gandhi loved islam, muslim and quran but hated Hindus

Purity of regional languages got decimated and corrupted due to invasion of Mlecchas (Jihadi mullas and looter britishers). The magnitude of attacks on Vedic culture was very penetrative and destructive in last 70 years of India’s Independence. The ferocious struggle lead by natives of Bharat since last 1000 years of foreign rule could not damage indigenous culture but the pro-islamic ruling of congress damaged the Hindu tradition and dialect to the core. The seeds of damaging indigenous tradition to manifolds were sown by C. F. Andrews, one of the pawns of queen of england, who stage managed to provide gala entry to another british stooge Gandhi in India. When minnow Gandhi came to India, no one knew about him but even before his homecoming, he was made a talking point by the newspapers through paid editorials. The insignificant incident of South Africa was exaggerated in the media, events heinous than Gandhi episode of throwing him outside train, happened thousand times in South Africa during that period but no such incidents were highlighted and popularized like Gandhi’s humiliation. Natives of South Africa never subscribed to Gandhi’s agenda called him racist as he was known to be a pro-ruler and not pro-struggler. In fact they used to rightly consider him obstructionist and stooge, truth Indians failed to learn from South African counterparts.

To fool natives, Gandhi was popularized and made messiah by the british government’s backend machinery, corrupt leaders, english media and local newspapers of India. You can relate to reminiscences of sudden rise of Anna Hazare, a bubble hero of paid movement by CIA, ISI and congress government to sabotage democracy of India and hand over proxy rule to few managed people in the guise of fighting corrupt system – that itself sponsored the movement to establish a non-democratic Lokpal dictatorship (democratically elected PM of citizens was supposed to undergo abeyance by non-elected Lokpal members of zero accountability). Backdoor colonization died its natural death for the betterment of India. Just as Anna Hazare’s movement had wrong agenda similarly Gandhi’s movement failed miserably due to ONE POINT AGENDA – DELAYING FREEDOM MOVEMENT of India which took steam during 1857 uprising gained momentum under leadership of Lokmanya Tilak ji.

A Curse on India, Gandhi and His Pigheadedness of Enforcing Koranic Jihadi Terms in the Daily Life of India

History of India is witness to the fact that all the movements initiated by Gandhi – from Swadeshi to Quit India were melancholic failures and even the independence came with a humiliation, ruling of 1000 years of invaders could not dismantle India but Gandhi’s stolid leadership decimated India into 3 parts, killed over 2 million Hindus and Sikhs in riots orchestrated by pakistani muslims, not to miss over 7.32 lakhs freedom fighters killed by britishers. Gandhi’s overstated non-violent struggle is a perfect CASE STUDY of how a failed Independence is achieved?

gandhi father of islamic terrorism in India

Anti-Indian Gandhi Sowed the Seeds of Anti-Hindi Movement and Elevated Foreign Language Urdu/Arabic Dialect


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Anti-Hindu Gandhi was Father of Muslim Appeasement and Not India?

Gandhi was ignoramus shoved his ill-informed theories on Indians to close conflicts without knowing the root cause of it. Gandhi said “a language which the largest number of people already know and understand and which the others can easily pick up. This language is indisputably Hindi. It is spoken and understood by both Hindus and Muslims of the North. It is (also) called Urdu when it is written in the Urdu character”. Crediting development of informal Hindustani language to muslims, Gandhi wrote, “The Muslims were the first to create literature in Hindustani. Their fakirs and saints used this language for their religious teachings and explained the principles of the Sufi religion in it also. Later, poets adopted it, and because Muslims used the language there came about a mixture of Persian and Hindi words”. So in a way Gandhi adopted a language which was disgraced form of Hindi corrupted by muslim saints to promote islam in India and acknowledge existence of their foreign Persian language. Astonishingly Gandhi even admit it in his own statement. Shame!

The Congress passed a resolution in 1925 calling it all-India speech Hindustani. Bastar.dization of popular Hindi language was done by Congress hurting 88% Hindu population, to appease 12% muslim population giving importance to invader dialect Urdu under veil of Hindustani.

Sgt Major Stooge Gandhi Supported British Against Black Africans

Hybrid language Hindustani never existed. It was created just to push Urdu among Hindus by stupid Gandhi. Every country has its own identity of language that connect people to people and keep them united. Japan has Japanese, Germany has German, Russia has Russian and likewise other islamic countries. But when it came to appeasement and killing roots of India’s identity at the cost of islam, Gandhi was proponent of all such demeaning acts. This single resolution of Gandhi and Congress made communicational Hindi an alien language in its own birth place India as it was never given importance and this paved a way for Anglicization of education system and further westernization of Bharat.

Gandhi’s thoughts on lunatic mohammed is shocking. It seems deep within he supported death of non-muslims at the hands of mohammed and his sadistic followers. The founder of gangster cult islam got killed thousands in his life-time to spread his cult but is peacemaker according to dhimmi Gandhi.

Pervert Gandhi in his undying anti-Hindu attitude missed a simple premise that local dialect help natives in sharing information and comprehending it easily. Hindi is a direct descendant of world’s first language Sanskrit.

When islam hates non-muslims their culture and tradition. When islam disavows Anthem or Rashtra Geet of a non-islamic country then its time to rectify past mistakes and remove Jihadi terms from the daily life. Islam was never a culture of India and should never be deemed so even ignorantly because islam has no space for non-muslims.

Jai Shiv Shankar Kill Jihadis Islamic Terrorists

Anti Hindu Gandhi Made Common Indians Use Jihadi Words in Daily Life Due to Duratma’s Quranic Love

Azadi in Islam

Wrongly populated as a word for Independence by Khilafat movement supporters.

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Azadi in islam means practicing sharia law without any restriction. Instead use the right term Swatantrata (स्वतन्त्रता).

Shaheed in Islam

Wrongly publicized as a term for Martyrdom during freedom struggle by congressmen.

Never use a Jihadi term to disrespect martyrs. Shaheed is only applied to those who sacrifice their lives for Allah’s cause of Jihad (terrorism) to populate Islam. Islam has no concept of martyrdom for a country, it has two divisions for the world Dar al-Islam (countries ruled as per islam) ‎and Dar al-Harb (countries for war, place where muslims reside under non-islamic law). Main agenda since inception of islam is converting entire world into Dar al-Islam. So use correct term Hutatma (हुतात्मा) meaning martyr of a Nation and not Shaheed.

Laanat in Islam

Wrongly populated as word for an insult or a shameful act by conversationalists.

Laanat means pray to Allah to keep a person far from his Mercy. The maloon (the accursed) will be punished by Allah** on the Day of Judgment as he is deprived of Allah’s mercy and blessings in this world. Laanat promotes fear of Allah.

Instead use the terms Aprathistha (अप्रतिष्ठा) or Apmaan (अपमान) (relative terms) wherever u find it applicable.

islam terrorism death cult muslim terrorists

Kaafur (Kafir) in Islam

Replacement word populated for immoral person or a person committing sin by script writers of cinema and literature.

Considered as the most derogatory term in islam. Muslims abide blasphemy law of koran to torture the non-muslims to convert or kill them painfully.

There is no substitute word, infidel is a relative term, Kafir reckoned as an expletive for the non-muslims. Instead use the right word Durachari (दुराचारी).

InshaAllah in Islam

Concocted version promoted as ‘God willing’ but it actually means Will of Allah. Islamists openly advocate that they only believe in Allah** and  there is no other word as God or Ishwar in islam. Allah is irreplaceable.

It is seen as a fashion statement nowadays. Several young Indians use it as a parenthetical term. The real purpose of using this term in islam is, a muslim is urged to utter the phrase inshaAllah whenever he intends to perform any act. It is like complete submission to Allah that whatever the act started or done by a muslim, it can only be completed by the Allah (Antipodal to Karma, that advocates good deeds begets good results and vice-versa).

Ghazi in Islam

Leftists, liberals and concocted historians promoted the term as the Warrior. Popularized by cinema and Urdu literature.

While the fact is Ghazi was a designation, a form of recognition (honour) to an invader who massacred non-muslims to instigate Jihad and establish an islamic state.

Always use correct term Yoddha (योद्धा) and not a symbol of terrorism, Ghazi.

Salam in Islam

Wrongly populated as a form of Salutation. It actually means establishment of Peace.

Never say Salam instead use Namaste (नमस्ते) or Namaskar (नमस्कार). It is based on science of honouring a person or audience. Namaskar means greeting a Soul (source of all) while Namaste means greeting the form that is covering the Soul. That is the reason when a person speaks to a large audience he greets them as Namaskar while when he greets a single person he says Namaste. Though we can use Namaskar even to greet a single person.

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Converting a land of non-muslims to islam by forceful conversion or Jihadi killing (terrorism) for Dar al-Islam formation is establishment of Salam. Greeting was made among islamic fighters to remind them that they have to fight war with non-muslims to establish Peace (through islamic Jihad.. ironical!).

**Allah = An Anti-god, the shapeless and merciless amorphous symbol founded by Mohammed which orders followers of islam to consider non-muslims as their foes, fears deities of non-muslims as the protector of enemies.

This is just the tip of an ice-berg there are hundreds of words that glorifies Jihad (terrorism) and are commonly used by Hindus due to collective ignorance. Share the post with maximum Hindu friends and take responsibility to spread awareness of truth and facts among Hindu brothers and sisters.

Anti Vedic Islam Remove from Bharat Ban Jihadis

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    1. Mohan Krishna says:

      Gandhi chanted the Rama Nama while breathing his last breath.

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Mohan ji,

        Duratma Gandhi was removed by Nathuram Godse ji for his anti-Hindu and anti-Bharat policies that gave upper hand to neighborhood muslim terrorists.

        This led to creation of Pakistan and later inclusion of Pakistan creators or Islamic traitors in free Bharat.

        “Hey Ram” was later concoction by leftists and congress to hide hatred of Gandhi towards Hindu population. Congress never wanted Hindu populace to know this truth. Later several witnesses confirmed that duratma Gandhi never uttered “Hey Ram” instead he said “aaaarggghh” and remain unconscious.

        Jai Shree Ram
        Jai Shree Krishn
        Har Har Mahadev

    2. ex Muslim Zishan says:

      Islam is curse on humanity

    3. Durgaprasad says:

      What is meaning of musalman and jehad

    4. Nair Khan says:

      I pray that all the Hindus revert back to there Vedic Roots (Sanatan Dharma)

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