Raas Lila - You Will Know Some Real Facts First Time - Raas Lila Is Heavenly Not Lust

What is Raas Lila, Why Krishna Had Maha Raas When He Was Six Years Old. You must know the Real facts. You must know Real History of ancient Bharat (India). More »

Proof That Krishna Existed - Scientifically Proven That Krishna Is God

Believers of Lord Krishna Must Know - Why He is Only Supreme God of All Universes/Parallel Worlds. More »

How To Get Krishna Blessings - Getting Selected by Krishna

Supreme God himself told how to do bhakti yoga. Its very simple and easy. Bhakti Yoga is fully internalized and practiced, surrendering completely to Supreme God Krishna More »

All Humans Are Hindus - Vedic Consciousness Covers All Universes - Celestial Planets

Why all living human beings born in this world are ethnically Hindu. Hinduism teaches giving pranam (greeting) to each breath we are taking, by pronouncing ॐ OM. More »

What Is Kali Yuga - Worst Kind of LIfe Is Ahead

In Kali Yuga its easy to get blessings of Lord Krishna. The age is 432,000 human years. Also known as the Iron Age. This is the age in which we are presently living. More »

Hindu Aggression

Hindus and Hinduism Under Threat

How India has become Hub of Decimating Hinduism and Hindu People How Hinduism is attacked in India and other countries. 1. Mass Conversions 2. Mass Media Anti-Hindu promotion 3. Foreign funded NGOs weakening Hinduism 4. Over anglicization of Education 5. Destruction of Hindu Institutions 6. Apathy and Vote Bank Politics 7. Ignorance of Hindus 8. Solutions - United Aggression and spirituality Mass Conversions How congress ruled states in India have become paradise for christian missionaries. 15,018

Two Hindu Traders Victim of Evil Islam

Hindu trader kidnapped, another looted QUETTA  - A Hindu trader was taken captive in Quetta city and another Hindu trader mugged in Khuzdar district of Balochistan province on Friday. Police said unidentified men pulled a pistol on Parkash Kumar, a Hindu trader, in Hazara Ganji area of Quetta, and bundled him into their vehicle. A police party rushed but the kidnappers had fled by then. As usual, local police are hand in glove with these criminals. Its a routine crime in Pakistan, where

Hindu outfit offers to perform karsewa in Pakistani temples

AMRITSAR: Perturbed over poor maintenance and upkeep of ancient Hindu temples at Katasraj, situated in Chakwal district of Pakistan, the All India Mahajan Jagaran Manch (MJM) has announced to perform 'karsewa' ( voluntary service) at these temples. "They whitewash, clean and put lights in the temples before arrival of Hindu jathas from India and lock them as we leave Katasraj," said MJM president Manch Gulshan Mahajan while talking to TOI on Friday. Mahajan had recently returned from Katasraj
subtle body hinduscience

Great Hindu Science on Sthula sarir, Suksma sarir and Karana sarir – Know Yourself Completely

What are Types of Body in Hindu Science Sarira is Hindu term for the body, the physical self. According to the "Doctrine of the Three bodies" in the Vedanta, the human being comprises three Sariras or "bodies" – 1) Sthula sarira, the Gross body; 2) Suksma sarira, the Subtle body, and 3) Karana sarira, the Causal body. The Sthula sarira is the Annamaya Kosha, the Suksma sarira comprises Pranamaya Kosha (Vital breath or Energy), Manomaya Kosha (Mind) and the Vijnanamaya Kosha (Intellect) and the

The Light of Burning Fire Cannot Be Diminished, Akhand Jyoti Is Victory of Good over Evil

Akhand Jyoti Are Burning Since Several Years, How and Why ? Devotees light akhand jyoti that keeps burning throughout the nine days of navratris. This jyoti represents the immense devotion for Goddess Durga. It is also a message to the devotees to never lose hope even in worst circumstances just like the little diya lights even the darkest places. It also shows that devotion will bring the light of knowledge in your life. What is Akhand Jyoti ? According to 'mantra mahodadhi' (the holy book

PAKISTAN: Two young scheduled caste Hindu women were r@ped by Muslim landlords; one of them was later murdered

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PAKISTAN: Two young scheduled caste Hindu women were r@ped by Muslim landlords; one of them was later murdered ISSUES: Rape, violence against women, religious minority groups, impunity and illegal court of law -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit Link - http://www.urgentappeals.net/support.php?ua=AHRC-UAC-150-2013 to raise appeal Dear friends, The

Pakistan: Hindus protest demolition of temple in Karachi

Over the demolition of an 80-year-old temple in the city’s Soldier Bazar area, large number of Pakistani Hindus joined a protest outside the Press Club in Karachi. The Krishna or Rama Peer Mandir at Dholi Khata in Soldier Bazar has become a bone of contention between the minority Hindu community and a powerful builder, who bought the land on which the temple was built from the military estate office through a Government auction. “Religious articles, including pictures and statuettes of

Hindu traders from Pakistan set up stall in Kolkata fair

KOLKATA: At a time when Pakistan is considering to grant India the most favoured nation ( MFN) status as part of a confidence-building measure between the two countries, the organizers of the mega trade fair in Kolkata have allowed two Hindu traders from the neighbouring country to set up a stall in the pavilion on Pakistan. in the mega trade fair, to foster relations where two Hindu traders from Pakistan are participating. So, while on a visit to the fair, don't get surprised to see at the trade

Pakistan fails to save a Hindu temple… So is anyone really surprised?

How is an Islamic place of worship more significant than that of another faith? This question has come to haunt Pakistan now more than ever before. This week, the Hindu community staged a massive protest at the Karachi Press Club to save the remaining portion of a 100-year-old Mari Mata Temple in the old quarters of Soldier Bazar in Karachi. This time, a temple was easy prey for commercial gain as opposed to Islamist brutality. No Equality: The cruel priority of Islam in Pakistan has resulted
hanumanji originalpicture

Hanuman Ji’s Darshan, Experience Shared By Devotees

Hanuman Ji is Immortal and Alive Lord Ram had blessed Hanuman with the boon of being Chiranjeevi (immortal till the end of Kaliyug). In her previous life, Sri Hanumanji's mother was Punjikasthala and she was cursed to become a female monkey in next life - a curse could only be nullified if she gave birth to a reincarnation of Sri Shiva. She was reborn as Anjana and performed many yaghs to please Sri Bhagwan Shiv - who finally granted her that boon. Lord Rama Himself said to Sri Hanuman, "I
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