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The number 666 has become one of the most well-known representations of the satan or antichrist or, alternately, the devil in contemporary popular culture, more so with the advent of internet, it has gained cult following. Both overtly anti-Christian subcultures and apocalypticist Christian organisations make sincere references to the number. They promoted this myth heavily post emergence of demonic Islam and evil deeds of its followers further cemented that Beast is Allah.

Most often, a few of the processes listed below are used to interpret the identity of the Beast control and the so-addressed Beast’s number 666.

  • Finding the numbers in gematria that correspond to the names of global leaders and comparing them to the biblical number.
  • Treating the number of the beast as a span of time.
  • Connecting the qualities of world leaders who reject Christianity with the imagery and symbolism of the antichrist found in the Bible.
  • Relating to conspiracy disclosures in some way.
  • Matching up with the cult islam’s plagiarised development.

They do sometimes justify theoretically that 666 is Satanic and represents Allah.

666 is Influential Not Just Satanic!

888 represents infinity of the three planes of our Earth. Though Earth has many inaccessible dimensions for humans but 888 impacts our current three dimensional plane. It is still dominating number in Kaliyuga along with number 9 that influences manifested beings within realms of Mrityuloka. The major significance of the 888 is influencing achievement after doing dedicated Karma based on the creativity involved and it offers good fortune in profession. The universe directs you in the correct path if it is sending you 888. However contribution of other numbers cannot be ignored. Life in Kaliyga is that of a warrior, you are constantly fighting negative people outside and negative traits inside. 9 being universal number is strong and benefits a warrior similarly number 6 affects science, occults and other relative aspects. It is not Satanic but its association with Islamic symbols made the number infamous.

Both 888 and 666 had deeper influence in Mrityuloka. 666 is altogether different than 888 and has materialistic connotation and short term significance on humans. Its development to be shown as Beastly number you will surely find interesting, new and unique because we are including numerology and also historical context of formation of Asuric cults. Let us dive in to revealing Kaliyugas Asura and enemy of humanity.

The number 999 represents transcendence and all knowledge pervading in the universe. A extremely powerful connection with the cosmic source that is unbound by all earthly ties is brought by the number 999. The number in the form of Jaap 108 mala (i.e. 1 + 0 + 8 = 9)  to chant mantras remove all negative effects of 666 that is emanated through illusions.

666 Influences Earth and People

The 666 is not evil but controls many things in present age. Post foundation of Islam, it became negative number because it confirmed John’s revelation, later many sects within Christianity followed it and popularised it as the number of Beast.

The number 666 has a Mayic connotation, it pushes you to material life and you are expected to enjoy life in this Mayic world by getting used to illusions thereby dwelling into more illusions within an illusive universe. It motivates you to concentrate on current affairs, incidents around and worldly issues. In a way, it makes you more emotional which is good in certain aspects of life when you give selfless love to your family and kids. But more emotions forces you to lose focus from the main issues then decision is taken from the heart, not by mind. From this point, the decline of the person starts. Balance is needed to control life because 666 influence is not going away unless you do meditation and counter Karma to reduce its effect.

The number 666 signifies the atomic numbers of abundant elements around; the carbon atom and its contribution in creation of human. Carbon-12; one of 5 elements in the human DNA is composed of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons, which reflects presence of 666.

For a healthy and normal being, the average body temperature is 66.6 degrees above freezing. Earth orbits around the Sun at 66,600 mph. This speed is very important, it affects weather, human body and nature within this world. Any slowness in the speed and Earth would start getting to the closer orbit and ultimately merge into the Sun. According to some astronomers, the sun will eventually perish in roughly 6.66 billion years. So Earth falling into Sun is less likely to happen unless some force evicts Earth from the orbit. The momentum of 66,600 mph is taking care of Earth’s balanced movement and life.

The Earth is in inclined position that helps it rotate on its own and revolve around the Sun. This inclined position is a tilt. There are 90° of latitude from the equator to the poles, and the Earth’s axis is now tilted by 23.4°. At lowest latitude of 66.6° N, you may experience the polar night in the northern winter and the midnight Sun in the northern summer. This is calculated as 90° – 23.4° = 66.6° for horizontal position.

If you use the well established Sulbha Sutra rule, you can determine exactly how many feet of movement occurs on a earth in a mile. This is in accordance to the natural curvature.

The rule described in the Baudhayana Sulba Sutra is: दीर्घचतुरश्रस्याक्ष्णया रज्जुः पार्श्वमानी तिर्यग् मानी च यत् पृथग् भूते कुरूतस्तदुभयं करोति ॥ dīrghachatursrasyākṣaṇayā rajjuḥ pārśvamānī, tiryagmānī, cha yatpṛthagbhūte kurutastadubhayāṅ karoti.

You can get the 666 as outcome after applying rule as given below:

√(radius in miles² + miles²) – radius in miles = earth’s curvature movement X by 5280 (feet in a mile). Now to get a calculation in terms of feet, a² = (3958.75² + 1²) so a² = 15671749.067 you then get value of “a” by reducing a² by calculating for the the square root of 15671749.067 that gives you 3958.756 and then subtract the radius of 3958.756 to get 0.00012630 miles, Now this 0.00012630230 miles X 5280 (feet in a mile) eventually gives us 0.666876144 feet. The 666 re-occurs in many natural movements of and within Earth.

To mock 666 as the symbol of evil, a meme was made with the square root of 666, or 25.8069, by mathematicians. They mentioned, If 666 is evil, is 25.8069 the cause of all evil?

666 CERN Numerology 6

There are many big brands who use 666 in their logos and symbols including Google chrome because WWW corresponds to 666 (W=6) and also summation of World Wide Web is 6. WWW is practically an illusion within this illusionary world. Its correspondence with 666 is completely understandable. For browser, they stuck to influence of 6.  Like Google Chrome uses a logo that reveals 666 symbol. CERN, a hub of hundreds of qualified scientists also use triple six or 666 symbol in its logo.

Google Chrome Logo 666

Chinese people frequently use the number six into their home designs and business branding. They view it as fortunate. Since the number six has the same sound as the character for “smooth” in Chinese 溜, 666 may also imply “everything goes smoothly.”

Though like other MNC and billion dollar Industries, CERN, Facebook and Google are not managed by saints. They all openly supported poisonous vaccination drive. They even gagged those who openly revealed that Covid was a staged hoax at global level to inject poison in humans.

To understand it further, one of the examples of abusing 666 is in the naming of terror manual, QURAN. So it becomes Q=1, U=6, R=2, A=1 and N=5. Then adding each letter value, Quran is revealed to be squatting to number 6.

Evility for 666: Humans Working for Negative Forces

The number 666 is also populated by Church of Satan and secret societies headed by controllers of illuminati, free masons and Kuru circles. This syndicates are supported by several chapters of secret societies that are working across the globe to fulfil their agenda of ONE DAY formally announcing their AUTHORITY to the people, when they will reveal themselves, after forming ONE WORLD government. This is just a ploy to divert public anger to a particular number 666 and not to a set of global elites and demonic people who are out to destroy this World. They already started destroying Earth when several abrahamic sects were formed. Religions and then cults followed up. The evilest of all, islam came into existence to fulfil their wish of destruction and massacre of humans into billions.

In reality, it is a small set of elites who control billionaires and celebrities in human forms but follow Reptilian blood line (chimeras/cross breeding/zoophilia/cannibalism) under spell of dark forces, spirits and Pisaachaas. They gain strength as time cross different millenniums in Kaliyug. They obey to the remnants of those evil beings who were annihilated by Hindu Kshatriyas and kings during Mahabharat and Ramayan. Many of the Asuras fled and few of them were pardoned off, their new generations are controlling and executing evilities in surface Earth. The description of these evil beings who live in inaccessible part of hollow Earth is given in Mahabharat and Ramayan of Dev Loka versions. There are two versions, one that covers humanly incidents and others that discuss events involving Devi Devtas of Swarg Loka and other Lokas. The accessible part of hollow Earth has 12 to 15 feet humans who belong to well mannered and highly developed civilization. They are peaceful compared to inaccessible abodes of evil beings. The peaceful and evil beings beneath Earth are again influenced by 666. Hollow Earthling is equal to number 6.

The promotion of number 666 by secret societies is done so that common public convey curse to the specific number instead of actual humans who are destroying Earth to make negative forces more powerful. The elites cabal are the real culprits; Bill Gates, Charles Koch, Royal Dutch family, Royal British family, Rothschild family, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Jeff Bozos, Klaus Schwab, Zhong Shanshan, BlackRock owners and many others (few names are given in Annexure 1). They are projected as billionaires and celebrities (media personalities/movies) but in reality they are all pawns of secret societies; they obey whatever task is given to them. They are glorified maids. Common people lead more carefree and peaceful life than these celebrities. Their life is in danger the moment they stray from the diktat given to them, they are killed in the drug overdose or suicide or staged accident.

Evil Islam’s Father and 666

This is open truth that islamists of today are remnants of Asura, most of whom were killed in past ages. They are slaves of Shukran. Shukran is the ruler of Venus. Venus is influenced by number 6. Shukran also sums up to 6. Shukracharya sent many Pisaachaas during that period. His method to begin new cult has always been same, sending Pisaachaas and then the possessed man would start proclaiming himself as the messenger. His next plan is to send a woman, this would be more disastrous for traits of females around the world and highly detrimental to productive aspect of the human race, Man.

This new cult originator woman posing as a messenger would harm men more than women. Prostitution would become most sought after profession at the surface and hidden level of society. Many married women would indulge in this activity hiding from parents and husband. Raising girl child would become rage among women. Single mothers would be norm of the community. Men would turn into drunkards and drug addicts. Few would become impotent.

You may comprehend the enormous loss to humanity when that woman messenger appears. Just by understanding how dangerous Muhammed proved to be for humanity. Imagine a female replica of Muhammed.

Shukran being influenced by number 6 gave same attribute to Muhammed. Summation of Muhammed is 6. Their evil book Quran also sums up to number 6. The mecca created from assemblage of immense negative force feeders, before destroying pious temple has Kaba, and Kaba also sums to number 6. Shukran has completely influenced his own traits over his slave Muslims. Sura is Devta in ancient Bharat. Asuras are opponents of Suras (demigods). Suras is also referred by Muslims to read Kuran (Kuru + Aan, pride of Kauravas). Suras when combined become number 6. Quran also has numerological value of 6. So many incidences of number 6 around islam is not coincidental. Whoever comes in contact with Shukracharya is turned into Asuric resource to enlarge spectrum of NEGATIVE ENERGY.

Number 6 though an influential number in Kaliyuga for common people, was also given to islamists as they are negative sources of energies in human form. The emotional and influential number 6 of Kaliyuga becomes negative number 6 under islam. Islam will face fast decline post 2040, again under influence of number 6 (2+0+4+0). Most of the Muslim clerics are under spell of PisaachaaThe Pisaacha in numerology is also 6. Like Asuras who were instructed to marry or keep multiple wives (abduct, rape) and multiply like rats, the concept of Nikah and multiple nikahs were adopted in islam. Asuric concept of Nikah has foreign origin. Arabic word ‘Nikah’ means ‘coitus’ or sexual intercourse, there is no social family life structure associated to it. It is not social marriage like Vivah in Hindu Dharmis. Nikah only means to have sex and reproduce like animals. Nikahs is also number 6.

Pre-islamic abrahamic cults including Christianity consider Goat as Devil’s animal. Satan is also shaped with a goat like face and horns. Islamic traditions, which support immoral deeds, regard Goat as a blessing (Barakat) to improve fortune. Goats are thought to possess traits that improve breeding. What others consider as symbolically an evil animal, for islam it is fortune and supposedly a good asset to offer Allah. Devil’s favourite animal Goat is offered to Allah. Allah is indeed Devil. Goat when combined for each of its letter in numerology is 6. Goat is loved and nurtured by islamists before slaughtering it for Allah. Goat bearing horns is seen as devil incarnation by ancient tribes pre-dating Christianity as depicted in their paintings and carvings. Muslims love and feed Goats. They offer it to Al Ahad whose sum number is also 6.

Zoophilic is a disgusting satanic activity done with domestic animals and was commonly practiced in mughals. Asuras of previous Yugas never indulged in such heinous crimes but Kaliyugian Mlecchas are fond of such activities. In fact mughals popularised this animalistic traits among their bastard children born out, as a result of widespread rapes. The bulk of today’s Muslims are the illegitimate offspring of Mughal terrorists and their soldiers, and the majority of their ancestors had fallen prey to at least one Muslim terrorist under islamic terrorism. Muslim terrorist also signifies number 6. Rather than resisting, they succumbed to this devilish cult. Zoophilic again sums up to number 6. It is very common among teenage muslims and more so very openly practiced in Morocco and Pakistan. You can search internet and find the facts. Degrading acts like zoophilic behaviour diminishes aura of next generation, newly born humans whose parents were involved in such sins. That is why Muslims have very fragile aura and are herdable by their Maulanas and clerics. The dilution of human aura negatively impacts consciousness of Earth and empowers negative forces.

After each phase of defeating Devtas and slaughtering innocent human beings, Asuras used to thank Shukra. Similarly after doing evil activity with fellow human beings (non-muslims), creature islamist yell “Allah Ka Shukra Hai” this phrase has numerological value of 6. Muhammed married Aisha when she was a baby of age 6. Here, the influence of 6 on the Slave of Pisaachaa of Shukracharya is clearly evident. Allah ka Shukra hai also means that Allah is taken care by Shukra. Because Shukracharya is in a way father of Allah.

There are over 78 such occurrences that is relevant to islam and its demonic leaning which subscribe to number 6 and is deeply influenced by 666. However, mind this, 666 is not evil but its association with islam makes it evil. And more so due to influence of Daitya Guru Shukran who is himself under influence of number 6.

Islam celebrates its cult practices every Friday, 6th day of the week. Again number 6 signifies its influence on their weekly ritual.

Number 6 that controls and spreads islam will also self-destruct the cult to ashes. Because it weaves web of illusions and within this illusion islam would cease to exist. 6 is good for better people and worst for bad people.

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satanic islam 666 devil beast number 666 muslim

History of Influence of Number 6 on Islam

Shukracharya (Shukran, Shukr, Shukra) was forced to do penance for 5000 years and then another 1000 years. He took formation of 6 to do this penance. The combination becomes 5k + 1k = 6000 years which is 6 + 0 + 0 = 6. Again motivation number for Shukran is 6.

There is a history behind this penance.

Due to his past bad karma and sins, Shukran fell from Moon and then to Earth in a weak condition. That time, he fell in front of his father Bhrigu. After 1000 years of penance, Bhrigu opened his eyes to discover his son’s decrepit body close by. In his stomach’s crevices, frogs lived, and birds had built nests in the lines on his skin. Sage Bhrigu was enraged and prepared to imprecate Yamraj for his son’s untimely passing. He was prevented by Yamraj from wielding his significant penance to curse him. He said that Shukran was to blame for this terrible situation. The Sage was then instructed to use his powers of perception to know deeds of  Shukra in meditation on the banks of the Ganga. After Shukra’s body was brought back to life by Yamraj, he apologised to his father Bhrigu for his past deeds. Then Bhrigu revealed him his lifetimes to show him what he should not have done and gave him advice on achieving dharmic spiritual prosperity.

Shukra thereafter engaged in penance and offered 5000 years of devotion to Bhagwan Shiva in vain. He subsequently made the decision to increase the severity of his penance. He bend forward in Yoga pose facing his head down so that he can rely only on inhaling smoke to keep him alive for endless years till Bhagwan Shiva appears. He worshipped Shiva for a further 1000 years while subsisting solely on the smoke from burning leaves. Taking smoke all through night before sunrise while meditating for Bhagwan Shiv all through day. Bhagwan Shiva later appeared in front of him to respond to his 1000 years of devotion.

Shukra Shukracharya Smoke Penance Head Down 1000 years.jpg
Notice How Asur Guru Shukrachrya Bend His Head Forward in Yoga Pose in shape to Inhale Smoke for 1000 Years of Penance. Yoga Has Infinite Poses for Different Planes and Species. For People in Kaliyug There Are Majorly 84 Poses (Ancient 840 poses) but Kuru Controlled Slaves, Muslims Only Took This SPECIFIC Pose Because Their Actual Asur Guru, Controller of Allah or Satan, Did Penance in the Same Pose.

Shukran asked for gaining Sanjeevini Vidya knowledge that was previously only known to Maa Parvati, Kartikeya, and Ganesha in entire Universe. Bhagwan Shiva smiled and personally imparted this knowledge to him, he knew the purpose of his meditation was to gain this secret knowledge but he did not stop Shukra from having it. Shukra would then get another blessing as the finest planet in the sky. All auspicious activities would only be carried out while Shukra was in the sky as it would rise in the morning. Notice the term sky, this is for visualization of Earthlings and Shukra was not given some special status. Bhagwan Shiva appreciated Shukracharya that like a son does bhakti to his father, he did same for Bhagwan. In a way , Shukra became son of Bhagwan Shiva. Bhagwan Shiva is omnipresent and protector of all types of humans, species, invisible and visible beings including negative resources.

Shukran later practised polygamy, married three women; Jayanti, Urjjasvati and Sataparva and bought up many children Devayani, Ara, Shanda, Tvasthadhar and Marka who later took Shukra’s lineage to countless Daityas so as to establish his Asuric clout in the Universe. Shukra’s lineage still has a big control on accessible Plane Earth and inaccessible Hollow Earth due to Asur Kali’s influence. While their slave muslims are used as canon fodders to generate negative energies to feed negative spirits and forces.

Slave Muslim Namaz is Shukracharya Pose of Penance
Compare this Image with Above Image. Slave Muslims Replicate All Mannerisms of Shukracharya bending forward and forming shapeto imitate him. Kurus Respected Shukracharya as They Were Given Support by Him to Form Different Anti-Vedic Cults. Mleccha Muslims Being Slaves of Kurus Did Whatever Shukracharya Practiced in His Life.

Reader can clearly notice here that Pisaachaa that casted spell on Mohammad pushed him to follow all rituals and mannerisms of Shukracharya to pray anti-god Allah. Bending forward, facing head downward to inhale smoke became Namaz pose for slave muslims. Eating at night or before sun rise during penance of Shukracharya became norm for Ramzan. Shukracharya always advised his Daityas and Asuras to marry as many women as possible. They followed his life ritual of practicing polygamy keeping many women so as to produce countless children to increase their population easily and increase spectrum of negative energy. Presently, muslims are following same demonic lifestyle that was prescribed for Asuras by Shukrachaya. However this spectrum of negative energy was broken in the past and will be busted again to spread positivity in the atmosphere. Shukracharya is ruler of number 6 for this Kaliyuga. And islam has deep connection to number 6 in many ways. It is definitely a demonic cult.

Like Shukran even muslims make shape during Namaz replicating his act of penance.

Shukracharya 6 Shape Venus Made in Namaz Islam Muslim

Asuric Islam in Devil Worship

It is most likely more difficult to locate a single unique number, like 666, than it is to find hundreds of other potential numbers without finding a match to 666. But when it matches with core influencers of the cult then it is no more coincidence. It is showing relevancy to the number because its existence is impacted by its influence.

Due to rule of Kali (Asura) in Kaliyuga, Negative people will show 6 Negative Traits:

  1. Posing as self-righteousness while making own laws
  2. Obstinacy and stubbornness
  3. Dominates women, family and friends
  4. Violent meddling into everything
  5. Egotistical and susceptible to flattery
  6. Outspoken to hurt others

Muslims show above traits because Kaliyug resides on 6 places and dominates these 6 traits. The Asuras (anti-gods) in any form are depicted to become proud, vain, to stop penancers, to violate sacred laws, not visit holy places, stay unhygienic, not cleanse themselves from sin, to be envious of devas, torturing fellow living beings, creating confusion in everything and challenging the devas. Here if you compare with traits of Muslims, you may be not be  surprised to know that these Asuric traits emanating from 6 negative traits of Kaliyug is present in islamic lifestyle. Go anywhere in the world, in Muslim dominated places, it will be most dirty and unhygienic of the locations compared to non-Muslim areas in the same city.

Muslims believe that Jesus, also known as Isaa in Arabic, was a prophet or messenger of God and is referred to as the Messiah in the Quran, but they do not worship him or regard him as divine. Isaa again has value 6. They concur with his teachings as well. But do not see him as a deity. Only Allah as deity and Muhammed is acknowledged as the last messenger by them. But by claiming that Jesus is the Messiah, they are endorsing his messianic message rather than his work as a heavenly Christ. And they wholeheartedly concur with what he says and teaches.

Being newly founded cult, its followers feel ashamed when they are reminded that islam came mere 1400 years back, they try to justify its antiquity by parasitizing over older texts. Somehow desperately trying to squeeze islamic plagiarised teachings in pre-dated texts. This behaviour matches with the trait of another Asura, Ravan who always justified his acts by reminding others about how Devtas killed Asuras in the past. Incidentally, Ravan also bears number 6.

Asuras also lived in secluded places and attacked in groups deceptively, devil worshipper Muslim follows same Asuric pattern of staying in ghettos. Muslims are cowards they attack at nights like Asuras and gherao single warrior. Similarly, when they are alone they are less effective and beg for forgiveness like a rat but when they are in group they become Muslims. Not shocking Muslims has numerological value of 6.

Asuras were misfit for civilised society, their thought process of killing and massacring innocent people and Yagna doers made them hated by every being, even animals hated them. There are numerous incidences in Ramayan and Mahabharat when animals helped in killing Asuras.

Muslim clerics openly justify killing those who leave islam. Islam is indeed gangster cult, once you fall into it, you can only enter but cannot leave, you are a prisoner of its cult book and disgusting teachings. Yusuf imitated his Asuric behaviour when he made such death threats. His name also is influenced by 6.

786 Begins with mission to completeness but ends in the pit of Demonised 6. This Demonisation of 6 is done by Islamic preachers and cult book Quran

In February 2013, Yusuf Al Qaradawi stated on Egyptian television that the application of the death penalty for those who leave Islam is a necessity, stating, “If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment, Islam wouldn’t exist today. It would have ended after death of Muhammed” Qaradawi also cited several speeches and writings by Muhammed and his followers, such as Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:33, which he quoted as “The punishment is that they (apostates) should be murdered or crucified.” Qaradawi further explained, ” … many hadiths, not only one or two, but many, narrated by a number of Muhammed’s companions state that any apostate should be killed,” like Ibn ‘Abbas’s hadith: ‘Kill whoever changes his faith [from Islam].’ His statement shocked the world as he made this statement in live TV.

Uncivilised Yusuf proved beyond doubt that he belong to devilish cult islam. Islam is the source of evility and terrorism across the world due to its teaching. He also confessed that islam has no SPIRITUALITY to sustain post death of its founder. They need sword and terrorism to prolong existence of islam among its cult followers. Summation of letters in Yusuf is 6.

Muslim’s respect to their real father Shukracharya is unwavering they respect him by making shape of 6 while doing anti-circulation movement in Kaaba. They can never make CIRCLE or in anti-clockwise manner because when they enter, they make a curve and then step into making anti-clockwise 6 for unleashing negative energies. Vedic teachings are reversed by Muslims to empower negative forces.

Muslims Make Shape 6 Around Kaaba Unleash Devil 666 Negative Forces
Following the Number Pattern You Can Understand How Muslims Make SHAPE 6 and Pay Respect to Shukracharya’s 6 Their Real Father.

Islamic Preachers Cite Biblical literature But It Exposes Them

Islamic preachers time and again cite Hindu Dharmic books and other religious revelations of Christianity to justify their mystical transcendence. This is nothing but self-stripping exercise. According to Biblical literature, that Muslims also consider as a book of revelation but not the final one. Let us check what their endorsed literature tells about Allah. Existence of Islam perfectly gives evil meaning to the number 666. It does not represent the masses, or number of days or certain number of events or the number of followers of Muhammed. It actually signifies the Allah itself.  As per the revelation, in order to identify the end-time beast, the three Greek letters convey a message to John and, from John, to the Christians. No sane man has a number in place of a name, hence this isn’t a literal number. Here, Allah itself is expressed as 666 along with a name.

In The Name of Allah 666 Satanic Islam Devil Worship

Before Islam was even created by Muhammed and long before Shukracharya’s Pisaachaa cast his spell on him, John recognised the first Greek letter χ as “chi” as seen in the image as the shape of two crossed swords. Mind this, most of the conflicting cults has direct influence of Shukracharya. He is still Guru of negative forces and Daityas. So most of the symbols and marks that cults in Kaliyug use, are directly under influence of him and his number 6.

In The Name of Allah is Greek Letter 666

The following ξ again a Greek letter pronounced as “xi” is written vertically and corresponds to the Arabic name of Allah when written horizontally. Thus, the mark with the last letter more of an emphasis mark, known as a “sigma score” and not a (“sigma”) itself, is the sign of the crossed swords coupled with the name of Allah. In contemporary Greek, the letter sigma doesn’t even exist.

This is what John’s Revelation verse 13:18 accurately translated implies.

“This is knowledge. The plurality of the beast is the multitudes of a man (Mohammed), and (the same millions) are all associated with the mark, the name of Allah. Let him who has knowledge decide who the multitude of the beast is.”

The phrase multitudes, or the enormous number/multitude of individuals who worship the end-time beast day and night, is a more appropriate translation of the Greek word number.

The Greek text uses gematria to symbolise the number 666 rather than writing it out in longhand.

By using a technique of numerical coding called gematria, the Hebrew alphabet’s letters are given number values. The summarised indication is as follows:

The initial Greek letter “χ” which is pronounced “chi,” has a numerical value of 600 when read from left to right.

The numerical value of the middle Greek letter “ξ” which is pronounced “xi,” is 60.

Stigma is how the third Greek letter ς is pronounced. The last Greek letter is also an accent rather than a letter. Although stigma’s numerical value has altered since the first century, it had a value of 6 at that time.

With simple summation, therefore, X ξ ς has the numerical value 600 + 60 + 6 = 666.

The word stigma is defined in literature as a mark or identification label or impression. And true to this meaning muslims including their fellow terrorists use the symbol as mark on their flags and badges as shown in the image below. This way islam turned a moon God, Chand or Hubal or Alla or Labh or Som into demonic Allah.

islam muslims turned hubal to demon allah devil 666
Islam Turned 666 In to Demonic For Islamic Terrorists. Almost All Islamic Terrorism Flags Have 666 as a Symbol.

Islam unleashed this demon Allah to the world. Terrorism and islamic jihad of neighbourhood muslims is very common in India, Sweden and many European countries. The influence of Kaliyuga 666 is turned into a Beastly number by Muslims.

Different interpretations of Revelation 13:18

Interpretation 1: Revelation 13:18 tells us that the number of the Beast is the number of a man, and its number is 666 (According to English Bible Versions). It is better translated “Multitudes” of a man.

Interpretation 2: Revelation 13:18
Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Interpretation 3: Revelation 13:18
Here is chochmah (wisdom). Let him that has binah (understanding) consider the multitude of the beast: for it is the multitude of a man; and his
multitude is encoded in ‘chi, xi, sigma.’

When compared to the Codex Vaticanus, it is simple to observe the parallels between these crossed X swords, the Name of Allah ξ (flipped), and the stigma ς. Even all three of the figures X ξ ς on almost all Islamic terrorist banners, which is likewise displayed in this orientation diagonally, can be seen with close inspection.

Similarly In Revelation 1:9,

I, Yochanan, was on the island known as Patmos for the Word of Aluah and for the witness of Yahusha Messiah. I am also your brother and comrade in the tribulation, reign, and patience of Yahusha Messiah.

On the Island of Patmos, Yahuchanan (John) authored the Book of Revelation. He exposed the hideous figure’s reality.

This confirms that John had predicted the coming of Satanic Allah long before it was recited in the mind of Muhammed by Shukracharya’s Pisaachaa. Later many fabrications were added to Kuran, the final version took over 3 centuries.

The verses of John’s revelation was cited here because islamic preachers use Biblical literary quotes extensively to prove that Muhammed was a prophet. But they always fail miserably.

Similarly they quote Bhavishya Puran, in it there is an incident when Muhammed (Mahamad, they claim Mahamad is Muhammed) was mocked and was almost killed by the king. The king Bhojaraja was taken aback when he observed Mahamad lying to him and showing his illusion to fool him. The king’s commander Kalidasa reprimanded Mahamada, saying, “O scoundrel, you have produced an illusion to bewilder the king; I will murder you, for you are the lowest,” out of rage. The king then turned and departed. This is how so called prophet Muhammed (or Mahamad as Terrorist Zakir Naik claims) was insulted. Instead of insulting if Mahamad was killed then islam would have not existed.

The white supremacist group formed as Vitt Ariskt Motstand, registered their first retaliatory muslim kill in Sweden, when muslims killed two Christian whites. They considered Allah and its script as Devil 666, made calls “True Christians will not hold the Beast’s mark.” before slaughtering the islamic terrorist. However their reach was not deep and in those days Sweden still believed in multiculturalism fakery of foreigners.

Allah Satan 666 Demonic Islam Devil 666

Shukra’s Influence of 6 and His Pisaachaa’s Spell

Shukran sent several Pisaachaas to different set of people so that they could be made his slave but most of them fled or were able to control Pisaachaas as few of them still practiced Vedic rituals.

Ghosts and Pisaachaas do not embrace or touch. They violently squeeze the person. Same thing happened with Muhammed. Muhammed felt a hard pressure from the Pisaachaa. Muhammed was trembling in complete disbelief. Muhammed was so terrified when he really encountered the ghost that he hurried home to his wife and begged her to wrap him in clothing “I turned around after hearing the summons again and saw Pisaachaa seated on the throne in the open space. I started shaking from the dread. I went to Khadija and told her to wrap me. They covered me with a blanket and doused me in water.” (Sahih Muslim book 1, chapter 74, line 307, page 100 by Jabir).

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When the Pisaachaa went, Muhammed was in terrible distress. He was very much disturbed. Before seeing Muhammed, like other spirits, this Pisaachaa appeared to a number of individuals to make them first slave but failed.

One important incident from the life of Muhammed must be cited here to understand what type of person he was. When Muhammed turned five, his foster parents decided to return him to Amina because they were worried about his mental health. Amina gave up the child as she never wanted him. She was hesitant to accept the child back because she hadn’t yet found a new spouse, but then Halima informed her about his odd conduct. Since Muhammed was weaned at the age of two, they had made several attempts to return him, but Amina had demanded that they keep him for a little longer. Ibn Ishaq has a record of Halima saying: “I am concerned that this kid Muhammed has had a stroke, therefore returning him back to his home before the outcome shows.” “The mother of Muhammed questioned me and wouldn’t let me rest until I explained what had transpired. I admitted that I thought a demon had taken possession of him when she questioned me about it.” [Sirat Ibn Ishaq, page 72: Ibn Ishaq (pronounced Is-haq, Arabic for Isaac) was a Muslim historian, born in Medina approximately 85 years after Hijra (704. died 768)].

Ghost Possessed Muhammad Slave of Pisacha

Muhammed occasionally went through some odd bodily ailments. It is reported from Hadith Mishkat that he occasionally would shrivel and faint, scream like a camel, and exude white frothy saliva (Hadith Mishkat iv p.359). When he received revelations, there would occasionally be a sound like bees buzzing close to his face (source: Umar Ibnu’l Khattab), while other times he would experience severe headaches.

Symptoms of a possessed Person who is under control of evil spirits or Pisaachaa are; headache, sweating, forgetfulness, eyes rising up, fear, suicidal thoughts, anger, brutal behaviour, abusive, lustful, attraction to malice like excessive alcohol drinking and drug abuse, changed personality, different voice, yelling, shivering, body getting warm, staying quiet for long hours, and uncontrollable conduct.

Compare the possessed person traits with what was happening with Muhammed. That is why in initial years when he preached about this cult, no one took interest in his vicinity, they had witnessed Muhammed rolling in pain, sweating and yelling. Like his foster parents even neighbours thought of him as a possessed man.

It is very rare that good spirits give visit. And when they do they do not behave like evil ghosts harass the person. Muhammed’s response was very different. If he had acquainted with a noble ghost, he would have not behaved like a terrified victim. Unquestionably, something upsetting happened. He returns to his wife perplexed and terrified, asking her, “What’s wrong with me?” Muhammed had his wife wrap him in a blanket because he did not want to see the source of his fear once more, much like kids do when they are terrified of monsters in the dark.

Muhammed was not fully convinced whatever Khadija said. He tried to relieve himself by taking his life multiple times. He leaves her after being unsatisfied with her comfort since he has a gut feeling that something bad has occurred to him. The only method he is aware of to handle it is to take his own life. But this spirit intervenes from the mountaintop, comforts him, and rubs his ego by saying, “O Muhammed, you are apostle.” Muhammed climbs down the mountain again.

The suicide attempts made by Muhammed are not widely cited by sly islamic preachers as they know this would project Muhammed as a weak common man. Muhammed was so terrified after the first time, a Pisaachaa visited him, that he made an attempt at suicide. He climbed a peak in preparation for his intended suicide jump. The same entity that had first terrified him then stepped in. After this spirit’s appearances decreased over the course of the following three years, Muhammed would attempt suicide once more in a similar way. Again, the fact is, Muhammed did not commit suicide as he was solely prevented by the intervention of this Pisaachaa.

This happened again and again several times he feared and got back without committing suicide. Taking other’s life was easy but self-killing was too hard for Muhammed.

Muhammed struggled with fear, sadness, and uncertainty that were too genuine and enduring to get rid of. Comforting words did not help in internal suffering, uncertainties, and worries “I am a poet or possessed, woe is me! I’ll climb to the top of the mountain and commit myself by jumping to my death so I may relax.”

Few Islamic leaders openly discuss this life phase of Muhammed but mostly ignore this aspect and do not reply to their followers since it tarnishes Muhammed and calls into question the veracity of his purported “prophetic” experience. Other, smarter Muslims who are aware of the sources reply by claiming that the experience’s shock contributed to the man’s attempt at suicide. They argue that any common man would commit suicide if encountered with ghosts or angels. What an absurd argument, if this was the pattern then thousands of ghosts possessed incidents that occur regularly would have ended only in suicides but it is not so. Only heavily possessed person under influence of Pishacha commit suicide, which comes in rare cases of possessed victims. Instead the possessing entity utilise the body of the person for fulfilling its own desires or the purpose of the person to whom Pisaachaa serves. An alive person possessed by the Pishacha is not killed because it uses the victim’s body. Only in revenge cases, Pisacha or the spirit kills the person.

Muhammed is left without help. Khadija insisted this is God’s medium and you are prophet. As time goes on, this Pisaachaa visits Muhammed less frequently, but recalling possessed moments, invokes sadness and torments in him stronger than before. He makes another attempt at suicide. The Pisaachaa again steps in at that precise moment and commands him to halt. Over the ensuing years, he experiences more depressive episodes, makes more attempts at suicide, and the Pisaachaa never gives up on him. Pisaachaa tells him he is apostle. Muhammed starts to think of himself as a divine messenger.

Muhammed sums up to 6 and Pisaachaa also in numerology is 6 so gradually both of them began to enjoy each other’s company. They invented a death cult islam that was man centric and hellish for women and kids. (Refer Annexure 2).

The same Pisaachaa was later falsely claimed to be a Gabriel by the Muslims to use Bible’s connection to paint Muhammed as the messenger but the traits shown by the Muhammed was not of a sane person let alone being a messenger. God is not weak to send messengers that too at a scarcely populated place infested by unhygienic Mleccha people who always try to destroy Dharma in all ages. It is proven multiple times in Vedic history.

For Kaurava’s slave Muslims across the world, the Cave of Hira (Gufa Hira) is very important because Muhammed is said to have meditated there and is reported to have received his first revelation of the Quran from Pishacha (falsely claimed as Gabriel) there. Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad’s first revelation was found in chapter 96 (again summed up to 6). Pisaachaa (falsely claimed as Gabriel) appears to Muhammad as he is in seclusion in the Cave of Hira, which is situated at Mountain Jabal al-Nour close to Mecca, and tells him to “Read!”

Pisaachaas are not knowledgable entities, they are slaves to serve purpose of destructing consciousness and enlarge circumference of negative spectrum. If the spirit was really a noble, wise and good soul then it would have known that Muhammed was illiterate but when this ignorant Pisaachaa asked Muhammed to READ, he replied that he could not Read as he is illiterate. The evil origin of islam was again revealed when evil spirit possessed illiterate uncivilized Muhammed employ all fakeries and life-threatening tactics to spread cult islam, at the behest of Pisaachaa. No divine intervention happened. It was all evil beings associating to form a death cult, islam, one demonic Pisaacha from other dimension helping another wicked Muhammed from Earthly dimension.

Muslims Unleash Negative Energy Making 666 Shapes in Kaaba

Emotional 666 Turned into Satanic 666 By Islam

There is no concept of Satan or Allah in any other dimensions and planes of this universe. They are recent creation of manmade cults who are controlled by negative forces residing in inaccessible secluded places of Earth and hollow Earth. They are used by negative and Asuric forces of Shukracharya to strengthen their clout in Mrityulok.

Satan or Devil do not exist in Vedic Hindu history. Asuras and Daityas are different than Satan. However since islamists cite Satan every time and throw stones at imaginary ones in Kaba, it became necessary to show them their reality. There is no detailed RESOURCE MATERIAL on Shaitan that they throw stones upon. Only few times SATANIC VERSES were cited in Quran. But fabricated Allah itself being devil is proven by Biblilical literature and several ancient Hindu and past Vedic historical anecdotes.

The number 666 has two extremes, one positive and another negative. Islam is surrounded by 666 influence but since muslims contribute to negative forces and employ terrorism as a method to spread their cult, 666 reflects negativity to Asuric muslims.

The 6 points given below define advent of islam. The cult is deeply immersed in the negative side of 666.

    1. 6 Pillars. The Six pillars are – First pillar: Shahada (Declaration of Faith), Second pillar: Salah (Prayer), Third Pillar: Zakat (Almsgiving), Fourth Pillar: Sawm (Fasting), Fifth Pillar: Hajj (Pilgrimage) and Sixth Pillar: Jihad (Islamic Terrorism).
    2. 6 Men. According to islamic Quran, the six men were made messengers. The prophets Isaa (Jesus), Musaa (Moses), Dawud (David), Ibrahim (Abraham), Saleh (Shelah), and Muhammad were tasked by God with bringing their own sacred literature into existence.
    3. 6 Beliefs. The Six Beliefs are; Belief in the existence and unicity of allah, belief in the existence of angels, belief in the books of allah, belief in allah’s messengers and that muhammad is the last of them, belief in the day of judgment and belief in the qadhaa’ & qadr (doom & divine decree)
    4. 6 Shukrawar. The day of Shukracharya. Being Shukran’s slave muslims revere 6th day of the week, Friday as the auspicious day. The Quran invokes the importance of Friday as a sacred day of worship, making it a the day of congregation.
    5. 6 for Venus. The lumbar area, semen, veins, parathyroids, urinary system, and kidneys are all related to Venus. Self-indulgence, self-centeredness, vanity, and superficiality are some notable features. It cause issues with relationships, male virility, money, and orderliness or aesthetic beauty in life. The native lose everything of his or her material possessions, fortune, and familial comforts.
    6. 6th Messenger. Among Major cults, Muhammed is the last and 6th Major messenger. He claimed to be the last prophet. However he only interacted with Pisaachaa, he never met Shukracharya. That is why the lunatic did not know anything about future (or slyly never wanted to). There will be several men and women messengers sent by Shukracharya in next few centuries.

Mohammad was under spell of 6 and always obeyed this number. Because Shukrachaya’s Pisaachaa controlled his thoughts, feelings, emotions and all his actions. After his death, his followers did more fabrications to the Quran. The slavery to Shukracharya’s Pisaachaa continues till date by Mlecchas.

Demonic Cult Islam and Its 666 Ceases Soon

Anti-Vedic Roots and Influence on Death Cult Islam

You cannot win over demonic cult islam if you do not remove them from the earth because Kali (Asura), maansik ruler of Mrityulok control these traits and indirectly support those who develop these traits however bearer of this traits die painfully and face afterlives of low level non-human species. Their death make Kali (Asura) more powerful.

More insult to women (destruction of feminine energy that powers Mahadev and creation cycle) means more power to negative forces giving strength to Kali (Asura).

Krishna Dvaipayana, our present age, Vyasa said that any Hindu (Kshatriya) witnessing a cow slaughter and not responding to it, by killing that butcher brings hordes of misfortune to that person. King Parikshit had the unfortunate experience of seeing a king assault a cow and a bull. There is no greater sin than to kill a cow because cow brings prosperity, land fertility and maintains balance for nourishment and health of others. They also prevent natural disasters like floods, starvation, and drought. They help to maintain mother earth’s positive energy.

Parikshit, son of Abhimanyu and Uttara, was a devout Hindu Kshatriya, made the decision to assassinate the culprit king for harming the cow and bull. When Parikshit was about to kill the king – the cow, the bull, and the king all abruptly changed into Mother Earth, Dharma, and Kali, respectively.

As it was beginning of the Kali Yuga, Kali begged the Parikshit not to fight and kill him. Kali requested Parikshit to spare his life and choose the places where he may live in Mrityulok. Then Parikshit allowed Kali to get his power from the events of violence, intoxication, prostitution, greed, gold and gambling.

Parishit Saved Dharma Maa Dharti Mother Earth Humanity

Kali’s parents are responsible for most of the crimes of criminals by imbibing their traits in them to harm humanity. Such offenders in human form deserve to be killed. Krodha (Anger) is father and Hinsa (Violence) is mother of Kali. Alakshmi or Daridrata is his better half. Islamists help in spreading chaos, genocide and plundering so that Kali takes over that place and enjoy bloodshed. The oldest of the Kaurava brothers, Duryodhana, was a manifestation of Kali. Duryodhana was intrigued by all the negative traits given below.

  1. Violence: Killing animals and innocent people
    Muslims have festival of killing animals like Bakri Eid. Muslims through islamic terrorism killed billions of people in last 1400 years to feed Asuras and negative forces.
  2. Alcohol: Drinking or indulging in its business.
    They abstained from drinking alcohol but are forced to dream about drinking alcohol in fake heaven with fabricated tales of having sex with young man (sodomised) and girls (hoors).
  3. Prostitution: Objectifying women as sex objects through different means.
    Muslims practice polygamy. The concept of Fahisha regularising prostitution in the world was introduced by islam through their sex slavery permitted in Quran. Tawaif concept was introduced by tent dwelling mughals when they found beautiful women here. They marry four women (and pubescent young girls over age 9) and keep multiple females. They commit most of the crimes against women – like female genital mutilation, forced coverage of women in black tents, love jihad, molestation, gang rape (taharrush) and domestic violence.
  4. Gold: Seeking precious things and owning them by illicit means.
    Most of the robberies are executed by Muslims. Muslims have habit of cheating. They do not return money, especially to those Hindus who trust them and lend them interest free loans. Their crime list pertaining to wealth is huge. They think looting money from Hindus (Kafirs) keeps their devil Allah happy, they re-enact all terrorism activities of Muhammed.
  5. Gambling: Indulging in card playing, poker and all money related games and schemes.
    Muslim avoid gambling but force others to do so to dupe money.
  6. Greed: Seeks more without consuming the existing resources.
    Muslim play victim cards like Pasmanda, Ex Muslim farcical sufferings to seek sympathy from ignorant Hindus and free subsidies from government to deeply exploit Hindu tax money. Muslims trap old couples, young girls and properties of Hindus and non-muslims to later grab them. They try to avoid repaying loans. This empower negative forces and Kali more.

Again 6 negative traits of islam is causing harm to humanity and Hindus.

Quran and Hadith Exposes Islam as Evil Cult

Negative influence of natural 666 is clearly reflective in cult manuals; Quran and Hadiths.

Notice the consistency in associating with number 6 of their Guru Shukracharya in all their life rituals. Even Muhammed was heavily influenced by the Shukran.

The interval between Jesus and Muhammad was 600 six hundred years. This means 6+0+0 = 6
Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 3948
In-book reference : Book 63, Hadith 172

We participated with the Prophet in 6 six Ghazawat, and we used to eat locusts with him.
Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 5495
In-book reference : Book 72, Hadith 21

It was narrated from ‘Aishah that the Messenger of Allah married her when she was 6 (six) years old, and consummated the marriage with her when she was nine.
Grade: Sahih (Darussalam)
Reference : Sunan an-Nasa’i 3255
In-book reference : Book 26, Hadith 60

It was narrated from Abu Ayyub that the Messenger of Allah said:
“Whoever fasts Ramadan then follows it with 6 (six) days of Shawwal, it is as if he fasted for a lifetime.”
Grade: Sahih (Darussalam)
Reference : Sunan Ibn Majah 1716
In-book reference : Book 7, Hadith 79

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She said that God’s Messenger never came into her house after praying the evening prayer without praying 6 (six) rak’as.
Abu Dawud transmitted it.
Reference : Mishkat al-Masabih 1175
In-book reference : Book 4, Hadith 592

He also reported from Jabir (RA):
“He [Allah’s Messenger performed 6 (six) bowings with four prostrations (in a two Rak’ah prayer for Eclipse).”
Sunnah.com reference : Book 2, Hadith 438
English translation : Book 2, Hadith 506
Arabic reference : Book 2, Hadith 508

Ibn Abbas reported that Allah’s Apostle entered the Ka’ba, and in it there were 6 (six) pillars, and he stood near a pillar and made supplication, but did not observe the prayer.
Reference : Sahih Muslim 1331
In-book reference : Book 15, Hadith 442

Abu Hurairah narrated that:
Allah’s Messenger (S) said: “Whoever prays 6 (six) Rak’ah after Al-Maghrib, and he does not speak about anything between them, then they will be counted for him as twelve years of worship.”
Grade: Da’if (Darussalam)
Reference : Jami` at-Tirmidhi 435
In-book reference : Book 2, Hadith 288

Ibn Abbas narrated:
“The Prophet returned his daughter Zainab to Abul-As bin Ar-Rabi after 6 (six) years in the first marriage without renewing the marriage.”
Grade: Da’if (Darussalam)
Reference : Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1143
In-book reference : Book 11, Hadith 65

It was narrated that Zaid bin Thabit said:
“This Verse – ‘And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell’ – was revealed 6 (six) months after the Verse which was revealed in Surat Al-Furqan.”
Grade: Hasan (Darussalam)
Reference : Sunan an-Nasa’i 4006
In-book reference : Book 37, Hadith 41

It was narrated that Abuy ya fur said:
“I asked ‘Abdullah bin Abu Awfa about killing locusts and he said: I went on 6 (six) campaigns with the Messenger of Allah hand we ate locusts.”
Grade: Sahih (Darussalam)
Reference : Sunan an-Nasa’i 4357
In-book reference : Book 42, Hadith 95
(Also mentioned in Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 5495)

Anas ibn Maik said:
“The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) used to perform the mid-morning ritual prayer in 6 (six) cycles.”
Grade: Da’if Isn?d (Zubair `Aliza’i)
Reference : Ash-Shama’il Al-Muhammadiyah 288
In-book reference : Book 41, Hadith 2

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said:
“Whoever prays 6 (six) Rak’ah after the Maghrib and does not say anything bad in between them, will have a reward equal to the worship of twelve years.”
Grade: Da’if (Darussalam)
Reference : Sunan Ibn Majah 1167
In-book reference : Book 5, Hadith 365

It was narrated from ‘Abdullah bin Busr that the Messenger of Allah said:
“Between the fierce battle and the conquest of Al-Madinah will be 6 (six) years, and the appearance of Dajjal will come in the seventh.'”
Grade: Da’if (Darussalam)
Reference : Sunan Ibn Majah 4093
In-book reference : Book 36, Hadith 169

Narrated `Uqba bin ‘Amir Al-Juhani:
The Prophet distributed among his companions some animals for sacrifice (to be slaughtered on `Id-al-Adha). `Uqba’s share was a Jadha’a (a 6 (six) month old goat). `Uqba said, “O Allah’s Messenger! I get in my share of Jadha’a (a 6 (six) month old ram).” The Prophet said, “Slaughter it as a sacrifice.”
Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 5547
In-book reference : Book 73, Hadith 3

Abu Huraira said that a desert Arab presented God’s Messenger with a young she-camel, in return for which he gave him 6 (six) young she- camels. He was displeased, and when the Prophet heard that, he praised and extolled God and said, “So and so presented me with a she-camel and I gave him 6 (six) young she-camels in return for it, but he was displeased. I feel inclined to accept a present only from a Qurashi, an Ansari, a Thaqafi, or a Dausi.”
Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud and Nasa’i transmitted it.
Reference : Mishkat al-Masabih 3022
In-book reference : Book 11, Hadith 256

Jibril Gabriel had 600 six hundred wings. Jibr?l has also been depicted as sitting on a chair suspended between heaven and earth.
Al-Shaibani narrated on the authority of Zirr who narrated it on this authority of Abdullah that the (words of Allah):
“The heart belied not what he saw” (al Qur’an, Iiii. 11) imply that he saw Gabriel and he had 600 (six hundred) wings.”
Reference : Sahih Muslim 174b
In-book reference : Book 1, Hadith 338

Jabir reported Allah’s Messenger as saying:
Sacrifice only a grown-up animal, unless it is difficult for you, in which case sacrifice a ram (of even less than a year, but more than 6 (six) months’ age).
Reference : Sahih Muslim 1963
In-book reference : Book 35, Hadith 19

Abu Huraira reported that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon hlmg) said:
I have been given superiority over the other prophets in 6 (six) respects: I have been given words which are concise but comprehensive in meaning; I have been helped by terror (in the hearts of enemies): spoils have been made lawful to me: the earth has been made for me clean and a place of worship; I have been sent to all mankind and the line of prophets is closed with me.
Reference : Sahih Muslim 523a
In-book reference : Book 5, Hadith 7

Narrated `Abdur-Rahman bin Abu Layla:
Ka`b bin ‘Ujra said that Allah’s Messenger said to him (Ka`b), “Perhaps your lice have troubled you?” Ka`b replied, “Yes! O Allah’s Messenger .” Allah’s Messenger said, “Have your head shaved and then either fast three days or feed (6 poor people) six poor persons or slaughter one sheep as a sacrifice.”
Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 1814
In-book reference : Book 27, Hadith 9

Qaf 50:38
Indeed, We created the heavens and the earth and everything in between in 6 (six) Days, and We were not ?even? touched with fatigue.

As said before, whatever begins for completeness with number 7 ends with Sukhra’s number 6 for islam. This 786 is Pisaachaa’s influence. Shukra will be the destroyer for them. Shukracharya starts a cult and then destroys it. He does it for learning several lessons, then makes changes and begins with another cult. The cults that emerge in the last phases of Kaliyug ages are very Asuric and million times disastrous than self-destructive Islam. This is cyclic and happen again in present age.

Hindus were way too tolerant towards anti-Vedic cults that is why they lost so many countries and are about to lose Bharat is they do not weaponise and retaliate. Parsis mocked Hindu deities and converted Vedic Gods into Devils and Asuras into their deities. Result is for the world to see, after some centuries they were massacred mercilessly for their bad Karma because they called upon Asuras. Asuras themselves drank their blood. Similarly, islamists are invoking evil negative forces by calling Allah. Shamelessly, later Parsis ran back to Bharat seeking refugee status. Hindus helped them, other community or non-Hindu sects would have killed them for their anti-Vedic demeanour but Hindus foolishly accepted them. Still Parsis have not changed, most of the NGOs, anti-Hindu narrative ecosystem and leftist news magazine are funded by Parsis. Parsis true to their ancestral nature of selling country’s interests for profit, participated in EIC’s opium trading – Opium, heroin, morphine, and codeine are among the hallucinogenic chemicals that the flowering plant known as the opium poppy generates. They were extensively used to poison Chinese and people abroad. The East India Company grew it in Malwa and exported it from Bombay. At its peak, the Parsi-owned Jardine’s trading house in Canton received over one-third of all Opium commerce. And Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, the individual who made this trading possible, allegedly earned more than 2 crore in the 1820s. He made the most money by transit trading the poison to different parts of Asia and World.

Parsi sins are given here as a context to remind Hindus that like Parsis perished for their sins, islamists will soon perish but for islamists to perish Hindus would have to take blessings of Krishna and behave like a warrior Arjun. Without Karma of retaliation, Muslims will continue destroying our nation, our culture, killing our people and Dharma. Destruction is signature of islam, they never created or invented a single pin in entire history of existence. They only loot and label them in their names.

Parsi sins: The devas were transformed into demons and ahura (Asura), as the highest divinity, in Iran, reversing the cycle of Good vs Bad. In Hindu history, the devas and asuras collaborated to churn the milky ocean in an effort to find the elixir of immortality known as Amrita. Parsis simply removed that and attributed everything to Ahuras (Asuras). Similarly Neo Buddhists and anti Hindus also changed entire Vedic history and abuse Hindu Devi Devtas while applauding terrorists like Mahishasura as their deity who deservingly Maa Durga killed with her trident and became Mahishasuramardini. Hindu girls must become Mahishasuramardini for modern Asuras around.

Conclusion: As you can see, simple Arabic moon God, one of the 360 idols of Kaba, Allah is converted into devil and emitter of negative energy by Mlecchas. It is a fabricated creation of Muhammed due to evil motivation of Pisaachaa however we all must join hands to free this world from this evil demonic cult. Number 666 as bad omen is not believed by Hindus or any other non-abrahamic cultures. This is recent phenomena developed by abrahamic cult followers.

Secret societies are using islam as a veil to finish off local cultures, temples and traditions. Several terrorist outfits are funded by USA, CIA and secret societies, they use Muslims as canon fodders. But Muslims are not innocent, they cherish killing people that is why they also deserve to be given same treatment. Globally, secret societies have ONE AGENDA – TO FINISH OFF LOCAL CULTURE and CREATE ONE WORLD GOVT so that ruling humans like caged parrots becomes easier.

Annexure 1

The list of elites who control the world indirectly and use their clout to make policy changes. They are working for ONE WORLD Govt. But they are also pawns of super elites who shadow control these people. The super elites manage secret societies. They are untracebale and only use certain cryptic words in messages to give commands, they never show their face. They will reveal themselves when they will control entire world by destroying local cultures of all nations so that forming ONE WORLD govt and setting New World Order becomes possible.

  • Al Gore, Vice-President of the United States (1993-2001), Chairman and Co-Founder, Generation Investment Management LLP
  • Andre Hoffmann, Vice- Chairman, Roche
  • Angel Gurria, QECD
  • Bill Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Christine Lagarde, President European Central Bank
  • Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance, Office of the Deputy Prime minister of Canada
  • David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman, Carlyle Group
  • Dustin Moskovitz, Open Philanthropy, Facebook co-founder
  • Fabiola Gianotti, Director-General, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
  • Feike Sybesma, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Royal Philips
  • H.M. Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Queen of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Office of H.M Queen Rania Al Abdullah
  • Heizo Takenaka, Professor Emeritus, Keio University
  • Herman Gref, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Sberbank
  • Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman Siemens
  • Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer, Accenture
  • Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
  • Kristalina Georgeva, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • L. Rafael Reif, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Robert Mercer, Renaissance Fund
  • Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister, Government of Singapore
  • Thomas Buberi, Chief Executive Officer, AXA
  • Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist
  • Zhu Min, Chairman, China’s National Institute of Financial Research
  • Larry Page, Google
  • Laurence D Fink, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Black Rock
  • Luis Alberto Moreno, Member of the Board of Trustees World Economic Forum
  • Marc Benioff, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce
  • Mark Carney, United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance, United Nations
  • Mark Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, Nestle
  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
  • Mukesh D Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries
  • Orit Gadiesh, Chairman, Bain & Company
  • Patrice Motsepe, Founder and Executive Chairman, African Rainbow Minerals
  • Paula Ingabire, Minister of Information Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Innovation of Rwanda
  • Peter Brabeck-Latmathe, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, World Economic Forum
  • Peter Maurer, President, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
  • Ratan Tata, Tata Group

Annexure 2:

Even in the Quran, [7], there are references that people believed that Muhammad was possessed or influenced by demons.

Sura 81:22-25 says, “No, your compatriot [Muhammad] is not mad. He saw him [Gabriel] on the clear horizon. He does not grudge the secrets of the unseen, nor is this the utterance of an accursed devil.”

Sura 69:41, 42 say, “It [the Quran] is no poet’s speech: scant is your faith! It is no soothsayer’s divination: how little you reflect! It is revelation from the Lord of the Universe.

Here Muhammed is saying to his critics that he really saw an angel, and his words are not from a devil, or from his own imagination. No doubt the people living at that time thought he was inspired by a devil, so Muhammed spoke these words, as the Quran, in self-defense.

An experience Muhammad had as a child. When Muhammed was a child a Bedouin woman nursed him. During this time he had an experience with “two men in white raiment”. Here is W. M. Watt’s translation of Ibn Ishaq’s biography of Muhammed, page 36: “…two men in white clothes came to me with a golden basin full of snow. They took me and split open my body, then they took my heart and split it open and took out from it a black clot which they flung away. Then they washed my heart and my body with that snow until they made them pure.”

This event deeply disturbed the Bedouins and they returned Muhammed to his mother. Here is the story told by Muhammed’s wet-nurse, related in Guillaume’s translation of Ibn Ishaq, page 72: “His [Muhammed’s friend’s] father said to me, “I am afraid that this child has had a stroke, so take him back to his family before the result appears. ….. She [Muhammad’s mother] asked me what happened and gave me no peace until I told her. When she asked if I feared a demon had possessed him, I replied that I did.”

Even in his childhood, some people thought he was demon possessed. Note that even Muhammed’s wet-nurse believed he had been demon possessed. One expects a degree of attachment between the two, since she cared for and nursed him. And note it was Muhammad’s mother that brought up the possibility of him being demon possessed. So it is peculiar that both the mother would suggest it and the wet nurse would return Muhammad in those circumstances: something alarming actually occurred.

Other Sources: There are multiple verses that you can create a booklet around the suicide attempts of Muhammed. Muhammed’s attempts at suicide are mentioned in a number of important Islamic sources, including the “Sahih” collection of Hadith by Bukhari, “Sirat Rasulallah” by Ibn Ishaq, “Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir” by Ibn Sa’d, and “Ta’rikh al-rulul wa’l-muluk” by Tabari. Many aspects of modern Islam are based on these original texts. After the Quran, Bukhari’s Sahih Hadith is regarded as the second most significant body of texts in Islam. The finest source for early Islamic history is Tabari’s History, while Ibn Ishaq’s biography of Muhammad is regarded as the most reliable biography still in existence.

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    1. Noni Singha says:

      About numbers.
      Before invention of zero by Aryabhatta what numerical system adopted in Vedas Verses?
      And, Is the number of Vedas Varses re arranged after invention of zero?
      If someone highlights about this matter it will be pleasent for knowledge.

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Zero and all such functional aspects pertaining to scientific references are re-discovered millions times (cyclic) only to be forgotten again.
        Aryabhatt re-discovered that was already given in nasadiya sukta.
        We are rediscovering everything in a loop. Universal elements are in cyclic form.
        Everything starts with Sanatan Vedic, later to end there.

        Jai Shree Krishn
        Har Har Mahadev

    2. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      So Kali(Asur) is controlled by Sukracharya to spread the demonic cults in this Kali Yuga. Today Kali(Asir) wife Daridra devatha is roaming around the Muslim dominated areas. Muslims are the human incarnations of Kali(Asur). Muslims also marry siblings which Kali(Asur) also did. Eve and Adam are also brothers and sisters, both married. Islam and Christianity follow this Eve and Adam to degrade Vedic Hinduism about origin of Humans. thank you so much Haribol ji to expose this Demonic cult PISSLAM

    3. Madhav Das says:

      Great research done.
      Again new and unique information only expected from haribhakt.
      Interesting read and good to spread awareness.
      Positively this article is refreshing. It opens up facets that is untouched. Your research on kaba is too good.
      It also exposes truth that our forefathers told us that Islam is creation of Shukracharya.


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