Raas Lila - You Will Know Some Real Facts First Time - Raas Lila Is Heavenly Not Lust

What is Raas Lila, Why Krishna Had Maha Raas When He Was Six Years Old. You must know the Real facts. You must know Real History of ancient Bharat (India). More »

Proof That Krishna Existed - Scientifically Proven That Krishna Is God

Believers of Lord Krishna Must Know - Why He is Only Supreme God of All Universes/Parallel Worlds. More »

How To Get Krishna Blessings - Getting Selected by Krishna

Supreme God himself told how to do bhakti yoga. Its very simple and easy. Bhakti Yoga is fully internalized and practiced, surrendering completely to Supreme God Krishna More »

All Humans Are Hindus - Vedic Consciousness Covers All Universes - Celestial Planets

Why all living human beings born in this world are ethnically Hindu. Hinduism teaches giving pranam (greeting) to each breath we are taking, by pronouncing ॐ OM. More »

What Is Kali Yuga - Worst Kind of LIfe Is Ahead

In Kali Yuga its easy to get blessings of Lord Krishna. The age is 432,000 human years. Also known as the Iron Age. This is the age in which we are presently living. More »

boycott anti Hindu ajay devgunn's movie singham 2

Boycott ‘Singham Returns’ for It denigrates Hindu Saints

‘Singham Returns’ denigrates Hindu Saints Will the film producers dare to make mockery of objects of worship of non-Hindus (muslims and christians). Hindus should boycott such films in which Saints are insulted ! Will BJP Government take a stringent stand on insult of Hindu Saints ? Mumbai, 21st July – A Reliance Entertainment production - ‘Singham Returns’ will be releasing on 15th August. This film depicts Hindu Saints as villains thereby denigrating the former. Even earlier, Hindu
महानतम लोगो ने कहा मुस्लिम अधर्म दरिंदो का अधर्म है

इस्लाम अधर्म की दरिंदगी पे महानतम लोगो की राय

Famous Personalities on 'Hatredness of Muslims toward Hindus' and reasons for it ... माधवराव सदाशिवराव गोलवलकर गुरू जी पाकिस्तान बनने के पश्चात जो मुसलमान भारत में रह गए हैं क्या उनकी हिन्दुओं के प्रति शत्रुता , उनकी हत्या , लूट दंगे, आगजनी , बलात्कार
Hindus Get Ready to Kill Enemies

Why Hindus Should Never Trust Muslims ?

Koran clearly order muslims, mlecchas: Non-muslims, Hindus (Idol worshippers) are enemies. Enemies are not made friends or neighbors. They are supposed to be killed. You are doing mercy on such non-believers by killing them. Muslims follow koran, which is terrorism manual and advocates Jihad (terrorism) in more than 164 verses. These poisonous verses have become a venomous tool for muslim clerics to instigate hatred in the minds of muslim children against Hindus and christians. Why Muslims kill
Being Love Jihad victim is S*x Slavery for Hindu Women

You DO NOT want to lead S*x Slavery Life then Do Not Involve with any Muslim Men

Or Else Get Ready to Face This Ordeal filled with atrocities, r@pe and s*x slavery with you and your female children.... Click on the image for enlarged view, Read Carefully and share with Hindu brothers and sisters.
Hindu Aggression

Hindus and Hinduism Under Threat

How India has become Hub of Decimating Hinduism and Hindu People How Hinduism is attacked in India and other countries. 1. Mass Conversions 2. Mass Media Anti-Hindu promotion 3. Foreign funded NGOs weakening Hinduism 4. Over anglicization of Education 5. Destruction of Hindu Institutions 6. Apathy and Vote Bank Politics 7. Ignorance of Hindus 8. Solutions - United Aggression and spirituality Mass Conversions How congress ruled states in India have become paradise for christian missionaries. 15,018
subtle body hinduscience

Great Hindu Science on Sthula sarir, Suksma sarir and Karana sarir – Know Yourself Completely

What are Types of Body in Hindu Science Sarira is Hindu term for the body, the physical self. According to the "Doctrine of the Three bodies" in the Vedanta, the human being comprises three Sariras or "bodies" – 1) Sthula sarira, the Gross body; 2) Suksma sarira, the Subtle body, and 3) Karana sarira, the Causal body. The Sthula sarira is the Annamaya Kosha, the Suksma sarira comprises Pranamaya Kosha (Vital breath or Energy), Manomaya Kosha (Mind) and the Vijnanamaya Kosha (Intellect) and the

The Light of Burning Fire Cannot Be Diminished, Akhand Jyoti Is Victory of Good over Evil

Akhand Jyoti Are Burning Since Several Years, How and Why ? Devotees light akhand jyoti that keeps burning throughout the nine days of navratris. This jyoti represents the immense devotion for Goddess Durga. It is also a message to the devotees to never lose hope even in worst circumstances just like the little diya lights even the darkest places. It also shows that devotion will bring the light of knowledge in your life. What is Akhand Jyoti ? According to 'mantra mahodadhi' (the holy book
hanumanji originalpicture

Hanuman Ji’s Darshan, Experience Shared By Devotees

Hanuman Ji is Immortal and Alive Lord Ram had blessed Hanuman with the boon of being Chiranjeevi (immortal till the end of Kaliyug). In her previous life, Sri Hanumanji's mother was Punjikasthala and she was cursed to become a female monkey in next life - a curse could only be nullified if she gave birth to a reincarnation of Sri Shiva. She was reborn as Anjana and performed many yaghs to please Sri Bhagwan Shiv - who finally granted her that boon. Lord Rama Himself said to Sri Hanuman, "I

Mamta Banerjee Being Radical Muslim is Anti-Hindu and Anti-National

How West Bengal is Heading to become next Kashmir in India Just like Sonia Gandhi being italian citizen hide her real name, Antonia Edvige Albina Maino, and christian identity to bluff 80% of Hindus in India. Similarly, some muslim leaders in India are using Hindu names to bluff Indians and establish islamic rule in India. Mamata Banerjee Original Name: Mamta Banerjee's real past on religion has discrepancies, is different on different books and references. But since we deal with present facts
Hanuman Ji Ki Jai

Powerful Hanuman Chalisa to Revoke Evil Spirits, Testified by Millions and Counting

The Evil Spirits Annihilator - Sri Hanuman Chalisa Hanuman Chalisa can be recited by any individual, irrespective of religion, for termination of evil spirits and negative energies. Before reciting - take bath daily in the morning, stay calm and clean, without eating or touching anything, think about Lord Hanuman and chant Hanuman Chalisa. Practicing celibacy for 40 days while daily reciting the Hanuman Chalisa would create wonders for the reciter. And would help to internalize it by heart. Who
jai bharat mata

Secrets Revealed: How Non-Hindus Population Multiplied in India

Some factors that were responsible for penetration of Non-Vedic people in India How these factors were made ? How the planned manipulations were designed to lower self-esteem of Hindus Though anglicization in 18th century and mughalization of Bharat (India) started way back in 14th century - the later proofs threw upon the essence with which these were carried over by centuries as legacy. These words sums up the mis-interpretations and propaganda of English when they were invaders in India (Bharat
Ornate lintel over mantapa entrance in Chennakeshava temple, Belur

Solved Mysteries: Hidden Secrets of Hindus Extracting Source of Energies in Temples, Vedic Knowledge at its Best

Ancient Hindus were great Sages on most of the resources available Hindus relied on Vedic knowledge to make impossible feats possible, the reliance of Buddhism on Vedic theories of building temples in specific places where huge amount of positive energies are generated, which can be easily absorbed by devotees, extended to Jainism. Ancient Hindus knew the benefits of positive energy - mentally and physically - which elevate devotees to the next level of consciousness, thereby made them slowly
Lord Krishna Says soul is eternal...eternity

We All are as Eternal as God Himself and Never Die

Jai Shri Krishn Vedic Wisdom which is way beyond this earth and Universes. We all are roaming in several planets, universes since time immortal but still not able to get Moksha (release) from this birth-death cycle. Death as in materialistic planets. Lord Krishn quoted in Srimad Bhagwad Gita, while explaning Sri Arjun about Yogas, Bhakti and his real forms. And particularly in these section about SOUL Srimad Bhagwad Gita:- 2.10 - O descendant of Bharata, at that time Krsna, smiling, in
Indian history of RAM KRISHN SHIV

A Demonic Mleccha, Akbar was Barbaric, Cruel Muslim Ruler and NOT GREAT

Akbar was Barbaric, Cruel Muslim Ruler and NOT GREAT Shameless Indian historians and film makers, who promote this wicked and mass-murderer as great Indian ruler should be thrashed in the same manner - Akbar used to thrash pseudo-chamchas like them, though being Hindus they were opponents of Hinduism, toe lickers of this cruel muslim ruler. Akbar was Barbaric and Ghazi Akbar is considered as the great Mughal emperor who put the Mughal empire on a firm and stable footing, with a reliable revenue

Big Bang Theory Is As Flawed as Modern Cosmologists Expertise

You Are Taught Wrong Theories on Creation of Universe Big Bang Theory is False and Full of Flaws The Somehow Theory of Modern Science extended even to cosmology which Scientists should be ashamed of before claiming to be experts of Science and Cosmology The recent scientific theory of creation is that there was a big bang, which created the material elements (earth, water, gases, chemicals etc..). These material elements then somehow combined together and created the various planets somehow
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