We Are In Kaliyuga – Proof That Kaliyuga Happened Before


KaliYuga (कलियुग), Age of Demon Kali, is the last of the four ages the world goes through as part of the cycle of Yugas described in the Hindu Sanskrit scriptures, within the present MahaYuga*. The other ages are called SatyaYuga, TretaYuga, and DvaparaYuga.

Current MahaYuga*: Currently, 50 years of Brahma have elapsed. The last kalpa at the end of 50 th year is called Padma kalpa. The current universe was created in the beginning of Padma Kalpa, i.e. 10.51 billion years ago. This is the first ‘day’ of the 51st year. This Brahma’s day, Kalpa, is named as ShvetaVaraha Kalpa. Within this Day, six Manvantaras have already elapsed and this is the seventh Manavatara, named as – Vaivasvatha Manvantara (or Sraddhadeva Manavatara). Within the Vaivasvatha Manavantara, 27 Mahayugas (4 Yugas together is a Mahayuga), and the Krita, Treta and Dwapara Yugas of the 28th Mahayuga have elapsed. This Kaliyuga is in the 28th Mahayuga. This Kaliyuga began in the year 3102 BC as per the proleptic Julian Calendar while as per Hindu Calendar more than 5000 years have already passed. Since 50 years of Brahma have already elapsed, this is the second Parardha, also called as Dvithiya Parardha.

The extremely rare alignment of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the seven other planets of the Solar System, that is considered to be the starting point of the Kali Yuga, is also depicted in the Mohenjo-Daro seals.

The time elapsed since the current Brahma created Universe can be calculated as:

3.1104 × 1012 × 50 = 155.52 Trillion Human Years (50 years of Brahma).

1.728 × 10^6 + 1.296 × 10^6 + 864000 = 3888000 Human Years elapsed in current Mahayuga.

Is Kali Yuga Real?

Human beings in kali yuga would think that they are very intelligent and encircled in their self-egoistic box they will ask for proof on knowledge passed on to them by their elders and ancestors. The worst kind of ages of kali yuga would find lack of proofs too. This is golden period so after some research you can find the answer to your apprehensions. The post is created after doing some deep research on the proofs of Kali Yuga; discarding several others and selecting only one which matches perfectly with at least one of the most highlighted aspect of Kali Yuga. Also its good to provide proof that is simple, easy to explain, comprehensible for better understanding.

The negative impact of Kali Yuga influence people of earth (mrityulok) with lust, greed, pride, enviousness, dvesh and wealth. People having any of these traits can never remain happy or satisfied even if given the post of Indra – Atharva Veda

Recent situation seen in the world is due to Kaliyuga (prabhav) impact and no one can escape it, but only when they get blessed with merciness of Lord Krishna.

Like other posts, before writing this post, I did research on finding proof whether the kaliyuga occurred and if  proof exists after lapse of millions of years, then by cross-checking can we make today’s people aware that future would be more graver and its high time they elevate their consciousness and social values.

How Researching for Proofs of Kaliyuga Became Almost Conclusive

While deep dwelling into various research conducted by Vedic scholars and pseudo-scholars of western thought, I came across a book called technology of gods, now the writer of this book does not know about four yugas: satya yuga, treta yuga, dwapar yuga and kaliyuga. But one particular reference on finding a mummy, millions of years old, got my attention, which asserts that kaliyuga indeed happened.

Its clearly mentioned in Srimad Bhagwat Puran, Garud Puran and other Vedic texts that at the end of Kali Yuga, the average size of human beings would be around 1 foot, average age would be maximum 12 years. The decline in height and age starts after Satyuga then average human height was 32 feet and age lacs of years with wishful death – no illness or ailments of body.

The strong proof of kaliyuga man was found in Pedro Mountain. The mummy of the man was only 1 foot tall featuring all human parts miniaturized in 1 foot body frame.

1 foot kaliyuga man

To further check whether the mummy of a yogi in a samadhi (anyone can know this by his sitting pose and dhyan mudra). The museum conducted an X ray test whether it is really a mummified human form. They were surprised to know that the inner skeleton had entire body with joints and bone frames that normal human body has.

The X ray of the person found in mummified form is given below



The features of the body matches perfectly as described in Vedic puranas. Head will be big with small memory lobes but bigger eyes, nose and ears. Other posture will be equivalent to the size of the body and such kaliyugi people will take shelter under chick peas trees. Even today great sages who follow Vedic rituals take samadhi in caves to renounce the thin line between life and death. The mummified yogi was found from a small cave where he was taking samadhi.

The scientists were wrong to determine the age since they identified the age based on the condition of the body, they judged it to be of 65 years but according to the Vedic text such people died at around 12 years so ideally the age of this person would be around 12 years. Vedic texts suggest that just like decline in height the age also declined correspondingly in kali yuga. And this logic seems to be correct since you cannot expect a person of such height to sustain climatic turmoils and deteriorating living conditions of the world in last stages of Kali Yuga. Mother earth (maa parvati controls it as per Shiva Puran) would be at its worst condition in last stages of Kali Yuga.

The below snapshot is actual excerpt from the book technology of gods.



What was Yogi, the Proof of Kaliyuga, Doing ?

The yogi who was practicing samadhi and whose mummy was found in 1932, might be one of the rarest person on the earth of his time. Because taking even god’s name once in a day can liberate you in last stages of Kali Yuga; since everyone will stop believing in god – irrespective of the religion. And this (mummified) yogi was actually performing samadhi or dhyan. And today even after his death millions of years ago, he proved that Vedic texts are true. Such is the impact of pious soul who immerse in Krishna’s dhyan.

There is no doubt that Vedic texts always stood time immortal which can be proved by simple research. There are many other proofs too on all the four yugas which will be covered on the next posts.

So if you want to renounce the cycle of birth and death; then surrender to Lord Krishna or face the wrath of last stages of kali yuga. This is not to make you believe Bihari ji but to get you closer to the real facts.

In future posts, we will see the accounts  of historians of Alexander, Goliath, Caesar, Cleopatra covering several incidents on how their ego was reduced to nothing by the mystical power of ancient Indians and people who followed their wisdom.

Collated frontal and side views of Pedro Mummy



Sneak snippet of future post inferring stranger than science and other similar references


Share your free flowing feedback.

Jai Shree Krishn

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5 Responses to We Are In Kaliyuga – Proof That Kaliyuga Happened Before

  1. […] entire languages and cultures were utterly lost—stands as the historical record. Yet no place on earth became subject to Kali Yuga exploitation as it was designed in Europe like India. Thus a once-glorious country was turned into a tarnished […]

  2. Nice post.
    I wonder if the scientists are correct in the age judgement of the mummy.
    Remember it’s not an ordinary mummy,it’s a mummy of an yogi when vedic culture must have deteriorated so an yogi may die at an age of 65 years or more even when the average age is 12 years,just my perception.

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Sudeep Acharya Ji,

      Yes, true Yogi can supersede limitations faced by regular habitats of the world. So May be you are right on that part. Average age was 12 years due to influence of Kaliyuga – but with pious austerity and Yogic success, the Yogi left his body after 65 years.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  3. Sunny says:

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    • haribol says:

      Radhe Radhe Sunny Ji,

      Thanks for sharing infolinks which describe the Kaliyug from different/relevant point of views – though underlining details shown in Vedic texts.

      You can also check detailed post here – Yugas Based on Vedic Texts.

      Jai Shree Krishn

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