The beginner of the Universe is the word ॐ (Om). All the shlokas and mantras of Sanatan dharm (Hinduism) starts with the ॐ , an eternal ekakshari (एकाक्षरी) mantra. Mere chanting ॐ resonates the body internally killing all the diseases. Reciting ॐ repeatedly help the human body and mind immensely and the person remain healthy. Regular chanting ॐ help to make our life, environment, neighbourhood and people around delightful.

ॐ (ओ३म्) Super Powerful Mantra

ॐ OM Mantra is Positive Energy Invoking Mantra

ॐ revitalizes person, pulsating and energizing every part of the body. The eternal sound of Universe ॐ is Pranav Mantra (प्रणव मंत्र), first and foremost Ekakshari (एकाक्षरी) Mantra. It is a divine boat which help us in reaching our true destination after we take birth in mrityulok (earth) – प्र means Prakriti (प्रकृति-earth) and प्रणव is like boat which help us in reaching rightful path. ॐ is the divine medium which gave us birth and path to reach our final destination. That is why ॐ is Pranav Mantra (प्रणव).

Why all Hindus of India should recite ॐ and Azans of masjid should be banned in India

ॐ OM Mantra Completes The Divinity

It is believed that any mantra or shloka that does not begin with or do not have ॐ in it is meaning-less, dead mantra – no power to solve the purpose of the mantra. Whether you recite such mantra millions of times; it will never heal your mind, body and soul. If you do not know any mantra then merely chanting ॐ is enough to sooth the mind and body. It is better to recite ॐ few times than recite dead mantra hundred times.

To sharpen memory, skills and concentration ॐ is the best mantra to chant and can be recited by professionals, students and workers of any stream.

ॐ is chanted by all planets, earth, sun and Universe

ॐ (ओ३म्) Mantra Positive Energy Generator

ॐ OM Mantra: Benefits of Chanting and Meditation

The process is very simple and can be performed by any person who has even least knowledge of Hindu rituals.

1) Get up early in the morning at Brahma Muhurt (around 4:00am). Take bath and get ready by 4:30am.

2) Face towards east.

3) Sit in Gyan Mudra (as shown in image).

4) Keep your lips apart and eyes open.

5) Think of saffron ॐ right in the middle between your eyebrows. If you cannot think, you can have a saffron ॐ image right in front of your eyes at 2 feet distance. It is placed straight to the opposite direction of your middle-part of eyebrows.

6) Chant the mantra ॐ at least 108 times.

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7) Practice the process daily to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

8) Daily practice enhances intelligence, voice become sharp and clear. Your face and body glows with brilliance and splendor.

9) After ॐ mantra 108 times  (जाप) recitement, close your eyes slowly, rub your palms against each other and slowly place them on your face, gently rubbing them against your face. This help in making body strong, glowing and responsive.

10) Those who suffer from loss of money, loan, poverty, outflow of money to wrong means and hurdles in new beginnings; they should wear yellow dress especially dhoti and chola of yellow color while chanting  ॐ

11) Daily practice revoke all the problems in life and after few weeks positive results are experienced by the Sadhak.

Benefits of OM ॐ Mantra - Facts about ओ३म्

ॐ is pronounced as ओम (OM). The mantra is omnipresent and spread across galaxies, Universe and planets. Brahma means expanse, spread and endless extension, the sound of Omkar (ओ३म्) or ओंकार has more than 100 divine meanings.  Om has no beginning and end, it is divine symbol of Nirvan.

 ॐ OM Mantra- No one Can Move Away from the Universal Effect of OM (ओ३म्)

If you are born in this universe, then you are bound to have positive impact of ॐ spread all around you and environment. ॐ is pronounced as ओम (OM). When you chant it you should press more on ‘ओ’ and then say म्

OM is complete and correct mantra, other mantras without it are mere words.

ॐ is the only divine sound in Universe, that is not created by collision of two Universal objects. The sound of ॐ cannot be developed by hitting two things or by the clap of hands. The emergence and expansion of OM cannot be measured and controlled by any one in this world. The sound of ॐ is chanted continuously across the Universe. It can be heard at minutest of things which can be seen in microscope to the largest of creations, an endless expansion which cannot be captured with naked eyes.

Hindu Sages and Sadhus were able to identify the sound of ॐ and gave this knowledge to the world, that there is one divine sound which keep resonating across the body, mind, places and entire Universe. After deep dhyan one can clearly hear the sound ॐ emanating internal and external to body. The more our mind and body concentrates to this sound ॐ more relaxed we feel internally.

It is not easy for normal person to hear the ॐ sound, only hard penance and tapasya can help in achieving the avastha where a Sadhak can clearly hear the sound of ॐ

Chanting of ॐ generates pious energy immensely energizing the surrounding with positivity. Continuous recitement of ॐ invoke more positivity expanding its area of circumference. To listen the sound of ॐ one should remain silent, calm and in dhyan mudra. The moment you listen the sound of ॐ you get closer to the Bhagwan and a divine connection starts developing with the Bhagwan. The most easiest and simplest way of connecting to Bhagwan is chanting ॐ

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ॐ OM Mantra Represents Tridev and Trilok

The sound of ॐ is endless, it cannot be disturbed, destroyed or distorted. ॐ is made up of 3 Sanskrit letters अ उ and म and is recited in the same sequence as ॐ by Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets and entire Universal elements including Universe.

When we take breath, sound of ॐ is generated by our body. No one can remain unattached to the sound of ॐ the existence of every being in this Universe rests on ॐ

ॐ is tridev and the scared symbol of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh
Om is Sound Manifestation of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

ॐ controls the breath of our body. ॐ is powerful and supersedes the strongest and weakest of all the elements in this Universe. ॐ is the beginning of a mantra, the mantra becomes complete, effective, pious and powerful because of the positive impact of ॐ

While praying any Bhagwan or Maa, it is imperative to begin the mantra with ॐ
As we see in Shree Ram Mantra: ॐ रामाय नमः
Bhagwan Shiv Mantra: ॐ नमः शिवाय
Bhagwan Vishnu Mantra: ॐ विष्णवे नमः

ॐ signifies Tridev; Bhagwan Brahma, Bhagwan Vishnu and Bhagwan Shiv. ॐ also means interconnection of Earth, Bhuv and Heaven.

ॐ (ओ३म्) is Eternal

ॐ OM Mantra, The Divine Healer for all forms of Ailments

ॐ is greatest of all एकाक्षर ekakshar mantras, other ekakshar mantra are श्रीं, क्लीं, ह्रीं, हूं, फट् similarly several devnagri letters are ekakshar like कं, खं, गं, घं and others.

All mantras are recited with the help of tongue, lips, palate of mouth, throat and lungs – utilizing them at the same time while liberating air from lungs. The moment ॐ is recited, the resonating impact of ॐ touches all chakras and positively energizes hormonal fluids of the body. The energized flow of fluids through the glands enhances immune system and stop spread of disease within body.

The chanting of ॐ is done early in the morning. ॐ can be chanted in different yogic positions too like (padmasan) पद्मासन, (ardha-padmasan) अर्धपद्मासन, (sukhasan) सुखासन and (vajrasan) वज्रासन.

Scientific meaning of ॐ and scared symbols within ॐ

It is ideal to chant ॐ 108 times. Still if you are very busy, you can chant ॐ 5, 7, 10 or 21 times depending on the time you want to devote for the recitement. You can chant loudly or quietly with jap mala (जप माला).

Chanting of ॐ OM Mantra

  • Invokes strength in the entire body and sharpens concentration of mind
  • Keeps heart beats normal
  • Controls blood pressure under stress
  • Negates Mental strain
  • Makes a person more strong internally and physically
  • Makes mind pious and clean

Both Reciter and listener of sound  ॐ benefits with the positive impact of Universal sacredness.

ॐ OM Mantra is the only “Protecting” Sound – Stop using Anti-Vedic Negative Azans and Hymns

Body and mind respond according to the effectiveness of positive and negative sounds. A negative sound invokes enmity, enviousness, animosity, anger, ego, fear and lust in the mind and body of a person. That is the reason, when foul language is used, mind and body respond with negative emotions at a time. This increases pulse and heart rate and person becomes angry. The toxic flow of fluids generated by anti-Vedic azans and hymns make demon out of normal person. The person with negative hymns become liability and danger for the society and humanity.

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Chant ॐ (Om) Daily Stop loudspeakers from emitting anti-Vedic azans by mlecchas in mosques of India

While a positive sound of ॐ purifies mind, body and blood thereby making the person filled with happiness, kindness and truth.

ॐ is the Universal sound and signifies the presence of Bhagwan in human body. ॐ is present in your heart and mind helping you read this post. We all should respect the sound of Universe ॐ while chanting daily.

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    1. NITESH KUMAR says:

      u r on wrong path nothing plz correct ur writings name taken of god in any form whether its om or allah or jesus al are same.plz correct ur notion ur talking abt maya but i think bigest maya for u is ur relgion.

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Jai Shree Kishn Nitesh ji,

        You are suffering from a dangerous mental disease secularism, that made great Hindus (if you really are one) suffer slavery and colonialization for 1000 years.

        Religion or cult is not Hinduism.
        Hinduism is a dharma, with hundreds of schools of thoughts to lead life filled with morality and virtues.

        DO NOT COMPARE Hinduism with recent manmade cults.

        To know TRUE forms of existence of these cults and its impact on Hinduism, and how they follow secularism,
        Google “haribhakt 164 verses of quran”
        Google “haribhakt Hinduism under threat” and open your eyes.

        Secularism is a dangerous disease it closes the mind to think at physical selfish level not connecting to cosmic supersoul as taught in Hinduism.

        Be brave, confident and aggressive if you are a true Hindu. Biased secularism of Bharat has almost killed our Hinduism. Do not be an opponent of Sanatan Dharma, work for Universal conscience to rejoice Sanatan Dharma’s eternity.

        You are not a pawn but a human.

        It is easy to foolishly say that all are same blindfolded by secularism when you are in a majority (even that number is propotionately shrinking) but hard to sustain when other sides are in majority. Do you not know that killing millions of Hindus and forceful conversion of our brothers and sisters by muslims changed peaceful state Kashmir to an islamic state.

        Or you are in a cocoon to not understand how your so perceived same gods followers/christian missionaries converted North Eastern states, changing its demography to 90% christians, giving rise to Naga, Mao and Bodo terrorism.

        Even LTTE was christian terrorism in disguise of tamil pride, funded by Norway. You need to do deep research before making assessment. Come out of brainwashed and programmed education.

        You cannot follow secularism, when other sides are cunning, evil and demonic to kill existence of Hindus and Hinduism.

        Search now brother,

        Google “haribhakt 164 verses of quran
        Google “haribhakt Hinduism under threat
        Google “haribhakt History of islamic terrorism

        Jai Shree Krishn

    2. I m scared after reading Garuda puran
      How can I save myself from hell.
      I m horrified
      Can I plz help

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Jai Shree Krishn Vibha ji,

        We understand the sensitivity of the matter so please share why are you horrified on

        There is simple process that will help you in detaching from sins though karma bear fruits based on the actions and cannot be negated still you can share your experience so that its impact is minimised, yes there is process. Our dharma is to follow that process. Rest depends on Bhagwan’s will and Karmic impact.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    3. I’m having inner fear where I look at people I feel scared. A thoughts bothering me always whenever I look at people. How to overcome it? Please help me

      1. Jai Shree Krishn Prakash ji,

        1) Please memorise Hanuman Chalisa.

        2) Chant Hanuman Chalisa at least 11 times in the morning after bath

        3) Whenever you meet such dreadful persons… simply recite in mind – ॐ श्री हनुमते नमः – Om Shree Hanumate Namah ..Looking into the eyes of a person.

        You can understand Hanuman Chalisa here –

        You will be able to overcome fear in couple of months of regular practice.

        Jai Shree Krishh

    4. Sai ramya says:

      Guru ji,iam suffering with depresaion about a persom guy who is very close and suddenly making me avoiding and asking to go away, i want things to go good and get himback and talk to me normal like before iam unable to concentrate he told me to wait for few months and not to disturb iam unable to understand ease help me and save me in this situation.

      1. Sai ramya says:

        Guru ji,iam suffering with depresaion about a person guy, who is very close and suddenly making me avoiding and asking to go away, i want things to go good and get himback and talk to me normal like before.iam unable to concentrate he told me to wait for few months and not to disturb iam unable to understand pease help me and save me in this situation.will he be back and talk or what can i do. I only gave love but why this to me what i did.


        1. Radhe Radhe Ramya ji,

          Replied, please check response to your last query

          Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Radhe Radhe Ramya ji,

        This is the simplest method for us, because you are in depression…

        Pl chant Gayatri Mantra daily – minimum 108 times, maximum there is no limit. Practice this for one week and you will shift your focus from depression and sorrow to the source of cosmic transcendence.
        Also practice Pranayam (yoga) for 5 minutes daily in the morning and evening (whenever time suits you).

        Pl write back to us.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    5. gaurav.punj says:

      you remembered i’m less hearing sound on my both ear and bad speak on my neck ….childhood problem
      chant single Om in 108 times daily ?? or om namah shivaya ??? which one is better to do ????
      i can chant at outside.. i go to morning walk at 6 am…
      after back home and one hour later

      also i can chant or read the hanuman chalisa full shalok book front of our home temple

      is it better ?????

      1. Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

        You can chant OM or Om Namah Shivay anywhere, anytime but it is better to chant it in a clean, peaceful and pious place.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

        Yes you can recite Hanuman Chalisa in your home temple.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    6. gaurav.punj says:

      what’s Sikhs Believe “Ik Onkar” (One Supreme God but who’s Supreme God????) and “WaheGuru” ?????

      i have been sikhs families house (my neighbours) there’s photos of Mata Vaishno Devi and Lord Ganesha and other sikhs gurus photos why mix photos (hindu deities photos and sikhs photos in sikhs families home)

      and other when i visit mata Vaishno Devi at Jammu & Kashmir there’s Foreigners peoples (like American or Europe Skin) and sikhs peoples why deities or worshiping to Mata Vaishno Devi ?

      and other some real Hindus peoples also go to Gurdwara and Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) Amritsar, Punjab (well, i’m from Gurdaspur, Punjab)

      1. Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

        It is not surprising and very common as all religions tweaked or emerged from the origin Hinduism.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. God is nirakar and he is satakar ,, he is omni present and yet he is in us as atma .. which came from that parmatma.. waheguru.. shiv whatever u wanna say .. he is in ant he is in earth he is everywhere he is in water he is in galaxy he control million of galaxy .. even if u dont wanna go gurudwara and temples he is still with you.. all human wants is divinity.. and divinty is found through peace of mind.. if u find that peace in you.. then god is within you 🙂 ..Belive in him by faith not by fear 🙂 he will lisent .

    7. Abhijit Rana says:

      Very good information about Om mantra.

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