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Hindu News on Citizenship of pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindus

Victim Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh Will Get Citizenship Rights of India

There is sharp decline of Hindu population in Pakistan, presently comprising of hardly 1.5% while in 1947 it was around 26% of total population (In Some cities it was more than muslim population, for example, the population of Karachi, Pakistan in 1947 was 450,000, of which 51% was Hindu, and 42% was Muslim). The continuous forceful conversion, r@pe, killing and genocide of innocent Hindus in the hands of pakistanis led to massive decimation in Hindu populace over the decades. Almost no Hindu
Save Hindu daughters, protect them from muslim goons

A Hindu Girl Tuktuki Mondal Abducted By Muslims Missing Since Last 3 months

Why no media is giving due importance to the coverage of news pertaining to atrocities on Hindus committed by muslims and going comatose, turning blind eyes on the reportings of islamization and terrorism caused by mullas of India especially in places like west bengal and kerala (which has become epitome of terrorist, love jihad activities against Hindus). Another case of Forceful Love Jihad targeting Minor Hindu Girl Muslim goons first abducted a Hindu girl, Tuktuki Mondal in February and released
Celebrate Hindu New Year as per Vikram Samvat

Right Beginning in Gudi Padwa. RSS asks Hindus to celebrate Vikram Samvat New Year

We have always been suggesting our readers to follow Hindu calendars while celebrating special moments of their life. It is good news that RSS decided to impose Hindu Calendar, Vikram Samvat, devised by great King Vikramaditya. Gradually RSS should also abolish observing catholic practice of Sundays as national holidays and make Tuesdays or any other day which is suggested by Sages to declare national holidays. In over 92 countries across the globe, weekly holidays are observed on spiritual significance
Benefits of Cow Urine even BJP members are supporting - A welcome move

A Welcome Move. “Cow Urine Cure Cancer” Says BJP Member

Cow urine is effective in curing cancer completely, BJP member Shankarbhai N said in Rajya Sabha on Thursday while pressing for stopping cow slaughter. “If you want to save yourself from cancer, there is a need to protect cows on a priority because cow urine is effective in curing cancer completely. It can cure cent per cent. I can vouch for it. Nobody wants to hear this,” he said while participating in a debate on Budget. [ Read Also Why Hindus Consider Indian Cow Sacred ] “There
Cattle Smuggling Violence on Rise at India-Bangladesh Border

Cattle Smuggling Violence on Rise at India-Bangladesh Border

Recent clashes of BSF jawans at Indo-Bangla border with muslim cow smugglers are not new incidents. But since the Cow Slaughter Ban is imposed in Haryana and Maharashtra. The smugglers are becoming violent and aggressive. The latest report comes from Hasnabad. The BSF's decision not to shoot cattle smugglers on the India-Bangladesh border appears to have emboldened the criminals who are now more brazen and violent too. Estimated at Rs.5,000 to 10,000 crore, cattle smuggling is a flourishing business
Muslims defying cow slaughter ban by maharashtra

Muslims Defying Cow Slaughter Ban In Maharashtra

Serious doubts were raised by devout Hindus on the Mlecchas (muslims) to facilitate and support on proper implementation of Cow Slaughter Ban. They were right as soon several incidences of voilating Cow Ban act were reported, one of the incidents happened in Ratlam, where muslim cattle smugglers in tandem with their Maharashtra counterparts wanted to smuggle cattle to illegally push cow slaughter business. [Read Also Cow/Cattle Slaughter Ban is Need of Hour to Save Farmers ] Ratlam police on
Hindu Devotees have first right on any place in India

Ram Janam Bhoomi Deserve Best of The Facilities for Hindu Pilgrims

Maryada Purshottam Ram was seventh Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. Bhagwan Ram took Avatar in Treta Yug, to free the earth from the cruelty and sins of the demon King Ravan, kill associate Rakshas who were torturing Sages thereby to establish Dharma, rule of morality and piousness. Hindus all over the world revere Bhagwan Ram and feel emotionally connected to him. Millions of Hindu devotees visiting Ram Janam Bhoomi every year in itself shows their selfless bhakti towards Bhagwan Ram. Many astrologists
Demolish all mosques in India built on Hindu temples - Jai Shree Ram, Jai Shree Krishna, Har Har Mahadev

Hey Muslims, You Mlecchas Encroached Our Holy Places – Make Way for The Kashi Vishwanath, Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir and Shree Krishna Janmbhoomi Mandir

Moving ahead with the mission to recapture the structures from the cluthes of anti-Hindu, anti-national muslims, which were almost demolished by terrorist mughal rulers and over them anti-god buildings - mosques - were constructed. A devout and brave Hindu leader from BJP Subramanian Swamy Ji made a strong and factual statement that Mosques are not religious structure but mere buildings which can be demolished, and islamic followers themselves are doing so across the world. Estimates have shown
PK movie controversy anti Hindu film

Ban Aamir Khan Movies, Anti-Hindu Movie PK Should Be Boycotted

The same old high decibel bashing of Hindu leader who cares to protect Hinduism. Again muslim boy and Hindu girl love affair promoting love jihad in the name of modernization while the reverse is not modern because a Hindu boy loving a muslim girl would be blasphemy .... so disgusting. What Made PK Anti Hindu Movie...How Mleccha Mulla aamir khan makes mockery of Hinduism: 1) While Love Jihad is very much alive and true (check here for series of Love Jihad incidents) but who cares, a Hindu girl
nathuram godse true son of India

Nathuram Godse Ji – A Patriot, Son of Bharat Mata ?

[This post is a humble attempt to let Indians know truth - other side of the coin why Nathuram Ji killed Gandhi. You are required to read the complete post with open mind before commenting with your views.] It is very easy to do things for which you are appreciated or paid or appraised or applauded. Did any one of you ever did things which is prescribed in Srimad Bhagwad Gita that "Karma should be done without attaching to the fruits." We take every breath with a selfish approach to stay

हिन्दू राष्ट्र के विश्व नायक मोदी जी ने मैडिसन स्क्वायर को जीत लिया – पूरा भाषण

हिन्दू राष्ट्र के महानेता  मोदी जी ने अमेरिका को अपना बना लिया न्यूयॉर्क: एक दिन पहले किसी उम्रदराज बुजुर्ग की तरह संयुक्त राष्ट्र को सुधरने की नसीहत देने वाले मोदी दूसरे ही दिन युवाओं में जोश
modi world leader

Hindu Rashtra’s Leader PM Modi’s Full Text of Speech in UN – Mark of a Global Leader

World witnessed emergence of a new Global Leader from Hindu Rashtra, Shree Narendra Modi Mr. President and distinguished delegates, Let me first congratulate you on your election as the President of the 69th session of United Nations General Assembly. It is a truly a great honour to address you for the first time as the Prime Minister of India. I stand here conscious of the hopes and expectations of the people of India. I am also mindful of the expectations of the world from 1.25 billion people.
माँ कभी निराश नहीं करती है Mars Mission Modi Speech

Great Speech of Modi Ji on Hindu Rashtra’s Mars Orbiter Success.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday congratulated India and Isro scientists for creating history by successfully inserting the Mars Orbiter Mission into the Red Planet's orbit. Following is the full text of the PM's speech. मेरे प्‍यारे देशवासियो, दुनिया भर के वैज्ञानिक जगत की fraternity आज MOM का मंगल से मिलन हो गया। आज मंगल को MOM मिल
kill muslims jihadis

Forced Conversions, R@pe of Hindu Girls Made Hindus Demand New Law

KARACHI: Tribune: Hindus in Sindh demand the government to formulate strict laws against forced marriages, conversions and for the protection of their rights. At a consultative meeting on the ‘Draft of Minorities’ Forced Marriages and Conversion’, arranged by the South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-Pak) at the Regent Plaza hotel on Friday, speakers said that the Hindu community was living in fear across the country, particularly in Sindh. “Our people fear for their lives, their

Srimad Bhagwat Gita – The Greatest Gift Given by Modi to Japanese Delegation

In a profound gesture reflecting India’s timeless and rich philosophical repository, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, presented copies of the Bhagavad Gita to the dignitaries he met in Japan. His gesture comes through as symbolic  because it was the going forth of religious and spiritual knowledge from ancient India that awakened and cemented her civilisational ties with Japan, Korea and much of the old world. Indian ācāryas, carrying the light of Indian knowledge travelled far and wide across
Hindus in pakistan

Home ministry constitutes task force to facilitate citizenship to Pakistani Hindus

NEW DELHI: Seeking to facilitate Pakistani Hindus wanting to stay back in India for fear of religious persecution back home, the Union home ministry has constituted a taskforce that will monitor and expedite processing of citizenship and long term visa applications for such applicants. The taskforce, to be headed by joint secretary (foreigners) in the home ministry, will start its work in two weeks. “Union home minister Rajnath Singh reviewed matters relating to grant of citizenship that
modi ji in japan

Narendra Modi narrates story of Hindu god Krishna to students in Japan

Tokyo: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday visited an elementary school in Tokyo and mingled with the students, narrating them the story of Lord Krishna. Modi wanted to learn how the Japanese education system works and received a presentation in this regard at the Taimei Elementary School on the third day of his Japan visit. Subsequently, he went to a music class where the children, in the age group of 7-8 years, sang a song for him. They also played music as he stood between them. Modi
spread the truth save our Hindu sisters from muslim men

Love and Rape Jihad: Facts, Truth, Reality and Concrete Proofs – Is Killing Love Jihadi Muslims The Only Solution Since The Problem Is Deep Rooted ?

Why Physical Harming and Aggressive Retaliation Is the Only Option. Hindus are left with no option but openly terminate muslim love jihadis. To counter offense, the best way is to attack with 10 times more the magnitude of that offensiveness. Hit them hard where it hurts most. Let them taste the medication that they deserve since last 800 years of their infiltration in Bharat. There are thousands of incidences occurring daily in India on Love Jihad. Most of the incidences are hardly reported
boycott anti Hindu ajay devgunn's movie singham 2

Boycott ‘Singham Returns’ for It denigrates Hindu Saints

‘Singham Returns’ denigrates Hindu Saints Will the film producers dare to make mockery of objects of worship of non-Hindus (muslims and christians). Hindus should boycott such films in which Saints are insulted ! Will BJP Government take a stringent stand on insult of Hindu Saints ? Mumbai, 21st July – A Reliance Entertainment production - ‘Singham Returns’ will be releasing on 15th August. This film depicts Hindu Saints as villains thereby denigrating the former. Even earlier, Hindu

Traitor Muslims threat to Tamil Nadu

Chennai: Muslim Jihadis are likely to create communal trouble across the State and the police has alerted district units to be on the alert. This follows after the murder of Hindu Munnani leader on the outskirts of the city. The timely intervention by police had averted a communal clash. ‘Padi’ Suresh, a Hindu Munnani leader was hacked to death by unknown persons. Suresh was leading a campaign against a religious group (non-Hindus) who he alleged had encroached lands of a temple. Hindu
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