,000 Hindus killed by akbar, After Fall of Chitod (Chittorgarh)

Rajputs were very brave and like Marathas they protected their Kingdom from the barbaric mughal rulers for longer time. Despite nearly five centuries of Muslim occupation of India, Rajasthan in 1567 CE was still almost entirely Hindu. Akbar infiltrated the area by marrying into Rajasthan’s ruling houses and by steadily capturing various forts on the eastern fringe of Rajputana. But the senior house of Rajasthan, Rana of Mewar proudly refused any alliance with Mughals. Akbar’s army started a campaign for Chitod (Chittorgarh) in 1567. Rana of Mewar, Uday Singh left his capital, the great fort of Chitod to be defended by 8,000 Rajputs under an excellent commander, Jai Mal, and took himself and his family to the safety of the hills. Akbar arrived on October 24, 1567 and laid a siege of Chitod (Chittorgarh). Akbar’s huge army’s camp stretched for almost ten miles . Akbar planned two methods of assault -mining and building a ‘sabat’, a structure which provides the invading army a cover of a high wall as it progresses ‘infinitely slowly’ towards the fort wall and tightens the noose around the fort. The mining proved disastrous since an explosion of a mistimed second mine claimed Akbar’s nearly 200 men including some leading nobles. As the noose of ‘sabat’ tightened, Akbar forces lost nearly 200 men a day to musket fire from the fort. Almost four months after the siege, on February 23, 1567, a musket shot fired from the Mughal army killed Jai Mal. Some chroniclers claim that this shot was fired by Akbar himself. With the death of their leader Jai Mal, the Rajputs for a while lost heart. That night flames leapt to the sky as THOUSANDS OF RAJPUT WOMEN PERFORMED JAUHAR (act of self-immolation, the term is a corruption of Jay Har – meaning Hail Shiva). This act of Jauhar gave rise to Sati where Hindu women preferred to die then become s*x object of muslim ministers or rulers. These brave women of Rajasthan preferred jumping into a roaring fire, to being captured by Mughal Akbar and become s*x slaves of his harem like rest of thousands of women in harem. Later events do lend credit to their astute judgement. This was the THIRD JAUHAR IN THE HISTORY OF CHITOD – after invasion of mughals.

History of islamic terrorism (mughal terror) in India
Terrorist Mohammed Akbar’s tower of heads were created to invoke fear in common Hindus. Hindu men were killed. Hindu women raped and forced into sex slavery in harem. Akbar was inhuman, savage brutal and barbaric ruler. Calling himself prophet of his founded religion Din E Ilahi do not hide his islamic terrorism crimes.

Next day the Rajputs under a new young leader Patta Singh donned on the saffron robes – Kesariya, in preparation for a fight to death, flung open the gates of the fort and charged on to the Mughal army. Patta Singh, his mother and his wife, fought war bravely and duly died in the ensuing battle as did many Rajput warriors. Later, the victorious Mughal army entered the fort of Chitod. At the time there were 40,000 Hindu peasants and artisans residing on the fort besides the Rajput army. AKBAR THEN ORDERED A MASSACRE OF ALL THE CAPTURED UNARMED 40,000 HINDUS, some artisans indeed were spared and taken away but THE SLAIN AMOUNTED TO AT LEAST 30,000 (5,6,7,8,9) Akbar was particularly keen to avenge himself on the thousand musketeers, who had done much damage to his troops, but they (remaining 10,000) escaped by the boldest of the tricks. Binding their own women and children, and shoving them roughly along like new captives, the Rajput musketeers successfully passed themselves off as a detachment of the victorious Mughals and so made their way out of the fort (5,6,7,8,9).

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[ Following 164 Verses of Koran, Muslims become Anti-Hindu and Anti-National ]

The MASSACRE OF 30,000 CAPTIVE HINDUS AT CHITOD BY AKBAR has left an indelible blot on his name. No such horrors were perpetrated by even the brutal Ala-ud-din Khilji who had captured the fort in 1303 CE. Abul Fazl, Akbar’s court chronicler is at pains in trying to justify this slaughter. In the later period of his rule, Akbar later had statues of Patta and Jai Mal, riding on elephants, installed at the gate of his imperial palace at Agra – to continue his effort of converting Hindus to barbaric islam. Although probably intended as a compliment for their heroism, it was open to misconstruction since in the earlier history Jai Chand had placed a similar statue of Prithvi Raj Chauhan at the gate of his palace (as a Dwarpal) at the Swayamvar of his daughter Sanyogita.

Sir Thomas Roe, an Englishman who visited Chitod some fifty years later, found the fort deserted. In fact, it remained a firm tenet of Mughal policy throughout the next century that fortifications of Chitod, which till then was the capital of the then strongest Hindu Rana, should remain unrepaired, perhaps as a lesson to Hindus who dared to take on the Mughals (5).

Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar, son of Rana Uday Singh, kept the Rajput resistance to Akbar alive and tried to reclaim the glory of Chitod.

Anti-Hindu Akbar Founded Religion to Fool Hindus

Prophet Akbar and His Din E Ilahi (Din-i Ilahi)

When Akbar failed to convert Hindus – who preferred to oppose or rather die than become uncivilized  muslim. Akbar thought of becoming another mohammed. In the later part of his rule, Akbar founded a new religion Din-e-Ilahi in which he vaguely tried to combine practices of Islam and Hinduism. He observed Muslim, Hindu and Parsee festivals. He had Jesuit priests in his courts. However, this founder of Din-e-Ilahi was practically illiterate. Till the end of his rule only seventeen nobles yielded to Akbar’s wishes (and pressure) and converted to his new religion, among whom Raja Birbal was one. And the concept of new religion to fool Hindus lead to gradual death of its own. None of Akbar’s children adopted his religion. To top it all, Jahangir, Akbar’s son from his Hindu wife Hira Kunwari, later killed a Kaffir (Hindu infidel) and gained the holy Islamic title of Ghazi. It is indeed false that Akbar drifted from orthodox inhuman Islamic practices and became more tolerant of other religions. However, more often Akbar used and twisted religious principles to his own advantage. Let us look at one such example.

Akbar Acted Terrorist Mohammed but Failed in Making Din-i Ilahi, Islam Version 2.0

akbar was killer, sex maniac and pedophile
Pedophile Mohammed Akbar

Akbar used marriage alliances with various royal houses as a way of expanding his empire. The political advantages of this steady stream of presentation of princesses were incalculable. In the end, Akbar had more than 300 wives. The actual number of women in the harem was nearer to 5,000. Many of these were older women, but there were also young servant girls, or Amazons of Russia or Abyssinia as armed guards, all with the status only of slaves. It was these who, if so required, were the emperor’s concubines. The three hundred were technically wives, even though the Koran limits the number to four. Akbar wanted religious sanction of all these 300 wives. Now as per the Persian Shia interpretation of Muslim scriptures (and also by the present day ‘Mohammedan Act of India’! ) a Muslim can have a ‘Mutta’ marriage with a free women of OTHER religion. A ‘Mutta’ marraige involves no ceremony , but is a private pact between a man and a woman for, officially, ‘a limited period time (as short as one night)’ agreed between them. As per Shia interpretation, ‘Mutta’ constituted a legal Muslim marriage. Akbar used ‘Mutta’ principle to justify his 300 wives. But the Sunni Ulemma (Islamic scholars) from his court disagreed. The arguments between Akbar and Ulemma raged back and forth, until -completing the parallel with Henry VIII- Akbar dismissed the Kazi, the highest religious officer from his court, a Sunni, and replaced him with a Shia who did agree with him! (11)

Later, hypocrite Akbar had effrontery to decree that ‘it was best for ordinary men to to have only one wife’!(11)

Akbar biography and history: He was anti-Hindu ruler

Akbar Honored Musicians if They Converted to Islam

Navratnas (Nine gems) during the reign of King Vikramaditya (Chandragupta II) of the Gupta Empire:

Kalidas, the most famous among them
Vetala Bhatta

Akbar followed the concept of King Vikramaditya and formed his own Navratnas. The only difference between King Vikramaditya and Akbar’s nine jewels was that Vikramaditya never had flattery as the eligibility to promote a deserving candidate as one of the Navratnas while Akbar only liked those individuals as Navratnas who were his stooge and fawners.

Legendary Musician, well known for his voice and music, Tansen was born as Ramnatu Pandey, a Hindu and learned who took gyan of music under the tutilage of Great Sage Haridas. Mehrunissa, daughter of Akbar, wanted to marry Ramnatu Pandey impressed by his singing and music. Ramnatu Pande was forcibly converted to Islam and made Miya Tansen, a muslim, under strict guidance of Akbar. Akbar also included Tansen in his Navratnas – nine jewels of court. Akbar is known to have converted a noted veena player, Raja Misar Singh to islam and giving him the name, Naubat Khan. Naubat Khan was gifted money and felicitated as official Veena Vadak for his conversion to islam.

NavRatnas of Akbar Who Were Ex-Hindus, Muslim Converts and Fawners

The sycophants of Jihadi Akbar were:

Birbal : Fawner and Advisor
Faizi : Fawner and Poet
Todar Mal : Finance Minister and Proponent of Jiziya tax removal but reinstalled time and again
Raja Man Singh : Fawner and General Commander-in-chief
Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana : Fawner and Poet
Fakir Aziao-Din : Advisor
Tansen : Fawner and Musician
Mulla Do-Piyaza : Fictional character created to boost self-ego of Akbar
Abu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak : Fawner and Author of Akbarnama

Weekly ceremonies of forcibly converting Hindus into Islam were carried out by Akbar’s administrators and ministers. Just like during other Muslim rulers, Akbar’s rule also destructed many temples, killed Hindu inhabitants and cows and looted their wealth. Temples were converted into mosques and madrasas or simply destroyed to rubbles. Akbar remain muted to these gruesome pursuits and never stopped his commanders to discontinue the barbarous acts.

Factual Conclusion on Evil Akbar, A Barbaric Muslim Invader

Akbar killed an unconscious Hemu (a Hindu) to become a ‘Ghazi’ at the second battle of Panipat, he later ordered slaughter of all the captives from Hemu’s army and had a victory tower built with their heads. Similarly, Akbar later on ordered a massacre of 30,000 plus unarmed captive Hindu peasants after the fall of Chitod on February 24, 1568. Are these the characteristics of a truly ‘secular’ and ‘tolerant’ emperor ? These events reveal Akbar’s true nature during early part of his reign. Should Akbar be called ‘Great’ and ‘Secular’ only because he was falsely posed to be a lesser despot than the rest of the Mughal emperors ? In the entire Indian history of thousands of years NOT A SINGLE HINDU KING EVER SLAUGHTERED THOUSANDS OF PRISONERS OF WAR. In fact the Hindu virtue of generosity to the surrendered (SharaNaagat Vatsal Bhav), came to haunt them later. Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeated Mohammed Ghori over 16 times and generously let the loser mleccha free each time. This generosity of Pritviraj was paid back barbarically by Mohammed Ghori who after having finally defeated Prithvi Raj once in 1193 CE, blinded him and carried him to Afganistan in chains where Prithvi Raj died an ignominious death. The Mughals were the descendents of brutal Mongol Chengiz Khan and the Turk Timur Lane. The above incidences clearly show that MUGHAL EMPERORS WERE FOREIGN AND NOT INDIAN, AND AKBAR BY HIS ACTIONS WAS NO EXCEPTION. Thus to call Akbar as ‘The Great’ is nothing but an insult to all civilized societies and especially Hindus – who are native Indians. This article also has shown Akbar’s dubious use of religious principles to suit his urge for s*xual pleasures.

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If we are to take example from the 20 th century, then even the Nazis did not kill 30,000 prisoners of war in cold blood during the second World War. However scores of Nazis were sentenced to death during the Nuremburg trials for their War Crimes against POW.

Readers are encouraged to read more about the true brutality of Mughal empire. And spread the truth to maximum people possible.

The readers should ponder upon following questions:

  • If Akbar ‘the epitome of secularism’ was so cruel and brutal, then what must have been the extent of brutality of Timur Lane, Babar, Aurangzeb and Nader Shah?
  • Why Indians are fed fabricated stories of mughal rulers veiling their heinous, barbaric crimes?
  • Why not factual history taught in schools? Why Ramayan and Mahabharat were revoked from schools to place these foreigners as role models, was there a ploy to islamize India by their descedants, as dreamt originally by these mughal looters and murderers?
  • Why don’t the Indian School texts give these details of Akbar and What else are they hiding?
  • Is it because tainted past of pre-independence leader of a party (most ruled in India) had muslim parents or one of his daughter married to a muslim later. So their islamic past haunts them to behave like a wicked, cunning, fanatic muslim who can go any length to promote his religion with fake theories to support them.
  • Mlecchas (muslims) who killed our men, r@ped our women, demolished our temples to build tombs and mosques should be given reservations ?
  • But then resevrations was supposed to be given to oppressed people and not oppresors (muslims)?

Burst Akbar Lies: How Hindus Can Fight Against Islamic History Hoaxes and Lies

Identifying lies of neighbourhood Muslim propagandist is very easy. Look for the source, if the source is from another Muslim writer or a leftist then it is definitely filled with concocted tales, spiralled with confused language tonality. Mostly, the Muslim journalists and authors share edited video, half baked information, unclear content and half-truth information. Always check the SOURCE for full details.

Avoid fact-checking websites approved by facebook and google. They were exposed fully during poisonous vaccination drive. They gagged all voices, banned all writers and video makers who spoke truth about global scamdemic. Think deeply why the story promoted by Muslims is fake. Is it being shared to distract from some important Hindu issues or is it spread to misinform world about another victimhood hoax of Muslims.

Hindu Fight Muslim Lies Propaganda Crime
STEP 1, Group: Make an Online Group So Link With Pro-Hindu, Youtubers, Journalists, Influencers. STEP 2, Gather Quran Verses, Terror History, Recent Killings Data. STEP 3, Create Short Memes, Articles, Short Videos, Posts Based on The Data Gathered. STEP 4, Profile: Make Two Accounts in Social Media Sites; 1 Male id, 1 Female id. Share All Posts and Memes. STEP 5, Shield: Make a Protection Mob of 20. Take One Cop & Lawyer in It. Use This for Regular Placard Protests & Promote Their Images/Videos in Social Media Sites.

PLEASE post your comments to SUPPORT “NO foreign MUGHAL History for INDIANS” CAMPAIGN


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    “In accordance with the regulations of my revered father, I ordered that each year from the 18th 1 of Rabl’u-1- awwal, which is my birthday, for a number of days corre- sponding to the years of my life, they should not slaughter -animals (for food). Two days in each week were also forbidden, one of them Thursday, the day of my accession, and the other Sunday, the day of my father’s birth. He held this day in great esteem on this account, and because it was dedicated to the Sun, and also because it was the day on which the Creation began. Therefore it was one of the days on which there was no killing in his dominions”

    • Radhe Radhe Ji,
      Some excerpts from Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri:
      On that day Hemu was riding an elephant named Hawa’i. Suddenly an arrow struck the eye of that infidel and came out at the back of his head. His army, on seeing this, took to flight. By chance Shah Quli Khan Mahram with a few brave men came up to the elephant on which was the wounded Hemu, and would have shot an arrow at the driver, but he cried ” Do not kill me ; Hemu is on this elephant.” A number of men immediately conveyed Hemu as he was to the king (Akbar). Bairam Khan representedthat it would be proper if the king with his own hand should strike the infidel with a sword, so that obtaining the reward of a ghazi (warrior of the Faith) he might use this title on the imperial farmans. The king answered, ” I have cut him in pieces before this,” and explained : ” One day, in Kabul, I was copying a picture in presence of Khwaja’Abdu-s-Samad Shirin Qalam, when a form appeared from my brush, the parts of which were separate and divided from each other. One of those near asked, ‘ Whose picture is this ?’It came to my tongue to say that it was the likeness of Hemu.” Not defiling his hand with his (Hemu’s) blood, he told one of his servants to cut off his head. Those killed in the defeated army numbered 5,000 in addition to those who fell in various places round about.
      Guru Arjun
      In Gobindwal, which is on the river Biyah (Beas), there was a Hindu named Arjun,1 in the garments of sainthood and sanctity, so much so that he had captured many of the simple-hearted of the Hindus, and even of the ignorant and foolish followers of Islam, by his ways and manners, and they had loudly sounded the drum of his holiness. They called him Guru, and from all sides stupid people crowded to worship and manifest complete faith in him. For three or four generations (of spiritual successors) they had kept this shop warm. Many times it occurred to me to put a stop to this vain affair or to bring him into the assembly of the people of Islam.
      Discussion With Pandits
      One day I observed to the Pandits, that is, the wise men of the Hindus, ” If the doctrines of your religion are based on the incarnation of the Holy Person of God Almighty in ten different forms by the process of metempsychosis, they are virtually rejected by the intelligent. This pernicious idea requires that the Sublime Cause, who is void of all limitations, should be possessed of length, breadth, and thickness. If the purpose is the manifestation of the Light of God in these bodies, that of itself is existent equally in all created things, and is not peculiar to these ten forms. If the idea is to establish some one of God’s attributes, even then there is no right notion, for in every faith and code there are masters of wonders and miracles distinguished beyond the other men of their age for wisdom and
      eloquence.”After much argument and endless contro- versy, they acknowledged a God of Gods, devoid of a body
      or accidents, and said, “As our imagination fails to con- ceive a formless personality (zat-i-mujarrad), we do not find any way to know Him without the aid of a form. We have therefore made these ten forms the means of conceiving of and knowing Him.” Then said I, ” How can these forms be a means of your approaching the Deity ? ”
      Khusrau’s Mother
      She constantly wrote to Khusrau and urged him to be sincere and affectionate to me. When she saw that it was of no use and that it was unknown how far he would be led away, she from the indignation and high spirit which are inherent in the Rajput character determined upon death. Her mind was several times disturbed, for such feelings were hereditary, and her ancestors and her brothers had occasionally showed signs of madness, but after a time had recovered. At a time when I had gone hunting, on Zi-1-hijja 26th, 1013 x (May 6th, 1605), she in her agitation swallowed a quantity of opium, and quickly passed away. It was as if she had foreseen this behaviour of her unworthy son.

      • Radhe Radhe Veena Ji,

        Thanks a lot for sharing the additional information.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    • Radhe Radhe Veena Ji,

      Yes, you can share your complete post with proper references and we will post it in your name. You can send complete post to our oldest and active id supportwebsite(@)

      Thanks for enriching the content with your additional views. The courtiers of several mughal emperors actually highlighted their gruesome atrocities as if they were prestigious act and in doing so they revealed evil face of islam and its followers.

      There are many types of information which needs to unearthed. Because around 1100 writers right from Humayun to Aurangzeb had written thousands of pages around the so called anti-Vedic achievements of these muslim invaders. We are also trying hard to get these resources from relevant medium and highlight true history to our fellow native Indians – Hindu brothers and sisters.

      Thanks for your support and feedback

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Radhe Radhe lalit ji,
    I know about these people and how they are increasing,they also cheat Hindus by offering them free of cost education,amenites and facilites.The congress government is responsible for the above. The question is how is congress government responsible?
    Ans-Uneducated Hindus and minorites in India go and vote for this party.
    In 3 generations,10X10X10=1000 will be the population of people from a non Hindu religion.While Hindus 2X2X2=8 or max to max 10.

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Pratyush Ji,

      I believe your response is to this post

      Fact of the matter is decimation of Hindu unity since last several centuries is the main reason that non-Vedic people multiplied enormously.

      The only OBJECTIVE of each true Hindu in this country should be to Unite Hindus and make them aggressive to the core. And pretty soon we can realize teh dream of Hindu Rashtra – free from non-Vedic people whose main agenda is to destruct Hinduism and Bharat.

      We all should work towards strengthening Hindus economically while dealing, shopping only with Hindus.

      Jai Shree Krishn

      • Yes lalit ji my response is for the above link. I feel very soon,Hindus will realise this problem and let’s hope to fight togeather!
        Jai Shri Krishna!

        • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

          Radhe Radhe Pratyush Ji,

          Yes together we can and we will win. Unity among us is key strength.

          Jai Shree Krishn

  • Ram bhakt says:

    Lalit bhai,
    Jai Shri Ram,
    Once again you have done such a wonderful job,Hats off to you sir!
    I would request you to make an article on your website about castism.Some people think that Hindus have castism prevalent(though we have castes in Islam and Christianity also).So I would request you to alight this topic through your esteemed website.
    May Bholenath ji bless you.

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Pratyush Ji,

      Please google “how non-Hindus multiplied in India” to know step by step propaganda on how Hindus were decimated in India – targeting Hindu unity and Varna system.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Sanskrit is the language of the Gods and is considered to be eternal.

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Abhinav Ji,

      NASA conducted research in space and found that the cosmos is resonating with sound of ॐ, the divine sound ‘OM’ which originated formation of Universes and Planets.

      Western scientists then started researching Sanskrit and Vedic texts to gain knowledge on astronomy and secrets of space.

      As per Puranas, Lord Shiv chants ॐ , so this could be sound of Lord Shiv himself in super ultrasonic interaction not heard by primitive sense organs that humans bear.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Perfect information. I thought the truth of the Indian Muslim cruelties would never ever emerge. Its so saddening that the Hindu people had to bear the brunt of 1000 year Muslim rule in India. The uncultured Muslims had arrived as barbarians to our great land, so cultureless r muslims that till date they are the same.
    India has been afflicted with type of cancer called Islam and whether we like it or not the afflicted part has to be amputated.

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Abhinav Ji,

      Though we cannot change the history, we have control on how we can make our future bright and supreme. We all should learn from past mistakes of our ancestors and NEVER again give any chance to Non-Hindu, Non-Vedic people to gain higher positions, ministeries, army or sensitive departments. Moreover, such anti-national communities should not be given any govt sponsored beneficial schemes.

      Being assertive is only way forward with such people.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Veena Sreekumar says:

    Radhe Radhe Ji,
    Sir I always liked the sites that makes a Hindu proud abt their culture and ur site is one of that kind and bcoz of the grt influence of hindu religion in my mind I always aspire to bcome an Indologist.Sir I would like to ask you abt one more thing Is Qutub Minar is the world’s largest astronomy instrument of the world i.e the Merustambh??will you pls cnfrm it?
    And abt humangods I always disliked abt them even Bhagwan also told us know Mata,Pita,Guru,Bhagwan…If we respect our elders & culture then wat is the need of this fake babas? Even my parents also strongly dislike this fake ones.I strongly oppose this humangod worshipping.Thank You
    Jai SriKrishna

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Veena Sreekumar Ji,

      Mehrauli, derived from the Sanskrit word Mihira-awali. It was the town developed solely for the purpose of astronomy and research around it. It was constructed to give due respect to the well known astronomer Mihira of Vikramaditya’s court who lived during that time with great mathematicians, scientists and technologists. It is also called Dhruv Stambh or Vijay Stambh used for astronomical observation on huge scale. There were many constructions which were demolished by barbaric mughal emperors. The 27 separate pavilions signifying 27 constellations of the Hindu Zodiac were constructed which integrated astronomy with astrology. It was developed to know positive compilations of astrological signatures with astronomy. It was great structure to know everything about astronomy and astrology – never heard before anywhere in the world at that time. It was not only the world’s largest but also most advanced and oldest astronomical structure.

      Jai Shree Krishn

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Veena Sreekumar Ji,

      Thanks Veena Ji for giving feedback in rewriting the history of world to give rightful importance to great Vedic culture, which presently people are not giving due recognition to. There were about 60,000 major temples across India which were converted or demolished by mughal emperors – these were either made into mosques or tombs. I will be covering several temples and surely the one you suggested above. First I will start with Indian temples where Vedic religious places are converted in fake godman temples (articles like this –; so that Indians revert to praying their gods by not falling into trap of islamic or western propagandas.

      I will be free after 16th May 2014 and would start publishing more such articles.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Veena Sreekumar says:

    Jai SriKrishna
    You have done a fab job I’m proud that the new gen is very proud of their culture.Yeah I know most of this things….I always told to my bro & relatives abt Akbar’s harem and “Great”(akbar-great)the great was not so great{but they teased me 🙁 }He only changed the name of one of our holy place prayag into Allahabad If he was secular then why did he changed name of Prayag??The main reason behind the war was MahaRana denied his marriage proposal…He had many wives…Not Bharmal who gave away his daughter Heera to Jalal(sry I lyk to call him Jalal nt akbar bcoz I dnt think he is great)instead of that Jalal kidnapped her 3 bros during a war and put a proposal infrnt of Bharmal that if he give his daughter to him he will release her bros Bharmal was angry on this firstly he denied later accepted(bcoz of Chugthai Khan)I always had a great devotion to Rajputs And Marathas(I think for me Shivaji Maharaj & Rana Pratap is great)In our Historytexts and all they don’t teach us abt Shivaji Maharaj & Rana Pratap they always teaches the stories of these losers..Can you pls share me more abt this losers???and I would like to know that the shared info by me is correct???(ref. history books and internet)

  • Navin Singh says:

    Namaste Lalit Kumar ji,

    Once again, what a fantastic article, one day we’ll definitely write the true history.

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Navin Singh Ji

      Thanks for your support, we need to spread the awareness among our Hindu brothers and sisters as we cannot expect non-Hindus to acknowledge the facts since they are leaving no opportunity to islamize and catholicize India.
      Spread and share the posts with your friends and colleagues. Jai Maa Bharti.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • primala devi visvanathan says:

    Pls recheck besides sanskrit d first language on earth is Tamil

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Primala Ji

      Sanskrit is the most ancient langauge ….request to some of my southern sisters and brothers, please do not fall prey to fake propaganda of Britishers which they enacted to demean Sanskrit (the most scientific language ever known to mankind and spoken by our Rishis and Gods). Sanskrit is now preferred by NASA and AI scientists to develop world’s first self-thinking Artificial Intelligence based computer. Sanskrit is time immemorial.

      Jai Shree Krishn

      • kumarganesh says:

        “u mean southern ” ; its only tamilians who oppose sanskrit , coz of there atheist believes (periyar movements ) and not karnataka , andhra , kerala .

        • Radhe Radhe Kumar Ganesh Ji,

          You stand corrected, though there are overlapping of anti-Sanskrit sentiments across many Southern states. But you are right on spreading hatred and prejudice against Brahmins (North and South both) by such movements; which were not only supported by periyar but dalit centric church sponsored evangelists.

          The responsibility lies on us to spread the truth of Varna System (Authority based on Karma and not by Birth) which was original essence of hierarchy system in Ancient India.

          Anything that decimates unity of Hindus by proclaiming to lead anti-Brahmin, anti-Jat, anti-Dalit or anti-Kshatriya movement is acting at the behest of anti-Hindu brigade because each one of these are Hindus and its a ploy to dilute Hindu unity in the name of Atheism and modernization.

          Jai Shree Krishn

        • Edited the response to respect your sentiments.

  • india main probleme sleeping 120 crore indian
    1) 24hour bhagwad gita…ramayan…bhagwat…ayurveda…sanskrit tv channel.
    first book world….veda…bhagwad gita
    first langauge world…….sanskrit
    mother of all langauge…….sanskrit
    first supermen……..hanumanji

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Bhasker Kumar Ji,

      Indians and particularly Hindus rise to the occasion whenever such situation come. This time Hindus are getting united and aggressive, you would soon see the positive results in coming elections.
      Culturally, we Hindus should be united against cow slaughtering, corrupting ganges and division created by malicious reservation system. The only criteria should be POOR Indian and not caste system, which is ruining Indianness and country’s unity.
      We are taking this adverse situation as an opportunity to Unite Hindus.

      Jai Shri Krishn

      May Lord Krishn Bless You

  • Excellent very true information provided. Thanks a lot.

    Truth always Triumphs.

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Jai Shri Krishn SudhaJi

      We hope so, one day we might be able to REWRITE true History of India.